Kulfi the Singing Star Friday update 14 February 2020


Kulfi the Singing Star Friday update 14 February 2020

Kulfi asks Amyra did baba ever swear on himself, Amyra says he does so when he has to lie, Kulfi thinks what is he hiding and remembers Sikander going to warehouse and walks that way. Sikander slaps Jimmy’s son, and then faints, Jimmy’s son take advantage of situation and about to run, Kulfi walks in and asks who is there, I know someone is hiding, Sikander comes takes hold of Jimmy’s son and ties him, and warns him if he attempts again to escape he will kill him, Sikander hears kulfis voice, and walks to her and asks what are you doing, Kulfi says I saw someone and he ran inside, Sikander says someone must be here playing, Kulfi asks why are you here, sikander says work, you go I will join you.

Sikander makes Jimmy’s call and threats him, Jimmy says you don’t know my power,

Sikander says you will loose your son, if I don’t get news that you have started returning the things you snatched, I will kill your son. Jimmy and police get information of people who have accused Jimmy of snatching everything. Jimmy says we will go in order of paying less money, Sikander stands highest and if kidnapper still calls after first payment, we will slowly eliminate others, when sikander will be last, we will be sure it’s him and I won’t spare him, Sikander has same list and says I know how you will work but my planning is full proof, and will make you return everyone’s everything.

Sikander prays to god, and says how do you feel seeing me in so many troubles, I prayed you with full devotion my girls did too, I did wrong but I regretted and repented too but you are spoiling my and my kids life, and you decided to kill me, now you must be very happy, you don’t allow good people live and corrupt people are living so happily, all my chawl good people are in hardship but Jimmy is living happily, you made me turn in kidnapper, I’m treating that poor 16 yr old so badly, even after being a father.

Kulfi asks Matka what was he doing inside, Matka says don’t tell Himmat,if she learn I entered tank to get ball she will scold me, Kulfi says I’m asking what were you doing in warehouse, Matka says I wasn’t. Kulfi tells everyone she saw someone, all think Kulfi is playing prank on them and don’t take her seriously.

Sikander is kidnapped by Babar, sikander asks you were underground how did you come out, Babar says Jimmy gazdar som Fateh is missing are you behind it, Sikander asks why did you turn don, and how did you feel when you first did crime, Babar says You are scaring me, but you are my friend I’m concerned, Sikander says I need help favour and not concern.

Kulfi gets her bag packs books, she hears some noise. Fateh starts shouting for help, Kulfi hears the noise in her room, through tap. Kulfi hears noise outside and rushes out, and sees ,kids excited, man says Sikander has sent water for whole chawl. Chawl people very happy, and call sikander Chawla hero. Kulfi gets water in room, she sees turbulence in water due to Fateh very badly kicking the partition. Kulfi confused, Amyra walks and says it’s time for long bath, I know not too long, I mean I’m happy for water, Kulfi tells about what all she saw, Amyra says are there rats, from the warehouse connected to our room, Kulfi figures out there is someone surely in godown.

Kulfi walks to boys and says there is someone surely godown, we have to go check, boys don’t take her seriously and go play, Kulfi says this means I have to go alone, and walks in the warehouse, Fateh hears footsteps and thinks kidnapper is back, Kulfi sees shadow behind a door, and opens the door, Fateh says please leave me alone, don’t kill me, Kulfi shocked to see him.

Raju mummy hands Sikander many mobiles, Sikander says the road ahead is not easy you are with me right, I hope you understand, I lost everything, I’m doing it for my girls, I want to set future for my girls before I go, Raju mummy says I am with you, and remember nothing will happen to you.

Kulfi asks Fateh who tied you here, don’t be scared I will help you, Fateh says kidnapper got me, he was wearing a mask, he is very Dangerous, Kulfi says I will tell everyone our warehouse is used for wrong purpose, Fateh says he will kill me don’t tell anyone don’t rescue me.

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