Kulfi the Singing Star Saturday Update 12 October 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Saturday Update 12 October 2019

Sikander broken, Kulfi tries to calm him down, and says god will save her cure her, please don’t lose hope, sikander says lovely isn’t allowing me to see her,she is my princess and Lovely says it’s me because of whom Amyra is there, I wanna see my princess, Kulfi hugs Sikander. Lovely looks at amyra and thinks baby I’m so sorry but I’m doing this for you baby. Kulfi falls in lovely’s feet and says do whatever you want to do with me, let sikander see amyra he is shattered, please for god’s sake, I will do whatever you say, he can’t live without her, don’t separate father daughter,Lovely says okay he can see her, but you will have to go away from our lives and house, Kulfi says I should leave where, Lovely says I don’t care just go away, Kulfi asks why, Lovely takes Kulfi

aside and says remember I told you on sikanders birthday you will have to repay.
Kulfi says lovely I won’t appear in front of you but I can’t leave, Lovely.and says why because your father is here, sikander sees Amyra through door and slowly sneaks in, Lovely says I know Kulfi you are sikanders daughter and also that you know about it,from the time you are in my life I hate you, but I was quite, but have you thought about us, and remember you might be nimrats daughter but I challenge your Sikander will ask you to leave and no one can stop this from, because you have no right on my sikander and leaves.

Sikander walking to amyra, Lovely pushes him away and says how dare you, sikander says don’t do it, Lovely says till I’m alive I won’t let you see her, Sikander falls in her feet and says please let me see my daughter, Lovely in tears says okay see her and leaves.sikander walks to amyra and says princess look dad is here,amyra opens her eyes, Sikander very happy, amyra says dad, Sikander starts crying, amyra sees lovely standing at the door and crying. Doctor walks to amyra and examines her and says stay with amyra, she responds well when you are around.

Kulfi in shock walks out,and walks to amyra and Sikander,lovely sees kulfi around them,Kulfi says Sikander, Sikander says later we will talk later, lovely smiles,Kulfi starts crying. Bebe Mohendar and gunjan walk inside, Lovely says you can’t see her I will stop you all, remember you had done same to me, see how karma is, you can’t even see my daughters face, and today I say amyra is my daughter and nothing to you all, Bebe says she is my grand daughter, Lovely says didn’t you think of her when you wanted him to marry nimrat, now get out,sikander sees all that and follows them.

Love, was stops Sikander and says now you were crying,begging for Amyra now what, you left her alone seriously, look at your daughter she is so serious and if you go please don’t return, sikander says why are you blackmailing,Lovely says I will do anything for amyra, it’s you all why she is here,I will leave no one.

Lovely says look amyra our plan is working, your dad is coming close to you, just one thing baby, and removes a bottle,and says have it one more time and your father will be yours forever and never will have to share, Lovely in tears make amyra drinks it, Lovely says don’t hate me baby, amyra says mom I love you, Lovely says you have to lie to your dad when he will come to see you, and then all will be fine,Lovely tells amyra what lie she has to say, amyra faints and says I know I’m a bad mom, I know you may even loose your life but I have this only option and says if you die even I will have this we are partners in this.

Kulfi in shock,walks to Sikander, Sikander upset, Kulfi seats beside him and hugs him and says I’m very scared, Lovely shouts amyra, doctors and sikanders rush in, doctors ask everyone to leave, doctors start treating amyra, doctor says we aren’t able to find what the problem is, amyra removes her oxygen mask and calls Sikander, Sikander rushes to amyra, amyra says please get back with mom or I will die, sikander holds her hand, amyra stops breathing, everyone in shock.

Amyra stops breathing, all in shock, sikander asks what happened, doctor says calm down, sikander says wake up amyra I promise we will stay together, lovely we will stay together for our daughter no divorce, Lovely says shut up she is my daughter we aren’t coming to you, sikander says I will beg you don’t do this, Lovely says you are just scared all will leave you, doctor and nurse scold them to leave.

Lovely says Sikander you don’t keep promises, amyra is unlucky to have you as a father, and if something happens to her, even I will kill myself and you will be responsible for both of us, sikander falls in her feet and says I will do whatever you say, Lovely says you will have to abandon Kulfi completely, will you be able to do it, decide quickly, Sikander says what games you

keep playing, both girls are mine, I can’t live without any of them,i can’t abandon kulfi, Kulfi hears them and says baba Wong abandon me and leaves, and says I can’t call him baba I agree, but he won’t abandon me,and me and amyra will grow up together happily.

Lovely says to Sikander, you have to if you want amyra. Kulfi prays to god and says baba said he won’t abandon me, now please cure amyra so we can go home,Kulfi hears a boy cry on fear of losing his mother,Kulfi says she won’t go, believe in yourself. Sikander says I break promise to kulfi, lovely says you will loose Amyra then,Send kulfi boarding be with her, otherways, look this is India’s best boarding school, sikander says you have planned so much, lovely says someone has to, sikander says what are you saying I can’t live without her, Lovely says Amyra will die without you, and if you want her you have to send Kulfi away.

Sikander misses amyra and spending time with her, and walks heart broken. Kulfi talks to little boy and motivates him, and asks him to believe that his mom will be fine, Kulfi says like I believe me amyra and Sikander will stay together. Sikander walks to a darga,thinking about kulfi and Amyra, Sikander walks on lighted coal. Lovely waiting for sikander. Sikander breaks down, baba hands him Kulfi. Lovely says I’m sorry amyra we lost, I tried hard but we lost your dad, I’m so sorry, your dad didn’t return, Lovely removes poison from her purse, and says baby I’m tired fighting and now want to sleep beside you for ever in peace.

Lovely opens both bottles and says baby I promised I won’t leave you alone and be by your side,I love you baby, amyra says mom, Lovely removes her oxygen mask and hears music, sikander enters singing song. Amyra opens her eyes, Lovely starts crying, amyra says dad, Sikander hugs amyra. Amyra holds his hand, Sikander says my princess, amyra asks you won’t leave me right, sikander says I will die without you, sikander says never, Lovely asks did you make decision.

(Sikander says baba why this, Baba says take it what god is offering you now because what was yours will always be yours. )

Lovely asks Sikander what decision he made, sikander says I will abandon kulfi and be with amyra, Kulfi hears that, Sikander says I won’t talk to Kulfi I promise, but I need some time,so I can send her boarding, Lovely says okay.kulfi breaks down hearing that.

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