Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday update 20 February 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday update 20 February 2020

Amyra panics and faints, Yusuf trying to reach Sikander, everyone tries get Amyra to conscious, Shantatai says Amyra has caught high fever, Sikander walks in and sees Amyra and rushes to her, both hug Sikander, Sikander asks whats wrong, Kulfi says how did you hide such big secrete, Amyra says you cant leave us and go, Sikander says tell me clearly why are you two crying,

Kulfi says we all learned the truth and shows him the medicine, Yusuf says couldn’t you share this with us, aren’t we your family, Himmat says we are family you cant go through this alone, Kulfi says lets go see some other doctor, Sandy walks in and asks whats wrong, everyone tells Sikander is unwell, Sandy says he got it for me, my friends grandmother is unwell, Sikander says hear him, all ask Sandy to tell truth, Sandy says yes he is fine.

Sikander had seen doctor telling the truth to chawl people, Sikander thinking how will he manage the situation and girls, he didn’t want them to know this way, Sandy sees Sikander and asks whats wrong, Sikander asks Sandy for help, and says just do this one favour for me. Sandy says we will see other doctor, don’t do this, Sikander says Sandy don’t, I have to do many things and I need help, this is between us. Sandy agrees.

Sikander starts laughing and says look at your faces, and says im all fine, so much drama, Raju goes hug Sikander and says tell me the truth, and makes everyone smile. Sikander says you two are star, I have to see you grow, we need to perform together, go back home don’t you, Kulfi finds all surprising, Sikander says I promise I wont go without completing all my responsibilities. Kulfi says im agreeing to all this because you don’t lie, but lets do a check once, Amyra says why but he said he is fine, Kulfi says for my peace, all ask Sikander to go through MRI, Sikander agrees.

Sikander makes video of Fateh in pain and sends to Jimmy, Sikander makes Jimmy call and says return money quickly or else this will continue, Jimmy says you are Sikander right, just tell me and I will return everything even your songs and leave you alone, Kulfi sees Sikander talk, Sikander says yes its me Sikander but few people call me Devrat Oberoi too, Ranvijay Thakur and Feroz Khan too, so remember one thing you wont never know who I am or else god save Fateh, and give you strength.
Kulfi rushes to Sikander, let Fateh go please, Sikander says enough I told you not to that’s enough go out now, Sikander leaves.

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