Kulfi the Singing Star Sunday Update 24 November 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Sunday Update 24 November 2019

Kulfi leaving with her friends, rushes to Bhola, and says baba don’t do this, bhola says I don’t like you go away. Lovely comes to pick amyra and asks where is Kulfi, amyra says I don’t care I asked her to stay away from me, Pakya about to call Chandan about kulfi missing, but sees her, and says Chandan kulfi was in class. Lovely leaves with the girls.

Kulfi upset about Bholas behaviour and says how could Baba forget me, oh wait let me take him to the same place we met and I had lost but how, Pakhi doesn’t let me near him. Lovely makes Pakya a call, and thinks who he is she had a call from this number, Chandan hears his voice and signs Pakya to say it’s wrong number. Chandan says Lovely has become suspicious about me,my drugs are missing and Lovely is finding clues about me,

Pakya go find sikander as soon as possible.
Amyra says mom I have to make project in school, a photo collage, from the time I was a baby to now, Lovely says I have all your photos, all was so different and look now, amyra says mom this is best, I love this dad. Kulfi hears them and says I will make a collage too for Baba. Chandan decides to use Mohendar to save himself.kulfi sorts all sikanders old pictures.

Kulfi leaving, amyra asks kulfi have you seen dads pictures many are missing, Lovely walks to amyra and scolds her for using her credit card without her permission, amyra back answers her and leaves. Kulfi asks lovely did he go, Lovely says yes he has gone for some meeting.

Bhola playing with Pakhi and friends, door bell rings, Bhola gets scared, Pakhi sees kulfi and says witch, Kulfi says I’m not witch,Bhola and friends attack kulfi. Kulfi hides behind sofa and says baba please hear me, all attack her with water gun, Kulfi yells at them, Kulfi and Bhola yell at each other. Lovely talks to Mohendar about sikanders drug problem, and clears she was saving Gunjan and not attacking her.

Kulfi scolds Bhola,says I’m not witch, you have been told lie, I’m your daughter, my father and not pakhis, I have proof. Lovely talks to Mohendar that they have to take him to rehab, Mohendar says you are confused, actually sikander is upset because his friend Chandan got addicted to drugs, and he snatched all tablets and got home.

Pakhi throws all the photos, nani walks In, and sees pictures, bhola sees pictures of him and kulfi. Chandan on call, waiting for an offer, it’s Zinda and his friends tricking him, Zinda by mistake says uncle, Chandan calls Pakya, Pakya says leave everything and come to nargis park. Nani asks who are you, Kulfi says I’m his daughter who are you, Pakhi says she is my nani, she will throw you out, Kulfi says nani please explain Pakhi he has a family, Bhola says nani look I’m so alike, Kulfi says it is your photo, pakhis friends say this is fake photo, she has photoshopped, Kulfi says nani please agree, nani says you might have mistaken, he is pakhis father, not yours.

Kulfi says he is my father and hugs him, bhola pushes her away, Kulfi says if you are her baba show us photos, bhola says I don’t have because I want here, Kulfi asks where were you then, bhola says nani tell her where was I, nani says he was in Dubai, bhola says heard go away now. Nani says please leave.

Kulfi says everyone lies here, what will I do now, Kulfi picks all her pictures, bhola teases her, Kulfi leaves. Kulfi walking sees Chandan waiting for her, Kulfi saying how will I convince baba, Chandan asks on what matter you what yo convince me,Kulfi says I, Chandan asks what are you doing here.

Chandan asks kulfi why she missed the karate class. Kulfis friends come for rescue and say they here to celebrate Bansi’s birthday. Chandan still doubs Kulfi as he has seen Sikander’s picture in her bag. Kulfi decides to find another way to meet Sikander.

Chandan plans to search for Sikander. Pakya disguised as government official starts looking for Sikander in the neighborhood. Chandan informs Kulfi that he was planning on taking her to Dubai for her singing tours and need to click pasdport photo do visa officials will come soon. Kulfi meets her friends,tells them to get Bhola to a shop so she can talk to him.

The kids leave a birthday party invitation at Bhola’s door step and they get ready for the party. Bhola and Pakhi arrive at the venue and meet Kulfi and her friends. Chandan gets tensed hearing Lovely say she wants to gather information about him.

Kulfi ask Bhola to show his passport to make sure he was in Dubai. Chandan gives lovely some work. Rajan as a police officer says he is Sikander and not Bhola. Chandan’s friend disguised as Chandan meet Lovely and Nandini. Kulfi tries to separate Sikander and Pakhi but Sikander wants to be with Pakhi

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