Kulfi the Singing Star Sunday Update 13 October 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Sunday Update 13 October 2019

The little boy thanks Kulfi for her advice, and says mom is fine now, belief does has power thank you. Kulfi walks alone on the roads, she sees a temple and walks in angrily, and talks to god says I believed in you but you snatched everything away, I told everyone that you will do all right but you always break my believes, and from today on I won’t look at you, I don’t believe in you anymore. Kulfi says Ma you always said do good and good will happen, why do everyone leave me alone, who will I go to, why don’t I have my baba, who will tell him I’m Kulfi sikander Gill, you won’t answer right, nimrat was right, you are dead and just a star, if you are my mom come save me.

Kulfi stands in middle of road and says if you are mother come save me, or else I will die here, a truck

approaches her,Kulfi says now I’m coming to you because you won’t, truck by passes kulfi, Kulfi imagines nimrat hugging her and faints.

A car stops by and a couple finds kulfi unconscious, they see her on a newspaper cut out with Sikander and say we have to take her to Sikander gill. Kulfi wakes up and finds herself in her room, and says how did I come here, I was on road last night and that truck, and says may be Baba found me, and running to him he remembers sikanders decision to abandon her,
Sikander sitting alone crying, and says god please stop this, she considers me everything loves me the most, this is injustice. Kulfi says my father doesn’t know he is my dad and abandoning me what will I do, sikander remembers how Kulfi was always there for him, sikander says she never let anyone stand against me,she is trying me recollect me and I’m breaking her heart, but I have to do it, I have to forget her for sake of Amyra.

Kulfi scared walks out, looking for Sikander and finds him sitting alone in balcony, and says he can’t see me away even for few minutes but today he made such big decision of keeping me away, now even I will abandon him, Kulfi hears him cry, and says he must be also in so much pain, he did this for amyra, if he would knew I’m his daughter he would never do that. Kulfi turns around seeing Sikander get up, both feel the tension, Kulfi thinks he did because of circumstances, I will be happy for him till I’m here, sikander walks to her and calls her, Kulfi says cheer up amyra is fine now, cmon eat something, sikander leaves, locks himself and starts crying. Kulfi says cmon open the door we will practice together, Sikander thinks how will I tell you I won’t be with you anymore, I did everything with you since you were here, Kulfi says cmon open the door stop throwing tantrums.

Sikander opens the door, and smiles at her wipes his tears and says oh my little Sardar, you keep talking and talking, tell me one thing, where did you go alone last night, a couple got you home safely to me, what would I do if something would happen to you, Kulfi thinks if you care then why send me away, if you knew about our relation you would never send me away and says I’m sorry. Sikander hugs her. Lovely walks in with her luggage, Jonny barks at her, lovely says quite. Sikander says let’s go check what’s wrong with Jonny, Lovely says how did you forget me now I am back and you will know who is your own.

Everyone gathers, Sikander says go in Jonny, lovely says remember me why stare at me,Lovely says hi sikander didn’t you tell your family, I will tell them,sikander and me have decided to stay together, your daughter in law is back in this house, sikander says yes for Amyra we took this decision and kulfi I will, Lovely says Sikander these bags are heavy and you know call amyra she is dying to talk to you. Kulfi sees all that and in tears.

Gunjan says he was saying something about kulfi but lovely stopped him. Sikander asks lovely why did you stop me, Lovely thinks because they would tell you that she is your daughters, and says please no more drama, just let things flow. Bebe says forget things for now amyra is important, and kulfi will be fine.mohendar says yes we will take care of both the kids, Kulfi hears that and says even they will be hurt when I will go away. Lovely asks Sikander till when this will happen, you can meet amyra only when Kulfi will be sent to boarding school.

Lovely says sikander you wont meet amyra till you fill kulfis boarding form, sikander leaves.lovely says once form is filled all is done,water spills on boarding school form, lovely says oh no, thank God saved or else it would take two more days but how did glass spill.

Mohendar asks sikander what was he saying about kulfi and lovely stopped him, sikander says nothing, mohendar says dont lie did lovely again forced you to do something to kulfi in name of amyra like send her away, sikander says no nothing, mohendar says i know you are lying.

Kulfi talks to bebe and gunjan on video call and says i learnt it here, its fun right, like im so close,gunjan asks why are you video calling, kulfi says im missing amyra, she taught me and you never know if im away someday we can talk

like this, kulfi cracks jokes with them and thinks i will always keep you smiling, lovely thinks why is she so happy.kulfi says im getting basuri lets check on video call whether it sounds same, kulfi runs in balcony and says how long will i hide this but i have to.
Amyra says to sikander on video call,i want to come home stay with you and home, sikander says soon you will once you recover. Lovely walks to kulfi and asks did you forget what i told you in hospital, im gonna finish your life, sikander is gonna send you to, sikander walks in, kulfi says yes i will give back amyra her toys, sikander asks kulfi to leave, sikander asks did you tell her, lovely says i was about to, sikander says its a huge deal for her, lovely says you never keep promises so i will have to, sikander says i told you im sending her away.

Kulfi in her room upset. Lovely says sikander this is all for amyra,she feels better when you are around and my daughter better die instead beg you for your love,so fill this form, form flies of lovely hand, sikander says i will go get it, lovely says i know im forcing you but its all for amyra and us, and im tired let me please hug you and hugs him.lovely feels nimrat (kulfis mother)around and goes to her room paniced. Lovely remembers killing kulfi in car accident, lovely tries to calm her down.

Kulfi talks to Jonny and says I will leave soon but you take care of yourself, Jonny starts barking looking at door, kulfi says there’s no one, and says theres a flowery smell, nimrats soul standing nearby.

(Nimrats soul has enteres sikanders house to protect kulfi and behind lovely).

Nimrat says a mother wants her daughter to be secured, and lovely my daughter isn’t alone her mother is with her,you will repay for all your bad deeds, you can never get away from me, my kulfi fought alone with you,now i will tell sikander that he is kulfis father.

Sikander asleep in music room, nimrat walks in and smiles looking at him, nimrat calls him and says kulfi is our daughter, till when will you not realise this truth,your daughter needs you. Sikander dreams of nimrat and wakes up, and says nimi, nimrat says yes im infront of you listen to me,kulfi is your daughter, sikander gets up and leaves, nimrat shouts hear me kulfi is our daughter, light bulb bursts, sikander walks towards it, nimrat touches his hand, sikander doesn’t feel it, sikander says im helpless that i had to get this form om unable to write kulfis name how will I send her away.

Kulfi dreams of nimrat and wakes up, nimrat beside her, and asks nightmare, kulfi says ma it was nightmare,it was when you died,and it was painful and also now will it be painful again, also sikander will bear same pain,poor thing is doing it for amyra,enough of crying, nimrat says why do you always keep everyone ahead of you, kulfi says i will have to go boarding school now.

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