Kulfi The Singing Star March Teasers 2020


Kulfi The Singing Star March Teasers 2020

Kulfi befriends a simple man, unaware of the dangerous situation she is in, Later, he is in for a shock when she reveals the truth about herself, Read Kulfi The Singing Star March Teasers 2020 below.

Starlife Kulfi The Singing Star March Teasers 2020.

Monday  2  March  2020 

Episode 421

Sandy provokes Kulfi and Amyra against each other to test them. Later, Kulfi and Amyra get indulged in serious fights while Sikander tries to secure their future.

Tuesday 3  March  2020 

Episode 422

Amyra and Kulfi’s feud divides the society members into two, however, Sikander manages to reconcile the sisters. Later, he decides to cause problems for Jimmy.

Wednesday 4 March  2020

Episode 423

Sandy and Raju are tensed by Sikander’s risky plan while the latter is attacked by Jimmy’s goons. Later, Sandy gains Jimmy’s trust and gets a job in his office.

Thursday 5 March  2020 

Episode 424

Amyra and Kulfi decide to celebrate Diwali grandly while Sikander puts his ingenious plan into action. Later, the kids vow to find Sikander’s gold coin.

Friday 6 March  2020

Episode 425

Sikander motivates Kulfi and Amyra after they fail to find the golden coin. Later, he meets Mohsin Khan while the kids stumble across a vital clue.

Monday  9  March  2020 

Episode 426

Kulfi and Amyra hatch a plan to get Sikander’s gold coin back. Later, Amyra threatens to expose the wrestlers while Kulfi sings a delightful song.

Tuesday 10  March  2020 

Episode 427

Mohsin Khan slaps Jimmy while Sikander brings special gifts for the residents of the society. Later, Kulfi and Amyra put forth a challenge to the wrestlers.

Wednesday 11 March  2020

Episode 428

Sikander feels proud as Kulfi and Amyra win the Dangal. Elsewhere, Sandy struggles to get a clue about Jimmy’s illegal business.

Thursday 12 March  2020 

Episode 429

Sikander takes a daring step against Jimmy while Sandy misleads the latter. Elsewhere, Kulfi falls unconscious after secretly examining Sikander’s activities.

Friday 13 March  2020

Episode 430

The police interrogate Kulfi while Raju Mummy tricks Jimmy. Later, Kulfi discovers a shocking truth after stepping into her old house.

Monday  16  March  2020 


After being misled by Tejaswini, Kulfi meets a mysterious man in the Gurudwara. Later, Sikander loses his cool, unaware that Kulfi is watching him.

Tuesday 17  March  2020 


While the police secretly follow Raju Mummy, the latter sets out on a lucrative mission. Elsewhere, Kulfi is stunned by Sikander’s violent act.

Wednesday 18 March  2020


At the music launch, Sikander struggles to control an intoxicated Mohsin Khan. Later, Kulfi and Amyra experience abnormal activities at their old house.

Thursday 19 March  2020 


The goons threaten to kill Kulfi and Amyra after their escape plan goes for a toss. Later, Raju Mummy has an odd conversation with the goons.

Friday 20 March  2020


Sikander surprises Amyra and Kulfi with a bag of gifts. Later, he locks Kulfi in the house after she makes an unusual request.

Monday  23  March  2020 


Sikander is worried upon learning that Kulfi is hiding in Himmat Dadi’s bus. Later, he collapses on the street after making a promise to Kulfi.

Tuesday 24  March  2020 


Amrya is thrilled as Loveleen pays her a surprise visit. Elsewhere, on the way to the Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara, Kulfi’s bus falls off the bridge.

Wednesday 25 March  2020


Kulfi befriends a simple man, unaware of the dangerous situation she is in. Later, he is in for a shock when she reveals the truth about herself.

Thursday 26 March  2020 


The police rigorously interrogate Tuntune while Loveleen humiliates herself. Elsewhere, Sikander takes a drastic step to find Kulfi.

Friday 27 March  2020


Kulfi is startled by Tuntune’s disguise while a helpless Sikander searches for her. Later, Tuntune offers to help Kulfi reach Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara.

Monday  30  March  2020 


While Tuntune takes a drastic step, Loveleen feels awkward living in the society. Elsewhere, the Pakistani police interrogates Sikander.

Tuesday 31  March  2020 


Kulfi conveys her prayer through a song within a mosque. Meanwhile, Sikander, who happens to be at the same Durgah, rushes to meet her.

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