Kulfi the Singing Star Sunday Update 1st December 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Sunday Update 1st December 2019

Kulfi sees Amyra upset, amyra thinking everyone calls him my dad but he is not, he is nothing to me, Kulfi walks to amyra and says I know you are upset, but I love you,amyra says I always troubled you why do you love me, Kulfi says because you are my sister, amyra says no stupid I’m not your sister, these big people fool us, and leaves.

Kulfi the Singing Star Saturday Update 30 Nov

Sikander visits Pakhi and Nandinis house, a man opens the door, sikander says I’m sorry, I’m here to see Nandini and Pakhi, Nandini says Bhola, I’m sorry sikander, meet Adarsh my husband pakhis father, Adarsh says Nandini told me whole story,

I’m back for Pakhi, please come in, sikander says no thank you, I’m just here to thank Nandini and Pakhi, may I please see pakhi, Nandini says she isn’t home, Pakhi hiding, sikander says here’s gift

for Pakhi, please give her my love and blessings and leaves.adarsh says we need to talk.

Amyra goes to kulfis room sees Tevars picture, and breaks it, she tears the picture into pieces, Kulfi walking into her room, Bebe calls her and says here’s your new dress for your birthday,your baba got you this, amyra sees it and feels jealous.

Kulfis birthday party, kulfis friends arrive, Mohendar introduces them to Bebe. Sikander walks out with amyra and kulfi, Kulfi very excited, Kulfi sees her friends and rushes to them, all wish her happy birthday. Bansi says you looking so pretty, Zinda says you finally living the day you dreamt for, Kulfi says it’s like a dream, rocket says it’s not, you worked hard for this day. Sikander gets emotional and says kulfi you waited 8 long years for this day, Bebe says all is well see we are all together, sikander says these are gifts for your every birthday till now, Kulfi very excited and opens each gift.

Sikander gifts her Payal, harmonium, a bag, amyra says what all is this, is this a birthday or a joke, why didn’t you give her big doll house, you gave me so many big things on my birthday and what all is this, and why are you hiding such big thing, everyone knows she is your daughter, and leaves.

Sikander sings for amyra, amyra leaving, lovely stops her. Kulfis birthday cake arrives, sikander says wish before you blow candles, Kulfi says I got what I wanted, Kulfi says it’s such pretty cake I don’t feel like cutting, Lovely smiles and says cmon, Kulfi gives everyone cake and walks to amyra, amyra applies cake on kulfis face, sikander asks why did you do this, amyra holds kulfis face and pushes it in cake, sikander scolds amyra and pushes her, sikander calms himself and walks to amyra, amyra says stay away, I’m not your princess.

Amyra stops Sikander, and says you liar stay away, why did you do this to me, why did you tell me you love me, amyra walks to lovely and says why couldn’t I figure out, you are a liar so you will lie to me as well, you liar, you are happy right Kulfi to see me a loser, Lovely says enough amyra you are crossing all limits now, amyra says you enough, I love you most but you care about kulfi and not me, sikander says why is it the problem that kulfi is my daughter, Mayra says no the problem is I know the truth I’m Tevars daughter, everyone in shock. Gunjan says the truth is finally out.kulfi remembers amyra and Tevars connection.

Sikander asks Amyra who told her, forget it it’s all wrong, amyra says you are liar, Kulfi says he is not, amyra

says he is, sikander says I can’t loose you amyra, you are my life, I’m your dad, amyra says if this was so why is Kulfi here, what all I did for your love but nothing worked, but all you care about is Kulfi because she is your daughter and I am not, sikander says come here amyra, listen to me, amyra says I kept thinking why dont you choose me, and now I know because I’m no one to you, when my own father left me why will you, when I thought my dad loves me just me I found out, he was a thieve, and my mom who fought for me,now is all of Kulfi, Lovely says that doesn’t mean I don’t love you, amyra hugs Kulfi and says you won Kulfi congratulations.
Amyra locks her in room, sikander asks kulfi to stay with her friends, lovely and Sikander rush to amyra and ask her to open the door, sikander says you are my daughter, who told you, how did you believe all this. Bebe says Amyra will do something miserable now, she won’t tolerate all this, I’m scared, this is God’s signs, I won’t allow amyra do anything miserable, Mohendar says she is our, how can you, Bebe says I know she is mine, but this time I won’t do all this, Kulfi won’t be hurt anymore, amyra won’t hurt her anymore, I won’t let that happen,

Sikander breaks the door and sees the whole room shattered, Bebe says I know sikander will never differentiate between amyra and kulfi but amyra will keep hurting kulfi, but kulfi is mine I won’t let her hurt by amyra, Kulfi has first right,Mohendar says what’s wrong with you, Bebe says don’t agree with me, but I believe in this, Kulfi is elder daughter here.

Sikander walks to amyra. Bansi says I felt like slapping amyra, Kulfi says enough you all, why don’t you feel Amyras pain, she will slowly understand, even I did, so will this Time, I know how it feels to call someone else your baba, but I will talk to amyra, now you all go Rajan must be waiting for you, all leave,

Sikander trying to hug amyra, amyra leaving, lovely and Sikander try to calm her, amyra shouts leave me alone, lovely stops sikander and says let her stay alone for some time, and takes sikander away, sikander keeps pleading amyra to talk.

Kulfi walks to Amyra, amyra asks why are you here, oh right you must be feeling happy to see me cry, and all because sikander is liar, Kulfi says there must be something behind it, amyra asks what, my dad left me, and the person I call dad isn’t my father, no one loves me, Kulfi remembers Tevars teaching, and says I stayed with you dad and I called him my dad when he wasn’t my dad and I knew it, he would love you the most, and about sikander you are his life, amyra says thank you to remind me that everyone loves you.

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