Kulfi the Singing Star Saturday Update 30 November 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Saturday Update 30 November 2019

Chandan thinks why should I worry I’m sikander not Chandan and walks out and asks why is this noise,who are they, how dare you enter, goons attacks Chandan and say we know you aren’t Sikander and asks his men to get Pakya and says he has revealed all the truth, and if we don’t get our money, we won’t spare you, Lovely says I need to talk to my husband and slowly whispers if they take you away I will never get my amyra tell me where is money, Chandan says in cupboard, Lovely gives the, money and they leave.

Kulfi updating sikander on call, Chandan walking to her, lovely stays with Kulfi, Chandan says why did you tell them I’m in room, Kulfi says you know I can’t lie my stomach pains, Chandan says listen carefully if someone asks you will have to lie so learn to lie because you will die also amyra, lovely explain her this and leaves.

Sikander assures kulfi nothing will happen to her or Amyra. Pakhi asks Nandini why she gave witch her dad, Nandini says we will have to run like we did last time, and no more argument, Nandini says Pakhi and mommy are very strong we will live happily together, your papa left you let’s go.pakhi keeps insisting for her father, Nandini opens door, and in shock, Pakhi asks who is this,Nandini says your father.

Police get in asking for sikander, Chandan hides, Lovely and kulfi walk to them, and ask what’s the problem, Kulfi sees Chandan and lies he isn’t home,police says he robbed a ATM and here is proof and shows them video, Chandan sees it and says god it’s bhola and walks out and says it’s not me it’s sikander he is trying to trap me, police says that’s what we saying you stole sikander, arrest him, and check the whole house we will find things here.

Mohendar says Sikander what do you mean by sikander stole it, Chandan says there is my duplicate in town who is doing all this, he is that Bhola, and one hour before I was home having breakfast, and whispers to lovely say yes or else amyra you know, Lovely says yes officer he was home, police leave asking him not to leave the town.

Chandan says Mohendar look what dangerous man she had got home, Kulfi see he robbed an ATM. Chandan tensed thinking what all is happening, Kulfi on call with Sikander, Chandan sees her, walks to her, and says so this is what is happening and talks to sikander says so bhola your memory is back, or should I say sikander Singh Gill, kulfis father, listen carefully if you try to trap me you will loose amyra forever, sikander replies says this is what I wanted to hear turn around, sikander records everything, and is with police.

Mohendar says Chandan we knew your truth, Lovely had informed us all, police says Chandan you are under arrest, Chandan tries to escape, sikander says Chandan my family isn’t my weakness but my strength.

Masterji hears Amyra yelling for help, Chandan is asked where is amyra, Chandan gives address, lovely panics, gunjan says don’t worry you go I will look after her, Kulfi and Sikander leave. Chandan demands police for lawyer, Chandan makes a call, and says empty the warehouse and let me talk to amyra I know how to ruin sikanders life. Amyra on call with Chandan, Chandan says princess I’m sorry, they have asked me for lot of money and I can’t afford and if it was Kulfi I would manage but it’s you and you aren’t much important to me.

Lovely asks Sikander where is amyra, sikander says we will find her, lovely panics, Kulfi prays to god, Amyra walks in crying. Sikander rushes to her, amyra pushes her and hugs lovely. Sikander walks to her and says Amyra princess are you alright, I was dying to see you, and narrates her the story, and says now no one will separate us, dad is back to you. gunjan asks how did you come back amyra, amyra says my dad didn’t come to find me so I came by my own, he anyways likes kulfi more than me, I didn’t want to give him any pressure. Sikander says why say all this, I’m seeing you after so long, I was looking for you everywhere, I love you my princess, and kulfi was searching for you, she is your sister, we broke when we didn’t see you, no one can break us now.

Amyra has Tevars photo

in her hand. (Masterji gets Amyra, he says let’s go to sikander, amyra says I don’t want to go to him, my dad said Kulfi is important to him than me,I thought my dad is best, he loves me more, he found Kulfi and back to him, why doesn’t he love me, masterji says because you are lovely and Tevars daughter). Amyra thinks my dad is Tevar and this is why he doesn’t love me and loves Kulfi more.

Sikander and kulfi together, sikander says I’m sorry nimrat, I made her lie, Kulfi says but we did it for good sake for amyra,sikander says now no evilness can trouble my Kulfi, because she has her baba with her, you are happy right nimrat, star shines. Amyra sees Sikander and kulfi together and feels bad. Sikander says you are same like nimrat but you are a bit like me too, like your hair, your smile is like me, Kulfi says then why didn’t you recognise me first, sikander says because you were Kulfa Singh not kulfi, kulfi says but you lost, I right away understood that man isn’t you,sikander asks how, Kulfi says he never seam like you and once he hugged me, he didn’t smell like you. Sikander smiles, and says nimi I will tell whole world that kulfi is mine.

Lovely walks to Sikander and kulfi, and takes Kulfi on her laps, and hugs her, and says you are now kulfi sikander Singh Gill, Kulfi smiles and hugs her, sikander starts crying. Amyra feels bad. Mohendar calls everyone says Bebe is home, all rush to Bebe. Bebe hugs Kulfi and is very happy, says Amyra is fine and kulfi is back. Bebe asks kulfi when is her birthday, Kulfi says I was baby when I was born, so I don’t know, here I saw that everyone celebrates this day, sikander says I know when is her birthday, Amyra standing aside alone. Sikander says today we shall celebrate her birthday because today I have my daughter back.

Amyra asks was my birthday real or are we just celebrating randomly, sikander says what’s wrong, we were all with you when you were born, amyra gets angry and leaves, Sikander following her, lovely stops him, and says I know her, she is facing her fear, we need to give her Time, and she has to understand she and kulfi have equal places in this house now.

Amyra thinks of Sikander and kulfi together, and how sikander always stood for kulfi. Lovely and Sikander walk to amyra, lovely says we know you are upset because you will have to share your dad,but sharing love increases it, I now know it’s value, we were wrong about kulfi, and kulfi got your dad home safe and sound, you and me didn’t realise that Chandan wasn’t sikander but Kulfi did and she fought, and she also got you home, please try understand, she always wanted to be your friend,but she is your sister, I’m sorry I took you in wrong path, I’m begging please choose right path and let’s live together one happy family, amyra says I know everything and leaves.

Lovely says Sikander she will need time, also kulfi won’t give up, I wish I knew the truth, sikander hugs lovely, and consoles her. Lovely says it’s kulfis birthday today, I want to do something for her, I want to throw a party for her.

Sikander says I have one responsibility waiting.

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