Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday Update 26 September 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday Update 26 September 2019

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Kulfi walks out of the room, Sikander says this is your room, stay here as much as you want, Lovely says we are here for rehearsal so let’s get to it and not give hopes for things that won’t happen, Kulfi gets the play dialogues, Sikander lovely read it,Lovely asks who told you to choose this, amyra and kulfi say principal ma’am, Sikander asks what you two know about it, amyra says ma’am told us, Kulfi says but we didn’t understand you tell us please,Sikander smiles and says come I will tell you, and leaves with girls.

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Sikander sings for girls and narrate Heer Ranjha story,lovely present too,Amyra imagines Sikander and Lovely as Heer Ranjha, Kulfi imagines Nimrat as Heer, Amyra says it’s such a bad story, Kulfi says it’s so lovely, amyra says my mom dad won’t do this

play, Sikander following her, Kulfi says let me, you elders don’t interfere,Kulfi walks to amyra and asks why is she crying, amyra hugs her and says it’s bad story,my mom dad can’t separate, Kulfi says they won’t separate, the act can be anything it’s just to unite them,now things will be as we want, there will b just happiness for everyone, trust your dad if not me,all will be good.
Sikander going to check girls, lovely stops him and says all that,Sikander asks are you alright, Lovely says yes I am,but all you sang what were you thinking, when you thought about heer it was Nimrat right, Kulfi hears that and thinks if he says yes she will feel bad and no then Ma will feel bad, sikander smiles at Lovely and narrates a poem and says if I couldn’t me Ranjha how could I have heer, I can’t keep promises, I have failed again, so I can’t be Ranjha. Kulfi thinks I can’t see him losing he is my hero,I will help him win.

Girls ask principal to change the ending,principal says you want me to Change the ending of India’s biggest tragedy,Amyra explains kulfi what is tragedy, Kulfi says we want to unite her parents how can we use this ending so please change the ending and simplify the play, principal says I’m your principal you aren’t, anyways go change whatever you want and if her parents ask tell I asked so.

Amyra says mom and dad keep fighting, Kulfi says we will ask them to talk and love each other in the play,amyra says who will watch the whole play then,it should be an whole movie they should say I love you in the end,haven’t you seen any movies don’t you know any love story, Kulfi says only one, my mom and dads,Amyra asks how did this love story start, Kulfi narrates the love story. She says mom heard him sing and when she was swinging her dupatta flew on him, their eyes met and they fell in love, amyra says cool we found our story,this is what we will make mom and dad will do, but mom doesn’t wear dupatta, Kulfi says we will ask her too.

Kulfi and Amyra out dupatta over lovely.mohendar and Bebe smile,Sikander busy reading dialogues,lovely smiles looking in the mirror, amyra says mom so pretty, Bebe says how true, Sikander looks at her and tries to ignore,Sikander says this scene wasn’t in the story, Kulfi says ma’am wrote this modern age play we have to do as she say,lovely says fine,Kulfi about to say, amyra says I will why will she, Kulfi and Amyra argue purposely, Sikander asks them to patch up,Kulfi you tell me and princess you tell mom.

Kulfi and Amyra explains the play, gunjan asks Mohendar what’s cooking in this drama,gunjan thinks how come these two girls are so good together something is fishy.

Kulfi and Amyra explaining play to Sikander and lovely, Amyra says begin, Kulfi says Sikander walk, love,y walks waving her dupatta, Sikander walks to her, Sikander sings a song, Lovely says couldn’t find a more depressing song, Kulfi says she is so right, cmon,gunjan thinks these girls are upto something else,amyra says let’s go take 2.

Sikander and lovely walks to each other, and give cold looks, Kulfi and Amyra scold them,and ask for take 3, lovely’s dupatta falls on Sikander,and down on floor, Kulfi scolds him and says you have to catch the dupatta,Sikander and lovely get in an argument, Sikander says okay this is a mark we will come here no more arguments,Lovely says what’s wrong why yell at me,is it my fault all the time, Sikander says enough of this enough for today

no more, lovely says yes amyra we are going home.

Gunjan says kulfi you and amyra feeling bad right, Kulfi says they keep fighting, never love, gunjan says this is what you want,Kulfi says I meant the play,gunjan says we will find what play you are playing and leaves.Amyra and kulfi chat with eachother, gunjan asks kulfi who she is talking to hiding below the table, tony asks Amyra who she is talking to. Kulfi says I’m looking for Jonny and runs out, gunjan says I have to find what she is hiding, Amyra says stupid kulfi is good for nothing I have to direct whole play so rehearsing the dialogues, tony says chill and go to sleep.

Amyra tries to reach Kulfi again and both begin conversing,Amyra says there is so much pressure on us, they are finding hard to even act how will we make them fall in love for real, Kulfi says let’s make them rehearse alone, this will work. Sikander and lovely go for counselling,counsellor says you two alone here and whispers now remember your days when all was for first time, lovely says sorry, councillor says you are alone I’m not here,don’t talk to me,sikander starts laughing,counsellor starts munching,Sikander and lovely ignore each other and get busy in their phones, counsellor asks them what’s wrong, Lovely says we had no such moments something else, Sikander says she is right, he says good start agreeing to her and there will be no divorce.

Counsellor says without moments how you have a kid, and that too 7 years all dull, get spice in your relation,if you two want to save your marriage think about good moments between you two and in next session tell me. Amyra asks love,y there must be no internet during Heer Ranjha then how did their love evolve so much, Sikander tells Kulfi because they had true love moments and memories to survive,Kulfi thinks shall I ask him does he love Lovely so much that he misses her and asks does he miss Lovely. Amyra asks love,y what is that she misses about Sikander, lovely remembers their wedding day, and says it’s late amyra sleep, amyra says mom please share, Kulfi asks Sikander what moments he misses.

Lovely says we aren’t together there are many moments I miss which I never thought will miss like his stupid pranks, his rehearsals early morning, and wake me up,and his burps,Amyra starts laughing. Sikander says her shake it off, Kulfi says these are weird things , things you love about her. Lovely says you amyra we have you as our loved one, Sikander says Amyra keeps us close, if there wasn’t Lovely I wouldn’t have my princess,Kulfi in tears, Lovely says Amyra we grew up with you, we fought a lot but all for your happiness, your smile, your mom and dad can do anything for that curve on your face.

Sikander says when amyra was a kid, we use to fight on what will she first say. Lovely says Amyra you came near me and first word you said was dad, Amyra says I want you both always, lovely says I know that baby. Sikander says when Amyra use to hug me all my tiredness and sadness would vanish, Kulfi in tears.

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