Kulfi the Singing Star Sunday Update 29 September 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Sunday Update 29 September 2019

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Sikander pulls lovely close and asks what if you go away again, Lovely asks will you let me go, amyra says this isn’t part of the play, Kulfi says let him answer then,Lovely asks will our story have an happy ending, Sikander says no, Gunjan and Tony smile, Sikander says our story can’t be ended because it will never end,sikander sings for lovely and hugs her, Kulfi and Amyra hug eachother. Mohendar and Bebe very happy, everyone applauds for them. Amyra rushes out and hugs them,Kulfi stops herself from going out, and smiles in tears.

Everyone at ice cream parlour, Kulfi confused which one to have,Amyra has strawberry, Kulfi says I just know Kulfi, Sikander says okay have that so will I have that with you, Lovely doesn’t like it. Amyra sees kulfi having kulfi and finds it very funny,

it reminds Sikander of Nimrat,Sikander remembers having kulfi with Nimrat, Lovely asks Sikander where he is lost, he says nothing you guys have it I will leave it, Lovely says you are leaving already,Amyra and kulfi surprised, Sikander and Lovely leave, Amyra says I can’t see our wish being fulfilling so let’s get them together on New Years, Kulfi says done.

Lovely hears Sikander talk to organisers and says I thought this year he won’t take shows and spend time with us but nothing has changed, Sikander Denise shows, Sikander hears lovely deny for new year party and feels good, both look at each other, and asks who called, Sikander asks party calls, Lovely says yes, Sikander thinks stubborn why will she accept, Sikander say is may have show too and says girls come let’s leave, Lovely thinks stubborn man.

Amyra asks mom are we celebrating New Years together, lovely Sikander look at eachother and smile, Amyra says dad say something, Tony asks Lovely why were you late any new drama, Amyra go to your room, Amyra says good night and leaves,Kulfi says I will leave too. Tony says lovely I spoke to Apoorva we have a meeting, Lovely looks at Sikander, Tony says I will accompany you,it’s about property partition after all, sikander looks at Lovely, Lovely thinks say something Sikander, Sikander thinks I wish to stop him but it’s you who wants divorce. Tony says lovely let’s go Apoorva has left so many notes for you go, Tony forces lovely to leave,gunjan watching them.

Tony says to Sikander that he has to stop all this get together drama and stop hurting Lovely, he easily had left his first wife and so should Lovely and finish everything. Sikander prays to god and says please help me, I don’t have guts to break this relation too after nimrat don’t I have anyone in my life.

Sikander thinking of Tony’s words, Kulfi walks to him,and says the weather is so good today, let’s go on a round, Sikander says not now, Kulfi says you are home since 4 days in such weather we have sarso sag, let’s go market, I love to go markets, Sikander asks this is how you use to celebrate New Years, Kulfi says Ma use to take me temple, Sikander says even Bebe use to do so, and so celebrate with your family and they will be with you whole year with love and happiness, Kulfi leaves.

Kulfi meets Amyra and says it’s 5th day, Amyra says neither mom nor dad has left the house, Kulfi was what did your grandfather say to them that they are so upset, Amyra says I don’t know but there’s too much tension, if they don’t come close I will keep crying, Kulfi says don’t you cry,

you will cry whole year that’s what Sikander said, Amyra says but mom dad, Kulfi says you are right and this new year we have to make them tell each other they love each other. Rohan walks to them and says sorry to girls,and says today my parents fought and then I understood your pain, I shouldn’t have behaved this way I’m sorry, can we be friends again please. Kulfi says everyone’s parents are fighting. Amyra says idea, Kulfi says I knew it, you are smart, Amyra says you need to help me if you want to be friends Rohan, he says always.

Amyra with Sikander says all kids want new year party at their place, but are scared of their mom, Sikander asks you want me to talk to everyone’s mom, Amyra says no we will have a lucky draw, and the one who wins will have the party and you just have to pick a chit, kids request Sikander to help them,Sikander says okay and picks a chit, Sikander picks a chit and says the name is Amyra, all kids cheer Amyra, Amyra says stop,amyra says dad can we arrange a party, Rohan says your house is so cool and you always host party please. Kulfi slowly checks other chits and finds Amyras name in all of them, and says she is so smart.

Kulfi says Sikander can’t you do this for Amyra, Sikander says anything for my princess, amyra says don’t be happy we still have to convince mom, Dad please talk to mom, Sikander says I will. Lovely watching old videos of Sikander Lovely and Amyra, Sikander goes to meet her, lovely asks how come here, Sikander says can’t I come to see my daughter, Lovely says offcourse, she is playing downstairs go meet her, Sikander sees her tab, Lovely hides it, Sikander says I was here for you, your dads car wasn’t down so I came,Lovely says tell me, sikander says kids made a new year plan and tells the whole scene. Sikander says for Amyra we have to host the party, Lovely says I have something else planned, not possible.

Gunjan hears kids discussing, about new year party, Kulfi says to Rohan we will have party just let Sikander convince lovely, Gunjan walks in to pick the chit bowl but her phone rings and kids get alert, she hides. Sikander says lovely I don’t know you aren’t going anywhere, Lovely asks how, Sikander says if you had to, you would be prepping for it and whole building would know about it, Lovely says do you know me so well. Sikander says so do you, that if I want to I will convince you, but I’m not here to force you, I’m here for Amyra she is already stressed because of us, so please say yes for Amyra and us, for last time.

Amyra walks in and looks at Sikander and says dad you here hi, what happened, nay problem, Lovely says nothing you go freshen up, Amyra leaves. Sikander winks at her, Amyra very happy. Kulfi says forget the phone let’s go home and all will be as we planned bye, kids leave.

Kulfi contacts Amyra though walkie talkie, Amyra tells her dad convinced mom we will have party at our place, both start dancing, Kulfi says one thing they will come to party but how will we make them express their love towards eachother, amyra says in every Hindi movie, hero heroine say I love you in the end so let’s watch movies, Kulfi says good idea.

Gunjan signs Tony and calls him, tony says I won’t meet you like this hiding, I’m not scared of anyone, Gunjan says uncle we have to prep before we come out confident, Gunjan tells him about new year party, and show him chits.

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