Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday update 30 January 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday update 30 January 2020

Inspector tells Sikander that, Lovely kept thinking that Amyra is here in prison and can see her and kept talking to her and so we had to send her to mental hospital. Sikander says first Amyra and now Lovely. Sikander looks at key the key Kulfi found and says may be this will lead me to Amyra.

Kalti says here is key but what will it open, Kulfi says I memorised what was written on it, let’s go and find, Matka says but Raju mummy won’t allow us, kalti says no worries I have sent him school to pay fees, Kulfi says I will let Baba scold me but won’t sit Idle here.

Sikander reaches the address and tries to opens the locker, the locker opens, Sikander finds Amyras photos in it, and all sikanders track record and a diary,

sikander is hit on head and taken away. Kulfi and kids reach the location. Sikander is tied up in a room, and blind folded, Kulfi says it was 666 written on key address but it isn’t working, Kulfi and kids hear a voice in changing room and walk towards it, a man scolds them and shoots them away.

Sikander shouts where is my daughter, he says you will get Amyra only when you do my our work or else Amyra will loose her life, Sikander says let me atleast speak to her. Kulfi says why didn’t this work, and prays, Kulfi hears a boy rapping Amyras lyrics, and asks him where did you learn this from, he says I wrote it, Kulfi says don’t lie and never steal anyone’s lyrics, and says I found this in garbage, Kulfi says this is Amyras handwriting.

Kulfi home, sikander walks in, Kulfi asks did you find Amyra, sikander lost in his thoughts, what would he have to do in return if Amyra, Kulfi slowly sneaks out, and reads the lyrics, Kulfi tells Kalti that Amyra writes raps when she is angry and expresses herself, may be we have a clue in this. Kulfi and friends try figure out the lyrics, Kulfi says as per lyrics it talks about hope sign, Matka says I have seen hope written.

Jimmy and Tony see Sikander plea to see Amyra and stressed and worried, Tony asks how did you think this, Jimmy says I know few people who want someone to help them commit severe crime, so Sikander will do it, behind the prison my revenge done, and your daughter gets her daughter. Tony says I just want take Amyra and Lovely abroad and don’t care what happens here, Jimmy says she isn’t with me but kidnappers, Tony says how can you let Amyra stay with someone unknown, a persons shadow speaks to Tony says she is safe, don’t worry this is to keep our plan safe.

Sikander thinking what crime they will demand and curses Tony and Jimmy. Sikander thinks may be this is all lovely’s plan to kidnap Amyra and if this is so I won’t spare her. Kulfi and friends see Sikander and act as if they are playing, Sikander says kulfi stay home and take care I have some work and leaves, Kulfi says I’m so worried for you and Amyra, Matka says I remember where I saw hope sign.

Lovely sees Sikander waiting for her, Sikander asks where is Amyra, Lovely asks back where is my baby, Sikander says stop this drama, I know you are behind this, you your dad and Jimmy, and in return you want me to commit crime, this won’t do, Lovely confused, Tony sees Sikander yelling at Lovely, Sikander is asked to leave, Lovely thinking what is Sikander saying.

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