Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday Update 6 August 2020 Kulfi collapses


Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday Update 6 August 2020 Kulfi collapses

After Chalu’s plan of rescuing Dr. Jacob via fumigation becomes successful, she tells Lovleen that pest control went really well. Lovleen checks Dr. Jacob and seeing box open gets tensed thinking Dr. Jacob escaped. Chalu with Kulfi and Sattu walks to her and asks if she has something special in this box. Lovleen shouts just shut up and get out.

Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday Update 5 August 2020

Chalu asks why she is so angry. Lovleen walks away yelling and informs Beauty and Cutie that Jacob escaped. Beauty says he cannot open autolock, so she is sure Kulfi’s team must have planned this fumigation and rescued Dr. Jacob, she searches them and says they are all missing and must have taken Dr. Jacob somewhere. Lovleen thinks where they must have taken Dr. Jacob. She checks. Kulfi with her team takes Dr. Jacob to a safe place. Dr. Jacob yells that Lovleen is a dangerous woman, she captivated him in a box and tried to kill him, so he doesn’t want to fall in all this and will return to his country. Kulfi pleads him to treat her father. Dr. Jacob says he is one of world’s top surgeons and he doesn’t want any issue again. Kulfi continues pleading. Dr. Jacob says with the kind of medications given to Sikandar, he is sure Sikandar won’t be able to stand up again in life. Kulfi collapses hearing that. Team wakes her up.

 Dr. Jacob says Sikandar can get well only with his will power, the way he is still alive paralyzed signifies that and Kulfi has to encourage her father to fight for himself.

lovleen and her team continue to think where Kulfi’s team must have taken Dr. Jacob when Kulfi walks in acting as angry and Chalu with Jantar and Mantar trying to calm her down. She locks herself in her room. Jantar and Mantar enter her room and act as trying to make her laugh. She escapes via window and enters Lovleen’s room with Jantar and Mantar’s help and then gets into Sikandar’s place via secret cupboard door. She pleads Sikandar to get up for her sake, but Sikandar thinks he can’t. After much insistence, he shakes his hands and drops them. She keeps hands back. Lovleen and her team seeing Kulfi and Chalu’s drama realize that Kulfi is not in the room and knock door. Chalu and Sattu get tensed hearing them while Kulfi continues insisting Sikandar to get up.

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