Kulfi the Singing Star Monday update 10 February 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Monday update 10 February 2020

Sikander and Kulfi looking for Amyra, they stumble upon Ajit, Sikander starts dancing with Ajit and begins dance and confuse him.Kulfi and Sikander keep looking for Amyra, Kulfi shows Sikander, Amyra behind the stage, Tony takes his position to shoot CM. Ajit says I don’t see the man dressed as lion go check on Amyra, Sikander reaches Amyra, he tries to wake her, Ajit’s man try to reach backstage kulfi and friends start dancing around them. Ajit asks Tony to shoot CM. Amyra opens her eyes. Tony gets scared but thinks about Amyra, Sikander comes out with Amyra, Kulfi takes off his mask, and rushes to her and hugs her.

Sikander sees CM and Tony and about to stop him, Lovely pushes Tony and gun falls down, Lovely sees Amyra and is in tears, Sikander leaves Amyras hand, Amyra hugs lovely, Sikander calls Amyra back, and asks her to stay with Kulfi and tells CM the whole story, CM calls his main security, Sikander says that’s not him and describes Ajit, CM asks to get Ajit and says Sikander you went through a lot for me and so you will perform Matas aarti today. Sikander figures out everything while performing aarti and comes to conclusion that Bhabhi is behind all the plan.

Jimmy is called on stage to announce the winner, Bhabhis phone rings, sikander recognises the ringtone and walks to her and says CM I’m sorry but the mastermind behind your murder is Bhabhi, Bhabhi says are you mad, and tells whole scenario, Pratap gets Ajit, CM says this is Ashok my PS, Sikander says cmon speak up, who is your boss, Ajit points at Bhabhi.
CM orders to arrest Bhabhi.

CM and Sikander apologies to eachother. Sikander walks to Lovely and says you did very big job by stopping your dad from killing CM, Lovely says I want to say something. Sikander says you have to go through your punishment, Lovely says I have called the police and I will please wait for me.

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