Kulfi the Singing Star Monday Update 2 December 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Monday Update 2 December 2019

Amyra says kulfi everybody loves you, Kulfi says tell me do you find this love fake, all this love isn’t fake, amyra says I see reality and that is fake, Kulfi and Amyra walk out, Kulfi says look at me, I was looking for my father everywhere and I found him here in this house, and you are dearest in this house, you can ask everyone here, and Lovely loves you so much, she still calls you baby, and baba loves you more than me, and he calls you princess, so patch up with your dad.

Amyra looks at Sikander and lovely, sikander stops amyra while she leaving and says baby I’m sorry I hide the truth, but i lied to you to hide the harsh truth, I accept I’m not your biological dad, but you are mine, I brought you up, you are my shadow, I gave you identity, you are amyra sikander Singh Gill, and noone can deny that.

Sikander says please come back to your dad, amyra walks to Sikander but remembers how he behaved and runs back to her room, sikander going to amyra, Bebe stops him and says stop, you have always asked for love, amyra now has to understand, she has to get used to this truth. Lovely walks to amyra. Sikander in his room upset, Kulfi hears him talk, sikander says I cheated nimrat so life is cheating on me now, I have two daughters one is my heart and one my heartbeat, and every time, one is missing.

Lovely says Amyra understand at times truth is very harsh and hard to deal and so we hide it, Kulfi was trying, amyra says enough of kulfi,go to her, lovely says but we are a team what’s wrong with you, amyra says I’m all alone I’m in no team with you, Lovely says you may but I want, amyra says leave Kulfi then. Kulfi says baba I know you are in pain but, we are together, we will solve this problem, I know you will convince amyra, sikander hugs her, Kulfi says come with me, and takes him to music room,and says what you do when you have to make music, sikander says I meditate, Kulfi says right meditate then, and we will figure out things and find a solution too, cmon let’s meditate, Kulfi and Sikander meditate.

Sikander and kulfi see Mia at the door, Mia says I know sikander you don’t like me much, but the show Ratings was all I wanted but when I saw you and kulfi fight for kids I thought how much I could too, so I now need your kulfis help to help kids like kulfis friend grow, and I want to launch kulfi like rock star I want you to help her, sikander thinks Kulfi and Amyra will practice together and music will bond them, sikander says I agree on,y when you will launch both my girls, Mia asks so Kulfi is really your daughter, Sikander says yes she is, Mia thinks good this drama, if it continues wow I will earn so much and says I’m excited and let’s announce a press meet then,amyra hears that.

Kulfi and Sikander walk to amyra, amyra says your lie is haunting me, my homework was to write about person I love, and look I wrote my dad taught me never lie never cheat but my dad did this all to me, what will I do now, sikander says write my dad loved me before I came to this world, amyra says I don’t trust you, sikander says learn to then, and now I have decided to launch both my daughters and will tell whole world I have two daughter,s amyra you dreamt of becoming a superstar, and I will fulfill it, I love you both equally, amyra says I want more but, and leaves.

Sikander walks to kulfi and says unable to sleep, Kulfi says no, sikander asks what’s the matter, Kulfi says I’m scared that I will loose you again, sikander says you are my lioness right, i will be always with you, Kulfi says promise me you will come to wake me up,I want to see you first thing, sikander says yes, Kulfi falls asleep.

Amyra interrupting Sikander when he was about to wake Kulfi up. She accused him of going to his real daughter. Kulfi woke to see Sikander and Amyra together. Amyra demanded for more time with Sikander to prove her that he lived her more. It broke Kulfi’s heart and she sprinted from there. Sikander wished to follow her but Amyra held his hand. To her surprise, he broke away and went after Kulfi. He comforted Kulfi in his arms. Amyra got aggravated but Sikander stopped her.

He warned both of them to stop fighting or else he would leave. He told Amyra that he wished to complete her dream but he needed her support. She agreed. He started rehearsing. Amyra lost rhythm several time and got frustrated. She threw water on Kulfi which angered Sikander. Gunjan stated Kulfi would get the prasad first instead of Amyra. Lovely interrupted saying kids should not be differentiated. Gunjan states Amyra had no rights in this house as she was not the real daughter. Amyra enquired about what Gunjan said.

Mahinder warned them to not fight infront of the kids. Lovely tried to console Amyra whilst Mahinder console Kulfi. Amyra wanted to know the meaning of Najayas. She was shattered to learn the truth. Lovely assured her that she was still the daughter of Sikander Singh Gill. At school, Kulfi read her essay out loud on Family. Amyra asked her to take her father’s name and everyone got shocked to hear the truth.

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