Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday update 6 February 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday update 6 February 2020

Kidnapper sees Kulfi and asks guards to get her, Kulfi runs away. Sikander walking in corridor thinking of Amyra,Sikander and Kulfi feel eachothers presence.

Sikander sees guard and gets scared and says I would like to meet CM, he says okay let me check, sikander finds a mobile and makes emergency call. Guard comes to Sikander and saysCM is busy in international call. CMs wife sees Sikander and says to guard why is he standing here take him inside,he is family, sikander says I need to talk it’s important.

Kidnapper Hira following kulfi, she joins a Barat and escapes, kidnapper catches her and recognises her, and says you are sikanders daughter. Kulfi shouts, guards go out, sikander tells bhabhi about the plan, guards ask kidnapper to leave Kulfi, guard calms kulfi down. Bhabhi panics, Sikander says don’t panic we have to do something, he is a good man why do they have to do this to him. Bhabhi makes Ajit emergency call.

Guard gives kulfi water and makes her comfortable, Sikander sees Ajit is the man behind the whole planning, Kulfi tells him Hira is a bad man he kidnapped my sister. Sikander tells Ajit infront of Bhabhi CMs life is in danger. Ajit says come with me, and takes Sikander out. Kulfi asks guard to help her save his sister, he leaves with Kulfi. Kulfi sees all rooms have cross mark, they start checking each room.

Sikander is tied up, blind folded and on gun point, Ajit informs his mates to come to room. Lovely confused and thinking where Amyra is, lovely says only I can find my Amyra but how will I help her, I have to get out of here for this. Lovely breaks the window and gets out of it. Guard Pratap apologies to Kulfi and says she isn’t here, Kulfi says please help me, Pratap gets a call with inform it’s time to leave the train from platform, he says okay and says I have to take CM to hall and also help this little girl.

Lovely steals phone and makes Tony call, Lovely hears Jagrata competed but later unavailable to reach him, Lovely says I won’t spare you, my poor girl.lovely tracks the concert. Ajit talks to his boss he asks him to finish Sikander.

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