Kulfi the Singing Star Saturday Update 23 November 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Saturday Update 23 November 2019

Kulfi sings her and sikanders favourite song, Bhola completes the song, Kulfi gets very happy, and says you sing very good, will you sing with my Gurujeet he pays too, Kulfi nods no, Bhola leaves with Pakhi. Kulfi starts crying and says why is he talking this way why is he acting someone else’s father, he called me angel completed my song then why all this, why does he always go away from me, first amyra now someone else, why is that always I have to face, something is wrong with him for sure, I have to find the truth, I will go home and tell the truth, let’s go home.

Lovely shows Nandini tablets,Nandini smells tablets and says these are drugs, he is addicted to drugs,Lovely in shock, and says what all is this, Nandini say she needs you, your support, pain killers are reason he is

addicted, find since when he is having these tablets and who supplies them,it’s important to stop him. Kulfi gets home, shouts and calls everyone and says I want to tell everyone about Baba, Lovely gets scared thinks did she find about drugs, Chandan walks in and asks what’s the matter, amyra says dirty girl has some news about you, Kulfi gets scared, Chandan says yes Kulfi tell us,what is it.
Kulfi says I troubled you a lot, I shouldn’t have done that, Kulfi remembers Chandan has found out she has stomach ache when she lies, and tries to control herself, Chandan says oh my dear how good and pulls her and hugs, I’m sorry to yell on you, Kulfi goes and hugs Mohendar, Chandan say sim sorry I made huge mistake yelling at you, I won’t do this again, I promise I won’t do it again, Mohendar I’m sorry , I misbehaved with you too, I want my family together,I love you all a lot, Kulfi please forgive me,forgive your baba.

Bhola and Pakhi playing, Nandini says I have lot to study, Bhola says let’s all go to sleep, Nandini says there’s lot to study I’m not sleepy as well, bhola sings song, Nandini and Pakhi fall asleep, a bee stings Bhola but he keeps mum to avoid waking them up.

Lovely looking for clues to solve Chandans drug problems, she finds visitors pass and see sikander going to see Kamla and says holy hospital, I will go talk to Nandini she works there. Kulfimwakes up early in the morning and decides to tell Mohendar the truth as Chandan won’t be awake she sees Chandan in Balcony on call, scolding Pakya to find his look a like, and reveals the whole truth, Chandan says the look a like definitely should be sikander and he has to be dead for me to be alive, Kulfi thinks god this means I can’t tell Mohendar the turth to keep Baba’s location secret.

Next day Bhola yells in pain, Nandini scolds him for not waking her up. Nani sees Bhola caring for Nandini and Pakhi. Amyra thanks Chandan for enrolling her her in karate class, Kulfi asks what’s that, amyra says it’s a self defence class and explains to kulfi. Kulfi says you explained so well, and asks can I join too, Mohendar says do you want to, Kulfi says yes if someone would want to hurt my people I will defend them, Chandan says sure you go too. Kulfi says thank you. Chandan leaves, Mohendar leaves too. Lovely sends visitor pass pick to Nandini.

Kulfi thinks I got reason to get out of house, and meet Baba, butted to be very careful, firstly he shouldn’t be tracked and secondly what will I talk to him god please help.

Mohendar stops Chandan and says I have recorded this song, if you like p,ease publish it we will earn some money, Chandan says sure I will. Chandan calls Pakya and asks did he find anything, and says keep an eye on Kulfi, she an amyra will be going to karate class. Amyra and kulfi on their way to class, Kulfi sees her friends, rocket points at gotya. Amyra leaves. Chittu walks to gotya and starts yelling as if he is kidnapping him crowd gathers, Kulfi escapes.kulfi sees Bhola playing alone, Bhola sees her and turns around, Kulfi says baba please come to me, bhola imagines her has a witch and shouts, says stay away Pakhi told me,you are witch, don’t come near me.

Kulfi says you are my father and I’m your Kulfi, Pakhi runs in and says go away, bhola says I’m just pakhis father and

both go in. Rocket says come Kulfi let’s go, it’s risky, Pakya and gotya must be here somewhere.
Nandini goes in the ward lovely asked too, and asks about the patient, patient holds Nandinis hand and says Chandan are you back. Zinda slowly shifts wallets and crowd blames Pakya for theft.

Kulfi and friends come to conclusion that may be like in movies even Sikander might have lost memory so they will help him recollect it. Kulfi as sardarji and her friends walk to bhola, Kulfi says we are kids from remand home, we entertain people with our music, Pakhi says don’t let them in mom will scold, Bhola says don’t worry we will fight if something goes wrong and asks them to play. Bansi hands Bhola his instrument, Bhola plays it, all applaud for him. Kulfi asks you like singing, Bhola says yes even my Guruji likes it.

Nandini tells Lovely patient is having dementia but she spoke about Chandan, think twice before you took any step. Chandan scolds gotya and Pakya and asks to go look after kulfi.
Kulfi starts singing, Bhola joins her, both sing together, bhola holds kulfis hand,Kulfi wipes bholas tears. All applaud for them.

Lovely goes to bedroom and sees Chandan mobile and picks it up and sees calls and says whose unknown number is this and saves it and leaves. Pakhi says well sung kulfi, Kulfi says thank you pakhi, Pakhi says papa she is witch and these are her friends, bhola gets scared. Pakhi says she will take you away, Kulfi sees her bracelet in his hand and says look I had given you this on your birthday, bhola says Pakhi is mine I don’t know you, Kulfi says you remember calling me angel and you remember all our songs, try remembering baba. Amyra comes out of class.

Bhola says I’m pakhis father, Pakhi says get out this is my house, rocket says let’s go now, karate class may get over soon,Kulfi says how shall I convince him.

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