Kulfi the Singing Star Monday update 17 February 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Monday update 17 February 2020

Fateh begs Kulfi not to go out and call for help or his kidnapper will kill him, Kulfi shocked and says let me go inform everyone they will help you, Fateh says I don’t need your help just go or else he will kill me, Kulfi closes the door and walks out, she is thinking of Fateh while she walks out, she thinks of telling Yusuf, but he gets a call and he leaves, kulfi thinks of Fateh as he has sworn her on him, Kulfi goes to Raju to tell him but he leaves, Kulfi tells shanta tai, boys say its her prank don’t fall for it.

Kulfi gets back to Fateh and says I will help you, don’t be scared, we all chawl people will help you, and starts untying him and gives Fateh confidence, Fateh gets up, Kulfi says stay here I will get blanket for you, Kulfi comes back and sees Fateh missing and goes

back to godown and sees kidnapper with Fateh, Kulfi hears kidnappers voice and is shocked to hear it sounds like Sikander.

Sikander threats Fateh by a stick and says I told you not to escape, why did you go out, Fateh says im sorry I wont repeat, Kulfi remembers all the lessons Sikander has taught and doesn’t believe her eyes. Fateh keeps begging and says I haven’t done it on purpose, Sikander says next time when you think of escaping think of your parents lives, your mother goes to temple at 8am, to pray for you and then your parents meet at police station and then your father goes to office and your mother to your aunts and later they both are alone, and so if you do anything against my wish they will loose your lives.
Kulfi hears the kids name is Fateh Gazdar and says god he is Jimmys son. Fateh says leave me dad he has done nothing, Sikander says he has done nothing you think, and raises his bat, kulfi shouts in shock. Sikander sees Kulfi and leaves his bat, Fateh says sir leave her sir, hurt me but don’t harm her please sir, Sikander ties him and locks the door.

Kulfi looking at him and says baba, Sikander stops her, Sikander walks kulfi out of the ware house and closes the door, Sikander breaks down and says I know kulfi you will never forgive me, Sikander wears his mask, Kulfi sits in confusion thinking of what she saw, Sikander walks in chawl, Kulfi follows him and ass why you doing this, Amyra asks where were you two, Kulfi says Amyra go out, Amyra asks why me, Kulfi says because I asked you to, Amyra leaves. Kulfi asks Sikander what was all that she saw, why were you hitting Fateh, why are you doing all this, Sikander says I don’t want to talk on this matter, Kulfi says I told everyone you will never do anything like this you made me liar,

Sikander says stay out, I will manage my mess, Kulfi says I saw you shouting and threatening that guy, Sikander says so, Kulfi says you are good guy, you cant do this, Sikander says I will, I don’t need to take your permission, you are kid, behave like one, Kulfi says so is he, just because he is Jimmys son, Sikander says get Amyra in and go to sleep, Kulfi says you are upset with Jimmy, forget the past, let fateh go, Sikander says I wont, I will do as I want to, and if he even moves a bit from there he will be in pain and you wont try helping him.

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