Kulfi the Singing Star Sunday Update 15 September 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Sunday Update 15 September 2019

Kulfi says this aunty never goes out,then why polish men shoes let me talk to her,she sees kulfi and ask her to leave, Kulfi talks to billo and says even in sikander sirs house everyone hated me but later we became friends,Kulfi sees a man reading news and walks to him,he asks kulfi what she wants,Kulfi says why do you always read sad news in the morning,he scolds kulfi,kulfi smiles at him and tries to be friends with him. Kulfi goes to another house and sees a grandfather upset about his dead wife and helps him pore tea,he offers kulfi tea,Kulfi thanks him,he asks kulfi did she have breakfast Kulfi says no was about to have milk,he gets kulfi some biscuits.

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Kulfi says can I ask you a riddle,he says okay,and keeps asking everyone riddle,and calls newspaper grandpa and tea grandpa

on terrace, and thinks now I will take Baba on terrace too and they will be friends too I just hope he is little less worried today and then I will ask him to patch up with Sikander sir too. Sikander in contact with master trying to find kulfi and Tevar.
Kulfi tells Tevar about her day,Sikander gets to society,Tevar tells they loved his song,but I have to make 2-3 songs and hand them in 2 days but how is that possible those uncles,Kulfi says don’t worry we will be friends soon.tevar says they my friends,not possible,Kulfi says let’s try come with me and takes him to terrace. Sikander tries to looking for Tevar and kulfi,he starts asking people around,one says here only senior citizens live. Grandpas waiting for Kulfi, and says we are friends now be friends with my Baba too, Tevar takes their blessings,they give him best wishes,Kulfi says these wishes won’t work,he isn’t allowed to work let him sing please,we won’t make noise promise.

Vittal says Patel let’s go and kulfi your hard work is of waste here singing isn’t allowed,Kulfi starts singing to convince them,Sikander stops listening to kulfis voice,Patel and Vittal start dancing to her tune,Sikander rushes to look for kulfi,Kulfi turns around and sees aunty starring at her,Vittal says she is a kid don’t scold her it was our mistake we didn’t ask her to be quite soon,aunty starts scolding them,Kulfi asks why is Bahadur dadi so upset,Patel says her son was musician and passed away in 26/11 she does everything form shining his stars except listening to music, she didn’t even cry in his death,Kulfi goes and hugs her.

Sikander doesn’t find Kulfi and leaves disappointed,Kulfi remembers mama saying that his mother is now a star and starts singing about how she has lost her mother,she requests her to let Tevar sing.amyra says kulfi should never learn my father is her dad.

Kulfi convinces the sorrowful old lady by her sweet singing. She makes the lady forget the past shadows of sorrow. She brings a smile on her face. The lady finds her son in Tevar. She gets thankful to Kulfi for reviving her.Kulfi gets light-headed and collapses down. Tevar and Sikandar too break down at the same instant. Tevar cries for Kulfi, knowing about Kulfi’s injured hand, which got septic. He learns about the big threat on Kulfi’s life. The man tells Tevar that the infection is fast spreading in Kulfi’s body and she may lose her hand as well. Sikandar shatters with the thought of losing Kulfi. He cries for Kulfi.

Kulfi also yearns for Sikandar. His heart tells him that Kulfi is going away from him. Tevar rushes Kulfi to the hospital. He gets her treated. He can’t imagine

his life without her. Doctor informs Tevar about the small wound doing much damage to Kulfi. She tells him that Kulfi would be losing her hand in order to save her life.
Tevar begs her not to do any such surgery. She tells him that she will begin the operation and try her best to keep her fine. Tevar is asked to deposit money for Kulfi’s treatment. He doesn’t get any money and stays worried for her. Destiny brings both the fathers in front of each other. Tevar comes across Sikandar, who has been looking for him since long.

Sikandar and Tevar burst out their tears of sorrow when they meet. Tevar tells Sikandar about Kulfi’s life in danger. He begs Sikandar for help. Sikandar feels guilty knowing Lovely has ruined Tevar’s life once again. Sikandar and Tevar rush to save Kulfi’s life. Sikandar deposits the money and asks the doctor to start the operation. He assures Tevar that nothing will happen to Kulfi. He tells Tevar that Kulfi won’t leave them. Sikandar and Tevar pray for their daughter. Sikandar’s family gets informed about Kulfi.

They rush to the hospital. Lovely and Amyra turn insecure once again. Sikandar clears Tevar’s misunderstandings. They unite again. Lovely gets upset seeing their bonding. Sikandar and Tevar wish that Kulfi doesn’t lose her arm. They keep praying for Kulfi while the doctors do their work. Amyra stops Sikandar from going to Kulfi. Sikandar’s blood group matches with Kulfi when Sikandar and Tevar give their blood sample for tests. Sikandar and Tevar get a shock when they learn Sikandar and Kulfi’s blood group match. Tevar wonders what’s their connection that they are always so bonded.

Sikandar gives blood to needy Kulfi. Tevar senses there is something he isn’t able to see. Sikandar and Tevar pray for their daughter and get her back to life.