Kulfi the Singing Star Monday update 6 January 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Monday update 6 January 2020

Amyra collecting contribution from society and asks in English all get confused, Kalti says she is asking contribution in English, Yusuf denies, Kulfi says I want to help baba but all are denying what will I do now. Sikander takes job as music teacher, he sees one more add for hiring of musician.

Kulfi the Singing Star Friday update 3 January 2020

Raju mummy denies for contribution. Kulfi says no one is agreeing what will we do now. Sikander performs a piece for job. Kalti and friends feel betrayed. Kulfi hears them talk and gets an idea. Sikander gets job as musician and hired from the day itself.

Kulfi and friends gather all scrap, Kulfi says we will sell this and buy idol from whatever money we have. Kulfi and friends gather money, and says we can buy an idol now and rush to purchase one.

Nihalo suggest lovely to butter jailer. Kulfi and friends reach pandal and start looking for the idol they want, vendor shows him Bal Ganesha, Kulfi chooses one but it’s too expensive, Kulfi says here all idols are expensive. Lovely asks jailer to allow her to work at laundry for her to keep at peace, Jailer says no you will work in kitchen go away.
Vendor shows one idol which is the cheapest, Kulfi says we just have 800, do you have any in that range, he says no and the basic rate is 1500, Kulfi and friends get disheartened, vendor says don’t be I will give you in 800, Kulfi says sorry we can’t keep you in loss, and this is God’s idol I can’t do this, he says stop you are so honest here’s a devoted soil from my hometown use it, Kulfi and friends get happy.

Sikander leaving cafe. Kulfi and friends thinking of what should be done, Amyra shouts kulfi for using broken slipper and says stay here I will fix it, and gives kulfi her new slippers, Kulfi hugs her and thanks. Sikander walks in, girls hug him and tell him their problem, sikander says come let’s think but first I’m very hungry, let’s go out, Kulfi whispers says you go with Amyra I will stay home so our expenses will be less, sikander says all sorted let’s go. Kulfi says I don’t feel good leaving my friends alone, sikander says come we are going out for food, all get excited.

Everyone gives order, Amyra acts understanding and orders less priced, Kulfi asks Sikander he looks happy what’s the reason.

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