Kulfi the Singing Star Friday Update 7 August 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Friday Update 7 August 2020

Lovleen senses Kulfi is not in her room and knocking door warns Chalu to open door, else she will break it. Jantar and Mantar drop vase in Lovleen’s room. Lovleen rushes towards her room. Kulfi continues pleading Sikandar to try to get up.

Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday Update 6 August 2020

Jantar and Mantar knock cupboard door. She gets out via cupboard when Lovleen enters room. Chalu switches off lights. Lovleen asks what happened. Kulfi with Jantar and Mantar escapes and returns to her room. Chalu restores power. Lovleen returns to Kulfi’s room. Chalu says Kulfi is in her room itself. Beauty says Kulfi was not here and they are lying. Kulfi tells Chalu that she wants to met Sikandar again. Chalu suggests that Lovleen loves Amyra a lot, so she should use Amyra. She steals Amyra’s mobile. Amyra cries that she cannot live without mobile and insists Lovleen to get her new mobile.

Lovleen agrees and asks Beauty and Cutie to stay at home. Chalu comments that she pities on Beauty and Cutie as they help Lovleen so much, but she doesn’t even want to take them out for shopping. Beauty and Cutie insist Lovleen to take them along. Lovleen thinks they don’t know where Sikandar is, but Tauji can create a problem, so she asks Tauji to drive car for them. Once they leave, Kulfi returns to Sikandar with Chalu and team and introducing them insists him to get up with his will power. Sikandar shakes his finger with great difficulty. Kulfi gets happy. They hear Lovleen returning and rush back out. Next day, Chalu steals Amyra’s Ipad, Lovleen scolds her and takes her out again for shopping. Kulfi rushes to Sikandar again. In life, Lovleen asks Beauty and Cutie why were they tensed yesterday. They explain reason and how Chalu/Nimrath provoked them. Lovleen says something is wrong, so they will return after 10 min.

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