Kulfi the Singing Star Saturday Update 26 October 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Saturday Update 26 October 2019

Ama sees kids missing on the stage, kids see her walk towards them and hide. Amyra says dad one thing is missing, everything is incomplete without you, so your song will make this best party. Ama says these kids don’t deserve to be taken away, Rajan says they must be somewhere here guard hands seen them escape, everyone disguised themselves in a costume, sikander on stage sings dedicating song to amyra. Ama comes infront of kids, kids get scared, Ama doesn’t recognise and leaves, Sikander starts singing, Kulfi hears his voice and gets out of costume and says baba, sikander memorises time when amyra came into his life and till date, while singing the song, Kulfi rushes looking for kulfi.

Everyone gets out happy and say we are free, away from Ama, Bansi says kulfi isn’t here. Kulfi

sees Sikander, rushes towards him,Ama comes in front of her and stops her, Kulfi about to shout baba, Ama stops her and takes her away.

Sikander asks Amyra did she like the song, sikander sees Ama and follows her, but misses her, all kids are caught and put in van by Ama, sikander says I felt like Kulfi called me,amyra walks to Sikander and says it’s worlds best party,amyra says one last thing, sikander says there’s nothing like last, we both are gonna be together life long, what you want from dad, amyra says come with me.

Ama scolds kids, and says where would you run I know where you stay too, Rajan increase the security and these kids won’t sleep, will kill whole kitchen and bake fresh breads all night. Amyra gathers whole family, and says dad I never could learn music because I was very silly girl, Sikander says don’t say like this, amyra says I understand now, what you always tried to tell me,

I’m now ready to sing and practice, will you be my singing teacher, Sikander says yes, amyra says I want participate in this singing completely and I promise I will be a good girl. Kulfi remembers how close she was to sikander and starts crying, Vaishali says when will we escape, Kulfi says why did you come back, rocket says how could we leave you alone, Kulfi says I saw my father,Vaishali calms kulfi.

Kulfi thanks everyone for not kebau b her alone, Vaishali hugs her, Kulfi sees singing competition pamphlet in newspaper stack. Sikander asks Amyra to stop crying and says you brought happiness in our lives when you were born and today you made me proud, amyra says I want to win this competition, will you teach me, sikander says offcourse I will and I’m so proud of you. Kulfi asks Vaishali what is it, Vaishali says little star singing competition for kids, and if you were out of here your Baba would allow you participate here. Kulfi says yes I want to go to Baba, Zinda says yes we will, rocket says enough security is increased how we will, Kulfi remembers sikanders lesson that hope is very important, it gives you motivation to move towards your goals and explains it with a balloon,Kulfi says we will find our way and it’s we will fly.

Kulfi says we will fly, can’t we make something like flying lantern, Vaishali says it’s not possible,Kulfi says I will fly and find a way for it and escape, come let’s think, Vaishali says I have an idea we can fly in an hot air ballon, I read about in a book in library,kids get to library. And start looking for it, Vaishali finds it. Kids get in kitchen and start discussing about making an hot air ballon and start making calculations, Zinda says there are two many bed sheets in basement we will make use of it and also bed sheets and bed covers.

Rocket asks how will we stitch so many bed sheets, Kulfi says why be negative we will give a try, and more important we are all together. Amyra forces to begin practising, Sikander says not today you are tired, amyra keeps forcing, Sikander

finally agrees, amyra touches his feet before practice and says you are my dad but my teacher from today, sikander hugs her, Sikander and Amyra begun their practice.amyra very excited and says I will work very hard, sikander remembers how stubborn and spoilt Amyra use to behave, Sikander remembers his practice sessions with kulfi and thinks my music is incomplete without you,and so am I.
Guards ask kids what are they doing with bed sheets, Zinda says Ama loves cleanliness and so she ordered us to clean and you want us to go against her, he gets scared and says go go please.

Sikander and Amyra practice singing, amyra tries singing alone, and chokes herself, Sikander gets water, and asks Lovely to fall doctor. Vaishali makes arrangement for stitching. Doctor tells Sikander amyra is week and she shouldn’t sing now, Ama gets to kitchen, and asks where are186 and 404, Zinda says cleaning rooms, Kulfi and Vaishali act as cleaning when Ama enters and get to bed sheet stitching when she leaves.

Sikander says for the first time amyra asked me for something, amyra falls Sikander and says don’t worry I’m fine when will we practice next. Ama asks kids where are 220 666,why is someone missing all the time, speak 186,Kulfi says if we all work here who will clean other rooms, so we divided the rooms, Ama finds it fishy and goes to kitchen. And says let them think I didn’t get a clue but will caught them red handed.

Amyra says mom my wish won’t it be fulfilled, Sikander says Amyra will sing.

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