Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday Update 16 July 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday Update 16 July 2020

Lovleen introduces herself as Sikandar Singh Gill’s wife Lovley Singh Gill. Chalu says it means second wife, she is Nimrath Singh Gill, Sikandar’s first wife and Kulfi’s mother, now she will see who will kick her daughter out of this house. Lovleen shouts at Kulfi that she brought a beggar home and offers Chalu 500 rs and shouts at her to leave now.

Kulfi the Singing Star Wednesday Update 15 July 2020

Chalu slaps her and warns how dare she is to offer her pity money. Lovleen shouts Nimrath is dead in an accident which she did and even went to jail for that. Nimrath says Lovleen was drunk and rammed her car over her and flee from there leaving her to die, she was in coma in a hospital for a year. Lovleen tries her best to prove she is fake Nimrath. Nimrath shouts that her husband is ill, but Lovleen is enjoying party here.Kulfi silently leaves and searches Sikandar everywhere. She is about to open Sikandar’s room when Amyra stops her and dragging back to party hall says Kulfi tried to kill baba. Kulfi says baba was fine after surgery. Chalu/Nimrath addresses media to get justice to her daughter and let her meet her father. Reporters allege Lovleen. Lovleen’s mother angrily shouts at Chalu and tries to push h er away. Chalu pushes her back and she falls on cake. Chalu taunts that she is punished for her sins.

Lovleen says she has Nimrath’s photo and goes to bring it. Chalu says bring it if she really has. Lovleen searches photo and doesn’t find it, realizes she threw way locket with photo. Chalu/Nirmath warns that nobody can get her and her daughter out of this house. Lovleen frightens Kulfi and asks to speak truth. Kulfi apologizes god and says Nimrath is her mother. Lovleen says she has one more proof and brings Sikandar’s brother. Kulfi gets tensed seeing him. Lovleen asks him if this lady is Nimrath. Chalu says he hasn’t seen her at all. Sikandar’s brother says same. Lovleen angrily sends him away. All guests walk away saying they don’t want to bear their family drama. Lovleen says she will call police. Nimrath says she can call anyone, but cannot get her and her daughter out of this house.

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