Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday update 12 March 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday update 12 March 2020

Kulfi thinking about what sikandar is upto. Tejaswini waiting for Kulfi,she walks to her and says i know you had seen someone kiddo, i had first seen you in temple you believe in God right,how will they feel when you lie,and you know so many people died in that building,

so we need to find the culprit and punish him, its your baba right. Kulfi doesn’t answer, Tejaswini says okay dont answer go to gurdwara and ask lord about it whether its good to hide truth.

Kulfi visits gurdwara and says baba did so wrong,and will still do, please show some way. Kulfi sees an old man and says go have food in langar, he says no theres fire,my house was burnt and if i go even i will. Kulfi gets him food and says have it. He sees Kulfi upset and says you look disturbed what is wrong, wait let me help you now and hands her something,he says this will answer all your questions.

Kulfi says my option is to find why my baba is doing so,and opens her hand and finds a picture. Kulfi starts looking for the old man and gears Tejaswini talking to someone says yes i lied to kulfi so that i can find the truth.

Kulfi gets home, kalti chuja rush to her and says see we dressed like Raju mummy to wish him on special day at our school,kulfi thinks they dont know the truth,Kalti says sikandar is back too.

Kulfi walks to Sikander, Sikander thinks i have to ask her did she see me last night setting warehouse on fire. Sikandar says i want to talk to you,Kulfi says Tejaswini came to me,kept asking about whether you did burn warehouse and killed people too
Sikandar panics on hearing dying people and leaves room calls Sandy and ask him to meet in godown.

Sandy asks Sikandar whats wrong, Sikandar says i asked you to check building how did people dye if no one was there,Sandy says i checked no one was there this is not possible.
Sikandar says how did this happen we have to do somey,find about people who died, i have to take responsibility of all of them. Kulfi sees Sikander in that state and is relieved says im happy to see that theres still good in you

Tejaswini walks to Kulfi says tell me the truth,Kulfi says my baba is not a bad person and leaves. Kulfi says i will get him back to being good.

Kulfi gives Sikander aarti and prasad. Sikandar keeps prasad on table and leaving,Kulfi sees it and saya stop, and makes Sikandar pray and says my baba is my hero my world. Kulfi makes Sikander eat prasad.

Sikander eats in front of Kulfi and vomits it out and says god you trying to trick me woth help of my daughter,but i will be the badest person. Sikandar reads news no one dire in Warehouse and says so Tejaswini playing against me. Sikander out curisng god