Kulfi the Singing Star Friday update 27 December 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Friday update 27 December 2019

Kulfi and Amyra in line to fill water, Amyra says no AC no fridge how will we manage, Amyra sees Samaira and says what is she doing here and hides, Samaira walks to Amyra and asks what are you doing here, Amyra says same thing like you, she says but we are ere to donate clothes and toys,

Amyra says I’m here for a project, kids around say she stays here, Samaira and friends make fun of Amyra, Samaira says sorry I feel bad for you, take care, Amyra feels bad and starts crying and says she will go tell everyone in school and all will make fun of me, Kulfi says no one will, this is not something bad, amyra says everything is not easy like you think, Kulfi gets amyra sweets and says have jam and biscuit sweets make you feel better right have them.

Sikander gets table fan for girls, Amyra says this isn’t AC but, Kulfi says we have to get ready for party quickly let’s go. Society people gather and decide how will they remove sikander from room 11, sikander and girls walk in, amyra says is this surprise party for us, all starts laughing, sikander says sorry we came at wrong place, all start enquiring about Sikander what he did wrong that he is hiding here and make fun of him, Raju mummy says look enough the truth is we hate people who stay in room 11, so get out. Amyra gets angry and leaves.

Amyra says dad why are we here,Sikander says because we don’t have option, amyra says they are bad people, Kulfi says these people are t bad but are angry because we stay in this room, what must have happened here, Kulfi helps amyra set the beds, sikander happy to see them together. Girls fall asleep, sikander breaks down.

Amyra wakes up scared hearing noises, she hugs Kulfi and goes to sleep. Sikander wakes up feeling u easy and leaves the room, Himmat sees him and walks to him and asks what’s wrong, sikander starts puking, Himmat gets him water, and makes him sit, and says you lost everything, I know everything about you, but remember, my husband left me alone in this world and the way you feel today even I broke down, but you have two reasons to live life, they love you so much, don’t lose hope, don’t give up, and motivates Sikander.

Girls In line for toilet, Kaliya looking at Kulfi all the time, amyra says kulfi I’m not feeling like potty why should I go, Kulfi says because we have waternow not later so atleast try. Kulfi and Amyra are being torchered purposely, Himmat hears noise and scolds everyone, kufli and Amyra complain but all of them get scolded, Kulfi sees it was society people’s plan to trouble them and says I have to find what’s the problem.

Amyra angry, Sikander asks what’s wrong, Kulfi removes cotton buds from her ears, amyra asks why this, Kulfi says all keep knocking so I used this, amyra says dad I can’t stay here, sikander says we will go to our house, Amyra says are we that poor, Kulfi says look he has to go work and we will be alone, and someone has to take care of us and so we are here, and for now this is better place for us, amyra says people here and not good, I can’t stay here do something. Sikander says what about the fact that we paid rent here, amyra says oh no what now, Kulfi and Sikander try cheer amyra.

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