Kulfi the Singing Star Friday update 20 December 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Friday update 20 December 2019

Jimmy sees sikander get out if auditorium with his daughters and team, Kulfi looks at Amyra and Sikander and everyone’s tensed face, says now everyone is happy, no one shall be sad, we are all back together and hugs amyra, Amyra gives her a kiss, sikander happy to see them bond, Jimmy says this doesn’t end here I shall not give up.

Sikander says to his daughters he will never leave them alone, and says let’s go home, Kulfi says I can’t come home because, amyra says because I forced dad, but now even I’m requesting, Kulfi says baba you know the real reason, amyra asks what does she mean, what’s the other reason that I don’t know.

Sikander says Amyra it’s time to know the truth, Kulfi says please don’t. Sikander says Amyra you have to be strong, Kulfi left house because

she learnt that her mother died in car accident which was driven by your mother, Amyra runs away, sikander and Mohendar follows. Amyra says I don’t know what to do, my mom killed kulfis mom, Kulfi walks to Amyra, Amyra hugs Kulfi and starts crying and says I’m sorry.
Police interrogating lovely on Gunjans complain, Lovely says she is doing because she hates me, here is driver for proof, driver says Gunjan ma’am threatened me to do this against Lovely, gunjan says these two are lying, police say enough no more interrogation. Sikander say sbut this is the truth Lovely was the one driving, Lovely says why and what are you doing this, sikander says making things right, you are getting chance to repay for your deeds. Sikander gives statement against Lovely, sikander asks driver not to be scared and tell the truth, driver narrates the whole incident.

Sikander holds lovely’s hand. Amyra says mom, how could you be fine these days, I feel like I don’t know you, please go with the cops, I know the truth, I can’t stay with you, Lovely breaks down, sikander walks to her, and says I give you my word I shall wait for you till you return, and this house shall too, Lovely says I shall die sikander don’t let me go, Kulfi sees lovely been taken away and Amyra crying. Amyra hugs Sikander.

Kulfi says mom after so long the burden in my heart has relived. Amyra and kulfi prepping for pooja, sikander walks in, Mohendar asks what is court verdict, sikander says 8 years prison, Amyra in shock, Mia and Tia console everyone, and take leave. Amyra broken, sikander hugs her, and says we need courage to be on paths of truth and to lead a good life, your mom has to do this and once Lovely will be back, it will be a new start with clean slate.

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