Kulfi the Singing Star Monday Update 25 November 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Monday Update 25 November 2019

Bhola begs kulfi to let him stay with Pakhi, Kulfi makes Rajan leave Bhola, Bhola goes hug Pakhi,Kulfi says let him go and starts crying, bhola runs away with Pakhi, rocket asks why did you do this, Kulfi says I could feel his pain, poor Pakhi thinks he is her dad, I know how it feels to live without father, and she is so small, I can’t do this to her, and I want him too, but he is Bhola forgotten me, the day he will remember his kulfi he will come back and I will make him remember his kufli and god will help me.

Nandini tells Lovely that man isn’t Chandan he is lying, Kamla just has a son and he said he has a sister too, so he is definitely lying. Kulfi says I have to make him remember he is my father, sikander. Chandan starring at Kulfi, leaves. Kulfi follows him. Nandini and lovely

search for clues and find a picture, Chandan calls Pakya and asks did Lovely believe,Pakya says yes, Chandan says good go nargis park find some Pakhi, he is her father and kill him.
Kulfi about to see Chandan remembers rockets advice to keep calm, Chandan calls kulfi, and says Mohendar has gone recording, bhabhi is out, Lovely is out and Amyra in Classes so just us two in house, so we will spend time together, Kulfi thinks if I don’t leave gotya will kill baba.

Bhola and Pakhi playing with friends, Pakya sees Bhola and makes Chandan call, and says I found sikander but there are many people with him, Chandan says no issues kill him after sunset, Kulfi looks at the clock and says it’s 4 and sun may set by 7 , I just have 3 hours. Kulfi says I will go visit temple. Chandan stops her and says all from here no going anywhere, let’s watch a movie.

Kufli remembers discussing with her friends what if she is tapped some day, rocket says don’t worry we will keep roaming near your house, if in case of danger just tie red cloth in your balcony, Kulfi makes an excuse of water tulsi, and goes in balcony and goes red cloth. Rocket and his friends near kulfis house, and see red cloth, rocket asks Chittu to go to rajan for help, Zinda and Bansi to nargis park. Lovely meets Kamla and shows photo,she says Chandan, Kamla points at sikanders song on TV and says Chandan.

Guruji walks in,bhola hugs Guruji,Bhola forces him to play with them, Pakya says I will go take a round, Zinda and Bansi reach nargis park and keep an eye on Bhola, Guruji offers Bhola a job for summer camp.

Lovely trying to figure out all the confusion, why Kamla called sikander Chandan, lovely comes to conclusion that sikander now in house may be Chandan. Pakhi thinks even I should go with papa, Guruji says summer camp isn’t free, you will have to pay for food and accommodation, Bhola says no I can sing in house as well so I will stay here, Guruji come have Amyras and puri.

Lovely meets inspector, and asks details, inspector tells sikander was forced to drive by a thief, but after accident he just kind of vanished, his name is Chandan here is his photo, Lovely in shock. Lovely remembers kulfi always pointing as sikanders changed behaviour, Lovely gets a call, from Chandan and he asks what are you doing in police station, anyways come home soon, Mayra is dying to play with her mom and dad.lovely gets scared and rushes home.

Kulfi asks can I go to park, I feel restless , Chandan says go to balcony, Kulfi worried.

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