Kulfi the Singing Star Monday update 30 December 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Monday update 30 December 2019

Sikander says call me if you need anything I will come back so , sikander says oh I left cleaning, Kulfi says don’t worry I will manage you go, Amyra says I can’t, Kulfi says it’s fun, trust me, amyra says unbelievable.

Jailor walks in, and asks who stole my knife, answer right away or else I will screw everyone, Lovely says that lady I saw her with it, Jailor says why didn’t you tell first. Nihalo says Kamini is bad don’t mess with her, Sikander sees Raju teaching them to fight, Raju says don’t worry it’s my trick, sikander finds all weird. Kulfi teaches amyra to take care of house, kalti and friends see them work, kalti impressed by kulfi. Amyra notices it and makes kalti and friends work for them. Kulfi

sees Amyra make Kalti and friends work for a toy, and says to Amyra this is wrong, Amyra says why, we are smart, and this poor People, Kulfi thinks they happy and we can be friends, and ask secret, Kulfi makes an effort but guys don’t answer and leave.
Nihalo and Lovely cribbling about staying in prison, Kamini walks inside the prison and starts man handling lovely, and run away, Lovely in pain after beaten, Nihalo starts laughing and says I told you not to mess with her, Lovely says I shall complain, Nihalo says she won’t stop, listen to me, be with me and we both shall run away, Lovely says Sikander I hate you.

Kulfi hear society people scolding kalti and friends, Raju says don’t scold kids, we have to take control, they decide to cut electricity. Kulfi shares this with Amyra, Amyra starts having stomach ache, Kulfi asks her to use washroom, Amyra denies, Kulfi convinces her, Amyra caries her sprays and gloves with her, Kulfi teaches Amyra how to use Indian toilet and asks her to be quick.

Kulfi thinking why are society people behind them, and sees them already at work and rushes to them,Kulfi asks Sandy and Yusuf what are they doing here, Sandy says checking electric meter and leave. Kulfi says messing with me, I know why they are here, and I know before 10 I will find the reason.

Sikander meets producer, he gives him money and says get a flat, don’t stay in that poor society, and I will call for work, sikander says I shall take money only when I will be given work, I know it’s jimmy who is forcing you, Balwant says I’m sorry I can lend money but Jimmy you know, sikander says it’s okay, Balwant says please accept money I insist, sikander says don’t worry, Balwant gets emotional, sikander says don’t I will manage.

Kulfi sees Kalti and friends and walks to them, kalti happy seeing Kulfi walk to him, amyra steps in between and says why did you leave me alone, Kulfi says we have bigger problems, we need to find why are they behind us, Amyra says just say yes for everything I say yes, Kulfi says no lying right or else my stomach, Amyra says control the pain then because this is important.

Kalti offers kulfi a seat beside him, Amyra says we need to talk.

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