Kulfi The Singing Star December Teasers 2019

Kulfi The Singing Star December Teasers 2019

Kulfi takes a drastic step, which leaves everyone shocked Read this month on Kulfi The Singing Star December Teasers 2019.

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StarLife Kulfi The Singing Star December Teasers 2019

Sunday 1 December 2019 kulfi

Episode 336

Amyra is haunted by Master Ji’s words while Sikander and Kulfi enjoy each other’s company. Later, Loveleen decides to organise a party for Kulfi birthday.

Episode 337

Sikander surprises Kulfi on her birthday, which leaves her on cloud nine. Later, a furious Amyra smashes the cake in her face.

Monday 2 December 2019

Episode 338

Feeling abandoned, Amyra makes an odd statement to Sikander and Loveleen. Later, her uncontrollable rage causes destruction.

Episode 339

Kulfi and Sikander try to talk some sense into Amyra. Later, he allows Miya to make Amyra a star, but on one condition.


Tuesday 3 December 2019

Episode 340

Sikander struggles to handle Amyra’s temper tantrums while she keeps harassing Kulfi. Later, a tearful Loveleen tells Amyra the truth about her.

Episode 341

A furious Sikander scolds Amyra for insulting Kulfi. Later, she apologises to him. But, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Wednesday 4 December 2019 Kulfi

Episode 342

Kulfi is elated to learn that Sikander will publically declare her as his daughter. Later, Kulfi and Amyra stun the audiences with their melodious performance.

Episode 343

Sikander learns about Amyra’s love for him but is terrified that she has harmed herself. Later, he makes an unexpected decision, leaving Kulfi  shattered.

Thursday 5 December 2019

Episode 344

Sikander’s cowardly act distresses Kulfi while Amyra rejoices. Later, enraged with Sikander, Mahinder takes a startling decision.

Episode 345

Mahinder publicly undertakes Kulfi as his responsibility. Meanwhile, Loveleen is baffled by Sikander’s behaviour.

Friday 6 December 2019 Kulfi

Episode 346

Mahinder restricts Sikander from interacting with Kulfi leaving him heartbroken. Later, Kulfi outlook on life infuriates her new guru, Vikram.

Episode 347

Amyra pours her heart out to Sikander. Later, he is enraged when Vikram takes an outrageous decision regarding Kulfi.

Saturday 7 December 2019

Episode 348

Sikander is enraged when Amyra puts forth an unexpected demand. Later, Kulfi gets ready to perform at a wedding, much to his dislike.

Episode 349

While Kulfi has a hard day at work, Sikander is startled to see her injured. Later, Mahinder asks Sikander to do the unthinkable.

Sunday 8 December 2019

Episode 350

Mahinder asks Kulfi to perform the Guru Purnima ritual with Vikram. Later, she berates Sikander upon learning a shocking truth.

Episode 351

A shattered Kulfi rebukes Sikander for his actions while he struggles to console her. Later, she takes a drastic step, which leaves everyone shocked.

Monday 9 December 2019

Episode 352

Sikander is devastated after failing to trace Kulfi while a stranger motivates her. Later, Kulfi takes an unexpected decision when Vikram finds her.

Episode 353

Vikram promises Kulfi that he will make her famous. Later, Sikander pleads with Kulfi to return home, but she puts forth a shocking condition.

Tuesday 10 December 2019

Episode 354

Vikram hires Murphy Singh as a new secretary for Kulfi. Elsewhere, Mahinder has an emotional conversation with Gunjan while Loveleen is troubled.

Episode 355

Murphy Singh secretly brings food for Kulfi and helps her to compose a song. Later, Loveleen is suspicious of Sikander’s activities.

Friday 13 December 2019

Episode 356

Gunjan and Loveleen get into a heated argument while Murphy Singh’s anger puts him in trouble. Later, Loveleen learns a shocking truth about him.

Episode 357

Vikram forces Kulfi to perform in an odd outfit. This makes Murphy Singh to take a bold step. Later, Sikander is infuriated by Amyra’s distasteful act.

