Kulfi the Singing Star Friday update 24 January 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Friday update 24 January 2020

Kulfi and friends follow Sandy and find out he is part of a band and hides it from Shanta tai because she won’t understand his passion for music.

Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday update 23 January 2020

Kulfi says sandy I need your help, can you help me record my song, I have to send it in a competition, Kulfi tells him about the competition, Sandy and his team laughs, Sandy says we make rock music and not Jagrata music hear us out. Kulfi closes her ears and later says this won’t do can you help me make my kind music.

Nihalo sees Lovely and burns her doll,lovely doesn’t react. Kulfi and Sandy team begin with music composition, Kulfi helps Sandy to calm his music notes, Kulfi says we need babas voice too, how will we manage, Sandy says I have a recording of his from a function

we will mix in it, Kulfi says and Amyra, here is Amyras lyrics, Sandy says this is Rap will you be able too. Inspector walks in, Lovely says my Amyra, Nihalo teases her save your daughter look she is burning, Lovely thinks I have to go for it to keep with my act and pulls the doll and then faints.
Kulfi and Sandy get to work, they add Sikanders recorded part Sandy had in kulfis piece. Sikander says I have to do something to get Amyra even if I have to go abroad, he makes Babar a call but gets info he is underground due to some issues. Kulfi prays to god takes blessings. Raju mummy arranges TV in society to show everyone his appearance, Sikander sees a cab passing behind Raju mummy and Amyra in it, Raju mummy tells the video was shot yesterday, Sikander says this means Amyra is in town. Kulfi submits the CD. Singing competition team randomly selects 50 CDs for competition.

Sikander gets in touch with camera man and checks the footage, camera man says footage is not clear. Sikander says I’m sure it’s my daughter. Kulfi and team are called at competition office. Sikander at the location trying to find clues, he finds a camera. Kulfi and Kalti reach the office, they are asked where is video, you have submitted only audio, Kulfi in question what to do.

Kalti helps kulfi with a contact to shoot video, gaitonde says I shoot wedding videos, Kulfi and sandy convince him in name of fame, Gaitonde agrees to shoot,and asks location, Sandy says this room is the location, gaitonde says it’s so small, Kulfi says have big heart small place doesn’t matter, Gaitonde makes arrangement for shoot.

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