Kulfi the Singing Star Friday Update 1 November 2019


Kulfi the Singing Star Friday Update 1 November 2019

Mia tries to instigate Amyra by asking her to force her superiority amongst all the contestants. Amyra insults Benaam group by pulling out chocolates from their pockets.

She calls them illiterate, greedy, and poor. Kulfi gives her an apt reply while supporting her friends. Amyra fumes in anger.

Panditji instigates Mahesh against Benaam group. He says Benaam group will soon be out from the competition.

Mia praises Benaam group in front of Mahesh. She praises and motivates Mahesh to train Benaam group well.

Kulfi gets emotional seeing Amyra and Sikander together.Kulfi manages to touch Sikander’s feet.

Mahesh interacts with the Benaam group. He starts training the kids. Kulfi happily follows his instructions.

Kulfi sings a song to motivate her friends to give their best performance. Mahesh comes there and gets angry on the kids.

On her way, Kulfi overhears Sikander’s teachings. She comes to Mahesh and apologizes to him. They request him to train them.

Amyra gets jealous on seeing Benaam group performing well in front of Mahesh.

Mahesh gets kulfi and friends to a dark room, and says stay here I’ll be back, lights come on, kids get surprised, mahesh says this is your final rehearsal and you will be in focus like this, and you will be judged by 3, and if you felt that this is your chance grab it and be then music and sing with your heart. Kulfi closes her eyes and starts singing, others follow her, Mia watching her along with her crew, Mia hears her and says honesty passion and struggle these contest means a lot for them specially for kulfi, you know what is ones biggest weakness, it’s emotion and such moment will tell me weather kulfi is sikanders daughter or not and that is when I will take advantage of it.

Sikander and Amyra rehearsing,amyra asks Sikander why is he so quite isn’t she doing good, sikander

says no you aren’t but very good, amyra says I got scared, sikander says you are fully prepared now, amyra sees mahesh with Kulfi and friends and gets upset, sikander asks what’s wring, amyra says nothing,Kulfi sees Sikander with Amyra, Kulfi says I miss him so much, just what to run to him, but he doesn’t and leaves, amyra thinks if dad hears kulfi sing, he will know it’s Kulfi what will I do then, sikander missing kulfi and calls Mohendar.

Mohendar in police station, sikander asks how is Kulfi, and amyra is participating in classical round, Mohendar says best wishes from me,sikander says I’m missing kulfi a lot, sikander says I shall video call, Mohendar says don’t she will be hurt again, sikander says you are right, Mohendar cuts the call and asks inspector to find kulfi as soon as possible by tonight I want Kulfi. Mohendar says if I don’t find kulfi tonight I shall tell sikander the truth.


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