Kulfi the Singing Star Friday Update 24 July 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Friday Update 24 July 2020

Chalu with her team goes on a mission to search Sikandar. Kulfi prays god to help her find her baba. She sees someone and gets afraid thinking its Nihalo. Chalu says there is no one there. Tauji finds them and asks what are they doing. Kulfi says they are trying to search Sikandar. Tauji says its waste as Lovleen will not let them meet Sikandar. Chalu says at least he can help Chalu find her father and if he needs her help, she is always ready to help him. Tauji hopes if he could help them.

Kulfi sees someone’s shadow again and panics thinking its Nihalo mami. Chalu says there is no one there. Kulfi sees a bangle falling towards her and panics more. Someone throws Nihalo’s veil and shivers in fear thinking maami came. Jantar and Mantar inform Chalu that they searched whole house but didn’t find Sikandar. Chalu says let us search last room and find at least some clue.

Chalu gets into a room hearing someone mimicking Nihalo, and someone locks door from outside. Kulfi shouts to open the door. Chalu hears her voice and searches her. Kulfi panics seeing a woman and stammers maami. Lovleen walks to her and asks why she is afraid seeing her maami, is it because maami knows that the imposter is not real Nimrath and will inform anyone.

 She provokes Kulfi that she should be ashamed to bring an imposter as her mother and trouble baba’s wife, daughter, etc.. She continues provoking and says if she doesn’t want god to punish her father for her lie, she should reveal truth. Kulfi accepts that she brought an imposter as her mother and her mother is dead. Chalu enters and switches on light. Kulfi is shocked seeing Beauty disguised as Nihalo and asks why did she lie. Chalu says nobody heard Kulfi’s verbal confession, she is Kulfi’s mother Nimrath and nobody can send her out of this house. Lovleen plays Kulfi’s voice recording and says they all will be kicked out of the house. Chalu snatches voice recorder and runs away.

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