Saturday 14 December 2019

Episode 358

Sikander comes up with a plan to lighten Kulfi’s mood by asking his friend for a favour. Later, Kulfi is overwhelmed to meet Murphy Singh’s family.

Episode 359

Kulfi and Murphy spend a memorable day together. Later, Kulfi sings a song while Sikander is shocked by Vikram’s odd plans.

Episode 360

A scared Kulfi longs for Murphy’s company as Vikram takes her to the party. Later, Murphy’s violent attack on Jimmy leads to a shocking scenario.

Episode 361

Sikander is arrested after Kulfi declares that she has lost trust in him. Meanwhile, Vikram plots to trap Sikander using a shocking video.

Monday  16 December 2019

Episode 362

An apologetic Sikander begs Kulfi to return home but she accuses him of murdering her mother. Later, Amyra’s shocking statement shatters Sikander.

Episode 363

Amyra ruins her uniform while Kulfi is delighted at the thought of attending school. Later, Sikander makes a plan to bring his two daughters closer.

Tuesday 17 December 2019

Episode 364

Peter decides to help Sikander direct the play. Later, he is stunned by Amyra’s performance while Kulfi witnesses a miracle.

Episode 365

After a stiff competition, Kulfi receives some good news while Amyra is in a dilemma. Later, Sikander puts forth a condition in front of Peter Scott.

Wednesday 18 December 2019

Episode 366

While Kulfi senses Sikander’s presence, the latter acts like a statue when his daughters spot him. Later, Amyra and Kulfi perform together in the play.

Episode 367

Amyra creates a scene after being humiliated on set and takes a drastic move. Later, Kulfi gets a huge shock when she spots Sikander brooding behind the scenes.

Thursday  19 December 2019

Episode 368

Kulfi and Amyra surprise everyone with their strange decision regarding the play. Later, Sikander runs into trouble as two strangers arrive with a shocking news.

Episode 399

Sikander is in a helpless situation after Kulfi and Amyra get some bad news. Elsewhere, Gunjan takes a bold step on learning the truth behind Nimrat’s death.

Friday 20 December 2019

Episode 370

Jimmy slyly outsmarts Sikander by changing the terms of their contract. Later, Sikander begins to express his feelings to the audience when a fire breaks out.

Episode 371

Sikander, Kulfi and Amyra struggle to escape from the burning building. Later, Loveleen is arrested after Amyra learns a shocking truth about her.

Saturday 21 December 2019

Episode 372

Sikander and his family try to move on without Lovleen while Jimmy plays his trump card. Later, a terrified Loveleen crosses paths with someone from her past.

Episode 373

Amyra breaks down when she is invited to live with Kulfi while Sikander gets a strange phone call. Later, he recalls some fond memories as he prepares to move out.

Sunday 22 December 2019

Episode 374

Sikander breaks down after he decides to stay away from Kulfi and Amyra. Later, they confront him before they run into an unruly crowd.

Episode 375

Sikander and his daughters move into their new house. Later, some neighbourhood kids trouble Kulfi and Amyra by throwing eggs at them.

Monday  23 December 2019

Episode 376

Amyra notices the society members misbehaving with Sikander while Kulfi investigates the reason for their hostility. Later at night, Sikander faces acute suffocation.

Episode 377

Loveleen’s disgust for Sikander grows fourfold after getting beaten in jail. Later, Kulfi overhears the society members’ shocking plan.

Tuesday 24 December 2019

Episode 378

Kulfi decides to search for Matka while Loveleen faces a tough time in jail. Later, Sikander pays her a visit.

Episode 379

Kulfi and Amyra try to uncover Matka’s truth. Later, the angry society members confront Sikander while a big shock awaits everyone.

Wednesday 25 December 2019

Episode 380

An enraged Loveleen assigns a devious task to her father. Elsewhere, Sikander’s hard work to fulfil Amyra’s wish goes in vain.

Episode 381

Kulfi and the other children dress up as Gods while Mahinder is concerned about Sikander. Meanwhile, Loveleen learns of a possible way to escape prison.

