Kulfi the Singing Star Monday Update 18 November 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Monday Update 18 November 2019

Kulfi goes to sikanders room and starts looking for him, she finds nimrats hanky gifted to Sikander and recognises it , Kulfi sees Chandan has polished his shoes with that hanky and says now I’m very sure he isn’t my father.

Lovely goes to Kulfi, and asks do you really think he isn’t Sikander, Kulfi says yes, Lovely says to pray for you and amyra sikander went temple, and he met with accident, his face was fully damaged and with lot of efforts doctor reconstructed it using his old photos, his voice is damaged and is forgetting things because he has hit his head and change in behaviour because he can’t sing and so we need to give him time, and leaves, Kulfi says you dint believe but I do he is not my father, I don’t know where my baba is now.

Bhola, Pakhi, Nandini oiling each other,Kulfi says baba isn’t with me but is here, and I will find him, I want my baba back. Kulfi wakes up hearing sikanders voice and rushes to music room, and sees Chandan starring at her and gets scared, Chandan says get ready quickly we have to go. Pakhi on her way back from school, Bhola follows her in a ruck sack, Pakhi says I’m very sad, Tina didn’t call me for her birthday party she called everyone, Bhola asks what is birthday party, Pakhi says she didn’t call me because I’m poor right.

Nandinis mother comes home and ask who is he, Bhola says I’m her husband pakhis father, Bhola, nani gets very angry, Nandini says calm down Aai, Bhola says nani is angry and throws water on her, nani gets more angry, Nandini says you two go play. Nandini takes nani inside. Bhola asks will she stay with us, Pakhi says yes, and mom didn’t say but I know we are poor, Bhola ask what is poor, Pakhi explains, like Ma can’t afford spectacles.

Chandan takes Kulfi to recording studio and signs contract, Chandan asks for cash payment and not in cheque. Chandan is handed cash, Chandan says begin recording, Kulfi start singing cmon. Chandan gets busy counting cash. Bhalla asks kulfi not to get scared and enjoy her singing, kulfis voice starts breaking, Bhalla acts patiently with Kulfi.kufli catches up and starts singing, but gets distracted by Chandan. Bhalla starts losing and says let’s take a break. Kulfi sees Chandan counting cash, and feels bad.

Nandini explains nani all the scenario, nani says why did you get him here, first your husband now this man, Nandini says he has lost his mental capabilities. Nandini tells how Pakhi reacted to Bhola and so she did this,nani asks what will happen when Pakhi will learn the truth, what when he will regain his memory how will things go have you thought about it.

Kulfi keeps getting distracted by Chandan, Bhalla loses his calm and shouts at Chandan, Chandan walks to kulfi and shouts at her, Bhalla surprised to see Chandan behaviour.

Chandan warns kulfi to stay in car and leaves. Chandan goes to the restaurant and orders drinks and starts drinking and having food alone, leaving Kulfi in car. Kulfi tired hungry falls asleep. Chandan gets drunk. Nandini gets home and sees Bhola angry, Nandini asks why are you angry, Bhola says you are home late, Nandini tells him she was busy with emergency patients, Bhola serves her food, Bhola says I got you gift and hands her spectacles, and we aren’t poor anymore, nani comes out shouting and asks where did he get money from, Bhola says I sold all books and newspaper. Nandini in tears says what will I do if spectacles, I need them to read books and you sold them.

Chandan comes out of restaurant drunk, he walks to a man counting money,the man hands Chandan drugs. Chandan drives home.

Nandini says Bhola they were not just books I had bought them with great difficulty, Bhola hands her pakhis books and says read from these, nani says he knows no importance, Nandini starts crying says my exams are approaching what will I do, it’s not his fault he just wanted to help. Nani scolds Bhola, Bhola says I’m sorry I don’t know what is happening but looks like I did something wrong, Nandini asks nani not to abuse Bhola, Bhola feels bad and leaves.

Bhola walking on streets alone, says she doesn’t want new spectacle but old books, she is so stupid, and nani always keeps scolding me, I will get Nandinis books back.chandan about to kill Bhola by his car, drunk Bhola scolds him and leaves both unable to see eachother due to darkness. Chandan holds all is money and is very happy, says one recording gave me so much money she is a jackpot, let me call Balwant and ask him to get Kulfi as many recordings as he can.

Kulfi sees Chandan hiding money in flower pot and is surprised, she hides and later enters the room and thinks why must he be hiding money, he is acting just like mami use, how do I find if he is greedy and breaks pot purposely, Chandan rushes in and about to hit kulfi but Lovely gets in.

Nandini worries for Bhola, Nandini asks nani to look after Pakhi and she will find Bhola, nani asks Nandini not to do so, and asks her to forget Bhola, and she will convince Pakhi, Nandini says for Pakhi and her happiness I have to get Bhola back, and he is not a bad person, he tries a lot to keep us happy, let me get him home. Kulfi apologies to lovely on breaking vase, lovely says it’s fine step back but where did money come from, Chandan says I kept, Chandan says Mohendar gave me back so I kept in vase, did I make a mistake again, lovely says calm down it’s just strange,and kulfi go sleep.

Kulfi thinks all this is so strange, and runs away. Bhola wakes up dreaming of kulfi as angel, Kulfi in his dream says why don’t you come to me please come, a man comes and wakes Bhola, Bhola sleeping infront of his shop, Bhola starts saying angel, and asks bhaiya where is angel, he says there is no one but why are you here, Bhola says I was guarding, he says I don’t need, Bhola says I want those books I gave yesterday, he says 2000, Bhola says I don’t understand that, but if I give will you, he say she’s, Bhola hugs him and says you are so nice.

Nandini arrives there looking for Bhola, landlord walks to her and starts troubling her and says I’m so worried for you and don’t feel lonely I’m always with you, Nandini says I’m not alone, please leave me alone, he says don’t waste your life behind Bhola he can’t satisfy you but I can, just give me one chance, Nandini runs away. Chandan talks to Kulfi and says tell me truth you broke the vase purposely right, Kulfi says no by mistake, Chandan says mistake is I’m not keeping an proper eye on you, anyways put these earphones and hear the song and rehearse.

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