Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday update 2 January 2020

Raju Mama Suggesting that everybody will stay in the chawl together. We also see all the neighbors gift something or the other to Sikander.

The kids around request one song from Sikander. He beautifully sings a song about life and the struggles, we see Kulfi join Sikander in the song with her soulful and melodious voice.

Meanwhile, we see lovely requesting her father to get her out of jail and get Amyra out of the chawl. Sikander is determined to do any type of work for his daughters but lovely is angry with Sikander and hits Kamini in that anger.

Amyra is not ready to go to the old school as she is afraid of being bullied there. Sikander later sees Amyra requesting his grandfather for an AC, he gets angry seeing this and tells Amyra that she should never beg in front of anyone. He also sings in a private party for money.

Meanwhile, in jail, Lovely gets a beating from the police for creating chaos in the jail. She asks Nihalo to get her out of there.

Sikander receives his payment and tells Amyra that he will be bringing the Ac she requested. But comes back empty-handed, this makes Amyra upset.

Sikander was confronted by Jimmy’s men who warn him to not sing the songs sold to Jimmy and they take away the payment from him as a penalty.

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