Kulfi the Singing Star Monday Update 2 September 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Monday Update 2 September 2019

Kulfi the Singing Star September 2019 Teasers Starlife

Sikandar and Tevar get worried when Kulfi is denied the admission. They clear the fact that Kulfi is a normal girl, and more smarter than the other kids. They ask principal to take Kulfi’s memory test, she is very sharp. They request for one chance. Sikandar gives guarantee for Kulfi. The principal gives them a chance and asks them to prepare Kulfi for the entrance test. Sikandar is sure that Kulfi will pass the test and study in the same school as Amyra.

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Sikandar and Tevar break the good news to Kulfi and cheer her up. Lovely gets angered with Tevar and Kulfi. Sikandar takes Amyra to the temple and tells her about Dushehra. Kulfi gets upset that Sikandar isn’t telling her about her real father. She wants to know about her father. She learns that Tevar didn’t meet her uncle, and just met her aunt.

She understands that Tevar got cheated by her aunt. Nihalo stays upset that Sattu isn’t in her hands now. Sattu repents for lying to Sikandar. He feels he has done wrong with Sikandar. He doesn’t want Sikandar and Kulfi’s lives to get wronged because of him. Amyra prepares Kulfi for the interview. Sikandar and Tevar try to teach her. She stays upset with Sikandar. She learns from Tevar. He asks Sikandar to teach Kulfi in his way. Sikandar tries his way. Tevar and Amyra find them upset and wonder what’s the problem going on between them. Sikandar asks Kulfi to learn from her father. Sikandar makes a leave.

Kulfi wants to learn soon and also tell Tevar that she wants to go to her village to find her father’s truth. Kulfi meets him and tells him about her decision to visit her village. She learns from Sikandar. She gets happy and tells him that she can’t cheat Tevar. Sikandar gets worried that Tevar will leave Kulfi after knowing the truth, and then understand about Amyra.

He doesn’t want Tevar to take away Amyra, since Amyra can’t bear this truth too. He wants to stop Kulfi from telling anything to Tevar. Kulfi asks Tevar to take her to village to meet her uncle. He happily agrees. He just wants Kulfi’s happiness.

Tevar praises kulfi for gwr preparation, kulfi says i have an request i want to go see mama in chiroli,tevar says sure, Sikander hears that and says this cant happen,kulfi says tomorrow , tevar says we need to prepare for exams,kulfi says i cant wait anymore, Tevar says okay once you are admitted to school we will go and even stay please for baba, kulfi says okay deal.sikander says good i have time to talk to kulfi and convince her,kulfi thinks god please help me work hard so i can go see baba.

Lovely says why does kulfi want to go to chiroli what are these 4 upto,let me talk to Amyra. Lovely asks amyra whats going,amyra says helping kulfi, lovely says you really want kulfi to be with you,what if she will get ahead of you,wont you feel bad,amyra says i will but she is my friend but

participation matters kulfis mom was so right, lovely says amyra you find kulfis mom better than mine,okay i got it and leaves. Amyra says she is acting so weird these days.
Setu thinking about kulfi Sikander and tevar and is troubled because he has lied. Setu imagines Nimrat talk to him, she says what did you do,you handed my kulfi to someone else,i waited whole life for Sikander but you did this,he says he married someone else and has a kid too,she says but kulfi has a right to know who her father is and then its her decision whether to forgive him or not and leaves, setu says stop nimart, Nihalo walks and says its me.

Amyra helping kulfi prepare for entrance, and says choose a topic and i will ask questions and dad and tevar will give you points,and you two no cheating and helping her. Kulfi says fruits,amyra asks her to name all the fruits, tevar tries to help kulfi,amyra scolds him, amyra asks her to name colours, kulfi thinks sikander sir did tell me, she forgets orange.

Setu is handed Prasad, he reads a news in it, about sikander amyra and kulfi and says why this god, and says was kulfi really happy with Sikander and did i do something wrong. Bholi sees kulfis pic,nihalo hears her and asks whoes pic bholi says no i said nothing,setu says enough of you stay away, nihalo says i was just asking whats the matter, setu ignores her and leaves with bholi.nihalo says something is really fishy,let me talk to cutie.

Tevar tries to cheer kulfi, kulfi feels bad, kulfi says im forgetting thinks thats not good, I want to meet mama this cant happen to me and runs away.
Cutie gets call from Nihalo, cutie says i paid you why call me i have paid you, nihalo says i know but called to know hows my daughter kulfi doing,where is she, cutie says if you want money keep away from her.

Gunjan starring at Cutie,cutie thinks god I hope she hasn’t heard anything and says even if she did she cant say a word and leaves.

Kulfi studying with her room locked,tevar knocks the room and asks her to come out and have something, kulfi says let me study until i learn everything i wont come out, tevar says god she jas stressed a lot. Tevar tells Sikander about kulfis stress and how kulfi was demotivated by Lovely. sikander says why do you think about lovely,just think about kulfi.

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