Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday Update 9 July 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday Update 9 July 2020

Kulfi sees news, that Sikander has become no responsive because of failed surgery, Kulfi says this is not because of failed surgery, the person behind me has done something to baba, I have to tell Loveleen and Amyra about it.

Kulfi the Singing Star Wed Update 8 July 2020

Loveleen worried about Kulfi free. Cutie looks at Loveleen, Loveleen apologies for her behaviour towards Tony, Cutie tells Lovleen Tony is facing because of his bad decisions, and what she is doing to Sikander is very correct. Kulfi sees few men looking for her and hides. Cutie tells Loveleen, SSG is launced, focus on the company, launch new singers and musicians, we will leak in market about Sikanders uselessness and this will raise trust over us and not over him, his position will be down and ours on raise.

Amyra sees Kulfi and gets angry, Amyra starts yelling at her, says because of you he will be like this always now, I hate you, Loveleen walks to them, and scolds and blames Kulfi for Sikanders situation, Loveleen signs the men, they chase Kulfi, Kulfi runs away and jumps into a truck, Kulfi finds gods idols in it, she starts missing Sikander, starts thinking about his situation, Kulfi prays to god, why is no one listening to me, and why are the men behind me, I will reach Raju Mummy.
Kulfi sees Police all behind Chawl people and warning not to help Sikander, Inspector calls cutie and informs work is done. Loveleen thanks Cutie for help, says all is in control now, Loveleen sees an envelope in lift and opens it, it reads I know what you have done with Sikander in hospital, Loveleen gets scared, says how is this possible.
Lady wakes up starts shouting says who cleaned my room, who arranged my house my clothes, who cleaned everything and starts shouting, Kulfi says I did, she asks why, Kulfi says you didn’t like it maa, lady melts on it and then shouts are you mad im not, why are you calling me your mother, kulfi lies to her says because you are my sweet mother you will help me right, she pushes kulfi away and says im not, im nothing to anyone, my name is Chalu, Kulfi ays but im your daughter Kulfi and keeps saying again and again. Chalu asks Kulfi to leave, says I cant manage myself how will I help you and throws Kulfi out of the house.
Kulfi and Cutie arrange a media meet and address them saying im doing this for my husband Sikander, Mohendar walks in worried, and asks Loveleen where is my brother and why didn’t you inform me, Loveleen says let me explain, Cutie says l please allow a personal moment it’s a shocker for us, Loveleen locks mohendar inside a room.

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