Kulfi the Singing Star Friday update 20 March 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Friday update 20 March 2020

Himmat asks Kulfi to sing in name of god, all insist Kulfi to sing, Kulfi sings. Sikander thinking shall he talk to Amyra or wait for Kulfi to come, Sikander sees Lovely in chawl with Amyra and is surpised, Amyra says look mom is back, Lovely says they sent me back for good behaviour look in the paper its all written I wanted to surprise you, Sikander says I don’t know what to say, Amyra says im so happy we are back as a family. Sikander thinks Amyra has lovely now but Kulfi, Lovely doesn’t like her what if kulfi gets lonely.

Kulfi the Singing Star Thursday update 19 March 2020

Kulfis bus takes a stop, Kulfi fallen asleep, Himmat lets her sleep and gets down. Driver gets off and bus starts moving ahead, a kid points that out, Himmat shouts my Kulfi is inside, Kulfi wakes up, and sees bus moving ahead without a driver, everyone running behind the bus, kulfi starts shouting for help, Kulfis bus falls off the bridge in the river. Sikander wakes up sacred.

Sikander uneasy in house, trying to calm himself down, Sikander tries to call Himmat but unable to reach, Sikander looks at sky and says Nimrat im missing Kulfi, I don’t trust god but you and before coming to you I want to see her, I think she is in some problem if this is so you pelase take care of her.
Rescuers inform that they are unable to find Kulfi. Kulfi lying on a wooden log, Kulfi wakes up, Kulfi tries to figure out where she is, a man singing song and walking along with his two blind kids, Kulfi reaches Pakistan, Kulfi feeling thirst and dizzy, and faints, the man sees her.
Lovely walks to Sikander and says relax and says I know nothing is on track but I will make sure all gets back on track, I have done that before too, Sikander says I’m worried for kulfi, Lovely says forget past, stop looking at the past and look at bright future, just trust me, all will be good. Sikander thinks one tension is out, Lovely is here she will look after Amyra.
The singer picks kulfi and leaves asking for help, Sikander trying to reach Himmat, Amyra walks to Sikander and says dad don’t worry, when kulfi will be back home we will trouble her together, Sikander thinks what if im seeing Amyra last time and hugs her and says take care, Amyra says what happened, Sikander says go inside settle things with your mom.

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