Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday Update 3 October 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday Update 3 October 2019

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Kulfi tells Sikandar that she did not understand what Lovely said. Sikandar says that he and Lovely are going to give their relationship another chance. Kulfi sings a song and tells Sikandar to use this opportunity well and repair his broken relationship. Sikandar feels sad thinking that Lovely wants him to remove Kulfi from his life. Kulfi tell Sikandar that she knows he can do anything to save his relationship. Sikandar thinks that Lovely will have to accept Kulfi. Sikandar thinks that he will make Lovely accept Kulfi in next 30 days. Sikandar feels that he, Lovely, Kulfi and Amayra will be a perfect family. Sikandar calls up Lovely and talks to her flirtingly. Lovely asks Sikandar why he is flirting with her. Sikandar asks Lovely to go a date with him. Lovely agrees for lunch.

Gunjan hears this and gets angry. Gunjan calls up Nimrit and asks her to come soon. Kulfi is in the park and she hears a woman singing and gets mesmerized by her voice. Sikandar and Lovely go to a restaurant. Lovely gives order and Sikander looks at her lovingly. Sikandar praises Lovely for her elegance.

Sikandar says a poetry to Lovely. Sikandar mistakenly says that Tevar also used to praise her. Lovely gets annoyed hearing Tevar’s name. Sikandar feels embarrassed. Sikandar tries to make up for his mistake and kisses Lovely’s hand and romances with her. Sikandar and Lovely dance in the restaurant. Sikandar is about to kiss Lovely. Lovely realizes she was dreaming. Lovely scolds Sikandar for eating onions. Lovely says she cannot kiss a man eating onions. Sikandar is amused. The woman sings and Kulfi enjoys her song. Sikandar tells Lovely that he will not eat onions from now on. Lovely tells Sikandar that he will have to leave something else too. Sikandar thinks of Kulfi. Kulfi talks to the woman and is impressed by her. Kulfi asks the woman her name and the woman says Nimrit. Kulfi is surprised hearing her name and says she loves her name. Nimrit says she has to leave and Kulfi asks when they will meet again. Nimrit says that they will meet soon if God wants. Lovely starts choking on something and Sikandar starts panicking. Sikandar helps Lovely and Lovely gets relieved. Nimrit enters Sikandar’s house. Sikandar and Lovely return home and Sikandar scolds Lovely for eating the dish although she is allergic to it. Sikandar tells Lovely that he was very worried for her. Lovely is touched. Sikandar puts his arm around Lovely and they come closer. Suddenly, Sikandar and Lovely see someone in the house. Nimrit sees Sikandar and is mesmerized seeing him and calls him SSG. Nimrit runs to Sikandar and hugs him. Lovely gets shocked.

Lovely asks Sikander who is Nimrat, Sikander says cmon she is gunjans some cousin and my fan so chill, Lovely says like this I love you and all, Sikander says I can smell jealousy, and passiveness, Lovely says nonsense, Sikander says it’s fine it’s your right, I don’t mind, Nimrat says to Gunjan look Didi she is so much in love with him, gunjan says quite now I will make all fine since you are here, Bebe and Mohendar walk to them, Mohendar says sorry I didn’t recognise you, nimrat says it’s me nimi, Bebe says wow you have grown up.

Lovely says Sikander you won’t talk to her, Sikander says you aren’t jealous so let me, Lovely says a little bit,but don’t go talk to her, Sikander says okay fine I won’t, Lovely says we are happy after so much time I’m scared it will

vanish, Sikander says if we two fix that we will be happy no one can stop us. Bebe asks Nimrat how is she here, Gunjan says her land lord without notice threw her so, I called her here, Kulfi walks in and sees Nimrat and gets very excited, both rush to eachother and hug, Sikander and lovely here her name Nimrat and are shocked.
Kulfi sees Sikander and lovely and stops, everyone looks at them, Sikander remembers Nimrat, Mohendar says Sikander, Sikander looks at Lovely and leaves. Gunjan purposely teases lovely and says I haven’t lost the game yet and leaves,Sikander looks at the hanky given to him by Nimrat, Kulfi sees him breakdown, missing Nimrat, and leaves.

Lovely shares her problem with cutie,Lovely says when I find some hope, something happens why is it, new Nimrat, she stuck to Sikander, cutie doesn’t get Lovely, Amyra hears them talk. Kulfi thinks it’s her mistake because she called her name aloud and says all are upset because of me. Nimrat walks to kulfi with her sitar and asks her can you play it, Kulfi says no, and kids should stay away, nimrat says foolish come let me teach you.

Nimrat says very good Kulfi, Kulfi sees her mother in Nimrat, and gets very happy, Amyra walks to them, Kulfi introduces her to Nimrat. Bebe and Mohendar scolds gunjan as they didn’t know nimi is named nimrat, and didn’t she think about Sikander and kulfi, and what new plan she is upto, gunjan says enough I got nimrat to help her but you never see good in me. Cutie asks where did this Nimrat come from, lovely says gunjans sister, cutie says so many years she didn’t come but only when you two decided to give a new chance, this is sikanders families new plan to throw you out, lovely remembers gunjans words.

Nimrat says you are Sikanders daughter right, I follow you too, you are so cute, amyra says excuse me Kulfi I need to talk to you, Kulfi asks Nimrat to share room with her and leaves with Amyra, Kulfi keeps praising Nimrat, amyra says duffer, enough she can’t stay here, she is bad aunty. Nimrat in kulfis room, looks at sikanders jacket she got in a concert and his bracelet he found onceon airport, her scrapbook, with pictures all of Sikander.

Kulfi says Amyra why is she bad, Amyra says just say what I say, don’t share room with her,and don’t talk to her, Kulfi asks why she taught me sitar and also sang with me,Kulfi asks why all this, Ma always said guest is god,amyra says okay I will prove you she is bad aunty.

Kulfi walks in her room and asks what are you doing alone in this room, come I will show you this house, Kulfi very excited while giving house tour and shows music room, and asks not to touch his instruments,they bump into Sikander, lovely walks there too, and asks what’s happening. Amyra goes to kulfis room and starts looking for proves and goes through Nimrats stuff.

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