Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday Update 2 July 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday Update 2 July 2020

Kulfi says baba you are so happy these days, and when you get all well we will go meet your friends, Sikander says you are right so many things happened good, but there is one wish, I want to sing, raag Deepak, it’s by Tansen and tells all Tansen stories to Kulfi.

Kulfi says this Raag Deepak sounds so difficult, Sikander says it is, but if you sing with all honesty and sincerity p, it’s like blessing,I want to sing, Kulfi says teach me please we will sing together.

Sikander teaches kulfi raag Deepak, Kulfi sees the Diya hasn’t light, Sikander says it’s difficult kiddo, and faints,Kulfi gets scared, and wakes him and in dizzy state takes him to hospital.

Loveleen shattered by Sikanders decision, Amyra walks to her and ask where is dad and Kulfi, Loveleen scolds her and leaves. Kulfi gets Sikander to hospital, Kulfi looses balance and Sikander faints. Kulfi calls for help, a near by man calls Dr Shepherd , Kulfi remembers doctor telling only Dr Shepherd can save Sikander.

Shepherd tells Kulfi that Sikanders situation, he is studied it, and Sikander can’t be cured, I’m sorry. Kulfi says I have hope and faith that Sikander will cure and says I had trust that I will see my father but I did meet him and now I have trust that he will be cured, Sheperd says there is only 1% chance, Kulfi says that is good sign, we will take chances, Sheperd says I need consent letter than, Kulfi says Loveleen is on her way.

Amyra and Loveleen arrive at the hospital, Amyra breaks down, Kulfi says don’t worry he will be fine, I got him Chandnaur so we could cure him, Amyra says knew it, you hide it from me, why. Kulfi says we were worried about you, Amyra says stay away from me, don’t talk to me, Sikander gains conscious, Amyra rushes inside and hugs Sikander.

Shepard tells Loveleen about situation, and ask them to take decision, Kulfi tries to convince Amyra and Loveleen to say yes for operation, she has full faith.

Loveleen, looks at Sikander and says he wants to divorce me and I will have nothing and by chance he will survive and I will be divorced and in 15-20 days he will die and he can’t divorce me, and all the legacy and property will be mine, god, now how will I deal this Kulfi, my foot, I can’t let this surgery happen, I will be in great problem he will divorce me.

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