Kulfi the Singing Star Friday Update 6 September 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Friday Update 6 September 2019

Principal scolds Tevar and Sikander and blamed them for cheating, tevar defends her and says asks her to please stay in limits, and says i know amyra and her friends have troubled her before as well, principle asks tevar to not blame her students to protect kulfi and leave with kulfi she will get no admission here, kulfi says im apologies and says i havent cheated i want to study,principal yells at them and asks them to leave.

Mohendar says let me talk to Sikander, lovely says why will he deny for treatment but with this face of yours he will find something fishy, mohendar says but leaving him alone, lovely says he isnt alone and im with him and anything for amyra and her dad now leave.

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Tevar complains to Sikander, Sikander says calm down please,Tevar says how will i,my daughter

has worked so hard,kulfi walks away, Sikander and Tevar start looking for her. lovely sees miscalls and calls her back,amyra tells her plan worked,kulfi walks to amyra in tears and says dont be happy i failed,Amyra thinks thank god she heard nothing,and asks what happened,kulfi explains, amyra says why didnt you defend yourself, kulfi says i did but maam didnt hear us,and scolded everyone, amyra says no worries we will find other school,kulfi says but baba and Sikander sir they are let down,kulfi starts thinking about chiroli,amyra asks where are you lost,kulfi runs away and goes to principals office and pleads to her, principal throws her out.
Kulfi starts singing explaining her situation, Amyra tevar and Sikander walk to her, slowly other student’s abd teachers gather.Tevar and Sikander get emotional, Kulfi has all the insults on her mind, while singing, kulfi starts using English words in her song, she pleads the peon to let her in. Tevar gets on knees along witg kulfi, principal opens the door, she says this will be your last chance and any mistake and you wont be heard, you will have to walk away.Amyra gets upset.

principal takes kulfi in,Amyra thinks god what is this. Principal starts the test.Tevar and Sikander paniced stand out, tevar says of kulfi won’t be admitted even amyra will be upset,amyra thinks she isnt my friend instead she is my dads daughter and so i want her to stay away from my dad as my mom said.

Kulfi walks out, Tevar says let this school go to hell,i will admit you in another school,dont be upset, Kulfi starts laughing, and says i am part of this school now, Tevar and Sikander start dancing in joy, Amyra feels bad. Principal walks out and says she is very smart, Tevar apologies for his behaviour, Amyra thinks about warning given by lovely and Sikander will go awya from her,happy Kulfi goes to amyra and thanks her and gives big hug.

Sikander thinks i want kulfi to get busy so she forgets about Chiroli and says let’s party to celebrate, Kulfi says i want to go Chiroli,baba remember we have to go Chiroli, Sikander says today itself, Kulfi says i have waited a lot and baba had promised if i get admitted he will take me to Chiroli, Sikander says but its Diwali lets celebrate, Kulfi says yes we will when i return,amyra says dad let her go, Tevar says sorry kulfi we can’t go today, actually i booked tickets for afternoon and we missed the flight,we will go tomorrow,kulfi gets upset and leaves, Sikander following,amyra says her baba went to convince you stay with me.

Amyra tells lovely that Kulfi got admission and says dad doesn’t want kulfi to go Chiroli, lovely says what she is going Chiroli stay here

im coming,and goes to Sikander and says its important,we have to stop tevar and kulfi if they chiroli, kulfi listens to just you, Sikander says she doesn’t and a because of you,she found out tevar isnt her dad,and i cant and one day all will find the truth and all will be a mess, lovely says no this cant happen you and tevar are friends save our family do something stop them.
Sikander is informed Tevar and Kulfi left for Chiroli by car. Kulfi very excited and says you are the best, tevar says if you are happy i am happy. kulfi excited that she will see mama and her village and thinks he is so caring but what when he will learn he isnt my father. lovely and cutie trying to reach nihalo. Sikander restless and thinking what can be done. Kulfi and Tevar reach Chiroli, Kulfi says nothing has changed all is same,whole village gathers and kulfi introduces them to Tevar, Tevar says im her baba, Kulfi sees her house and says im going home, Tevar says slowly, kulfi runs calling for her mama and sees the door locked, and asks where did everyone go, Kulfi says my whole surprise is spoiled no worries they will come back.

lovely and cutie try to talk to cutie, Tony says dont worry all will be in control your mom has given lot of money to nihalo,she wont open her mouth. Sikander on call with Mohandar says why didnt you tell ne you went pune with bhabhi i would accompany you,he says you need to be there with kids now, celebrate diwali with kids, and you fine right, Sikander says yes will you later.

Kulfi starts missing her mother, Tevar asks missing mom, kulfi says always but today feeling her presence, and tells her his story that even he had lost his mother when he was kid like Kulfi, Tevar says may be your mama mami are on vacation, Kulfi says i wont go anywhere before i see them, Tevar says okay stay here i will go look for them and find some info.

Kulfi sees a call on Tevars phone and picks it up,its from Sikander, hearing Sikanders voice kulfi cuts the call and says now will talk to you only when i find out who my father is. Sikander gets more restless, Amyra walks to him and says me and mom are going Diwali shopping lets go, Sikander says i don’t feel like,amyra says you have time onlu for kulfi, Sikander says that’s not the thing my princess, lovely says Amyra dad never comes with us he is waiting for kulfi why waste time lets go, Sikander says how long will i make her upset I should go with her. Sikander reaches lift and sees kulfi.

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