Kulfi the Singing Star Friday Update 3 July 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Friday Update 3 July 2020

Dr.Shepherd asks Loveleen what is her decision, Loveleen says its not easy for us, and we cant rely on 1%, its not worth it, I want to have him for whatever days we have, Kulfi keeps insisting, Loveleen says it’s a big risk, what if he dies during operation, its better he lives with us whatever days he is with us, Amyra says mom is right, please Kulfi. Kulfi rushes to Sikander.

Kulfi says when I fell in river did you think I died, Sikander says no, Kulfi says you had trust right that im alive, Sikander says yes, Kulfi says I similarly have faith that you will survive surgery, Sikander says its 1% Kulfi, let me be with you fir whatever time I have, Kulfi says you will have to live, stop thinking that you are dying, for us you have to live, this miracle will happen,just have faith say yes, we will be waiting out for you, after Surgery you will come out alive. Sikander calls Amyra and hugs them both.

Sikander sees Kulfi happy about Sikander agreeing on surgery, Sikander prays with Kulfi and Amyra and says its time for surgery. Sikander says I don’t know what will happen, but remember what I have taught, and says always live to fullest, enjoy your life face all hardship, I have full faith in you, you will face this world, you are the hero of your stories and I know you two will make it a good one.Amyra gets very emotional, and holds Sikander tight, Kulfi gives her hope, Amyra doesn’t let Sikander leave her, Kulfi stands by her and says stay strong, he will come back trust me, Amyra says you insisted him to surgery if something happens to him, I swear I will never forgive you and leaves.
Sikander carries photo of Amyra and Kulfi to operation theatre, Sikander says to doctor I will try me best to fight, doctor says I have good faith, all the best we all will win. Sikanders operation begins.
Kulfi praying sees the diya goes off and is shocked, a man standing behind and praying says this is not good, Kulfi gets scared. Dr Sheperd feeling dizzy while operating, his assistant asks do you want coffee, he says I just had before operation. Loveleen had added sleeping pills in doctors coffee, loveleen says god im doing this for my Amyra, Sikander cant live, Im so sorry. Loveleen walks to Kulfi and says all will be fine. Kulfi remembers Sikander teach her if you sing raag deepak with full dedication god will bless you and this diya will light, Kulfi says god I have hope I wont let my father died, I will do the impossible, I will sing raga deepak for him and this diya will light again, he wont leave me and go.
Kulfi seats in front of god and begins singing raag.

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