Kulfi the Singing Star Monday Update 16 September 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Monday Update 16 September 2019

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Sikander and Tevar with lighted camphor in their hand and Amyra and other society and family members pray for kulfis life,Kulfi being operated,amyra crying.lovely present too, kulfis heart beat stops,nurse says doctor Smita you tried your best. Kulfi sees Ma and starts following her,she finds her and hugs her,and says I found you last time you lied and sent you back,Nimrat says I didn’t lie,Kulfi says you said Sikander sir will take me to my real dad but he took me to Tevar he loves me like a dad but isn’t my dad. Nimrat says come let’s play on swings,Kulfi says answer me,nimrat says tell me do you think your dad is bad person,Kulfi says not at all,Nimrat says then you don’t need my help,or anyone else’s.

Nimrat says remember I love you most because I can never come to see

you like this anymore,Kulfi starts crying and says how will I manage without you,Nimrat says stop crying,my face was covered but you still recognised me right,and similarly you will find your father when you will follow your heart,Kulfi closes her eyes and Nimrat leaves.
Kulfi starts breathing again,doctor starts treating her again,nurse informs everyone operation is successful and kulfi will be fine soon and her father can see her now,Sikander and Tevar rush,amyra feels bad seeing Sikander go,lovely looks at amyra crying,amyra leaves.

Sikander and Tevar hug doctor and say thanks for saving our daughter,she says your daughter is a fighter,she is awake but week she needs rest now,Kulfi opens her eyes and see Sikander and Tevar together and smiles,and asks you patched up,Sikander says Tevar sorry I really didn’t know it was your song,Tevar says I’m sorry for questioning and doubting you,Sikander says enough I found you two now all will be fine,Kulfi says so all good right,Sikander and Tevar says very very good.

Lovely having chocolates,to release stress,amyra walks to her and says mom do something dad found Tevar and kulfi my life is over now,bell rings,lovely runs,Sikander enters with Kulfi and Tevar,Tevar says please don’t Lovely won’t like it,Sikander says it’s my house too and I want you two with me. Amyra gets irritated and says he is my dad why is Kulfi here,she will take my dad away,Lovely says Amyra calm down breath,amyra says please mom throw Kulfi out of this house.

Tevar says it’s all my fault,I shouldn’t have allowed you to nail it,Sikander says why didn’t you tell him,next time you won’t hide,Kulfi says okay but why am I staying in uncles room and not my old room,Sikander says because I take decisions,Lovely says of course I need you to take one more decision right away,Tevar says I will look after kulfi,you go.

Sikander says yes tell me,Lovely says come with me inside,lovely falls in Sikanders feet and says you are a saint,sikander says enough of this drama,Lovely says exactly enough of this drama you brought my ex in this house for a kid that too,you could have atleast spoken to me once,Sikander says because you never talk just order.lovely says atleast you could have once given me that respect,Sikander says I wish but after all you did and yes it was for Amyra right,enough I don’t want to listen,Lovely says now listen, Sikander says listen they are staying here enough. Lovely says okay I’m going to tell Tevar that kulfi isn’t his daughter but amyra.

Sikandar stops Lovely from revealing the truth to Tevar. She doesn’t care for anything. She tells Sikandar that she will give him the same thing, since he has risked everything by bringing Tevar home. She wants him to experience the same pain. She threatens Sikandar and asks him to throw out Tevar and Kulfi. She tells him that he would be responsible for the dire consequences. Amyra sheds tears thinking how her life is getting ruined. She thinks of talking to Tevar. She thinks to ask Tevar to leave from the house, along with Kulfi. She finds Tevar with Kulfi. She feels Tevar loves Kulfi a lot, just like Sikandar. She doesn’t want to lose Sikandar.

Sikandar feels helpless because of Lovely. He loses his cool over the threatening. He decides to reveal the truth to Tevar and confess

his mistake too. Lovely informs her father Tony Chadda about Sikandar’s unpredictable deed to get Tevar home.
She tells Tony to stop Sikandar and Tevar from breaking her family. Sikandar reaches Tevar to tell the truth. He ousts Amyra from Tevar. Amyra tells Lovely that Sikandar has gone to speak to Tevar. Lovely fears that Sikandar will reveal the truth. She was just threatening to Sikandar. She reaches Sikandar and asks him not to say anything to Tevar. Tevar turns restless. Sikandar asks Lovely what’s her problem. She asks him not to forget Amyra.

She asks him to value Amyra. Amyra gets heartbroken that her parents are fighting. She wants to speak to Kulfi and end the matter. Tevar faces Tony and Cutie and scolds them for breaking relationships. Tevar is proud that Sikandar is still his friend. He praises that Sikandar values people and hearts, not money. Cutie speaks ill about Lovely. Tevar confronts them about Lovely’s helplessness. Cutie takes out her anger on Tevar. Tevar goes away and then overhears Tony and Cutie’s conversation.

Later, Amyra meets Kulfi and scolds her for initiating a fight between Lovely and Sikandar. Kulfi tells her that she has no idea about it. Kulfi cries as Amyra blames her for everything. Amyra tells Kulfi to leave from the house as she is not invited in the house and wants peace in her family. She tells Kulfi how Lovely is upset with her coming in this house. She requests Kulfi to leave. Tevar gets a big shock finding out that Amyra is his daughter, not Kulfi.

His world changes completely. Tevar recollects Sikandar’s lie. He can’t believe that both Lovely and Sikandar cheated him. Kulfi breaks down that Amyra asked them to leave from the house. She goes to Tevar to tell him about Amyra. Tevar wants to seek answers from Sikandar first. He doesn’t listen to Kulfi. He meets Sikandar and confronts him to tells the truth. He asks Sikandar to speak up, if Kulfi is his daughter or not. He makes Sikandar swear on Amyra and admit the truth. Sikandar is in a BIG dilemma.

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