Thursday  26 December 2019

Episode 382

Kulfi and Amyra plan to make some money to buy an idol of Lord Ganesha. Later, Sikander takes them out for a treat in celebration of his new job.

Episode 383

Sikander panics at the restaurant after losing all his money. Later, he creates Lord Ganesha’s idol while Loveleen has a tough time in prison.

Friday 27 December 2019

Episode 384

Kulfi wholeheartedly prays to Lord Ganesha asking Him to solve Sikander’s financial woes. Later, Sikander learns a shocking truth when he meets his new boss.

Episode 385

Kulfi is shocked to spot Amyra with some unusual people while Loveleen and her friends create a bomb in jail. Later, Kulfi catches Amyra doing the unthinkable.

Saturday 28 December 2019

Episode 386

Amyra is petrified as Kulfi gets cornered by a gang of thugs. Elsewhere, Sikander is shattered while the police suspect Loveleen’s intentions.

Episode 387

Kulfi and Amyra bake an unorthodox cake while Loveleen does the unthinkable to escape. Later, Amyra is shattered when her friends confront her with bad news.

Sunday 29 December 2019

Episode 388

Loveleen is delighted to see Amyra while the boss asks Sikander to sing his favourite song. At midnight, Amyra gets terrified on spotting a thief.

Episode 389

Kulfi is suspicious after spotting Matka behind Lord Ganesha’s idol while Sikander makes a request to his boss. Later, Loveleen hatches an ingenious plan.

Monday  30 December 2019

Episode 390

Loveleen blackmails Sikander after her cunning plan faces some unforeseen complications. As the police arrive at the society, Amyra demands the truth.

Episode 391

Loveleen’s threat regarding Kulfi infuriates Sikander. Later, the police raid a godown to arrest her while a helpless Sikander searches for Kulfi.

Tuesday 31 December 2019

Episode 392

In his desperate search for Kulfi, Sikander obtains a vital clue. Elsewhere, Jimmy attempts to regain his reputation with a clever plan.

Episode 393

Kulfi and Amyra are thrilled when Damji gives Sikander a job offer to sing. Later, they are delighted to get a poster of a singing competition.

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  • comment-avatar
    SWEETNESS 4 weeks ago

    It really is irritating.. Kulfi has been through alot and to come to think of it Sikanderr is a she .. How can she act so stupid he doesn’t deserve to be called a Father

  • comment-avatar

    This is too much now for how long Kulfie will suffer? and the writer of wht are u teaching our kids? My children loves Kulfie the singing star but I’m gonna stop them watching as Amyra the evil wins al the time. What about the good Kulfie even after the donation of bone marrow still amyra is evil towards kulfie

  • comment-avatar
    Philis 4 weeks ago

    I am so annoyed 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 nothing real in this drama 😥It’s impossible to choose another person’s child over your own 😥This amyra is spoiled yet to cover for her mistakes kulfi suffers 😠am tired kulfi deserves better

  • comment-avatar
    Flo Poonen 4 weeks ago

    This story is pathetic.
    Making Amarya the wicked jealous kid.
    And poor Kulfi gets the raw deal. No love from a stupid father.And a wicked stepmother

  • comment-avatar
    Xolile 4 weeks ago

    Todays episode z worse den every episode i hav watched🙄🙄….the writer should seriously rethink the script….it really boring cannot watch nomore….disapointed by the outcomes of the Accident sikander met…..should have remembered Kulfi instead and her mother….in that case Kulfi would hav done anythng for the family to be ok….Amyra disgust me…really hate her character

  • comment-avatar
    Blossom 4 weeks ago

    The writer should seriously work on his story line. I absolutely love watching Kulfi as she is such a sweet, caring & innocent girl with a huge heart. Compare to that BRAT Amyra who doesn’t know values & what it means to show humanity. If I bump into her some time in my life, I’ll probably strangle her LOL. On serious note, good story but dragging waaayyy to much. When Amyra needed the bone marrow transplant, why couldn’t the writer just had Loveleen cornered to contact Tevar for a test. He is her biological flippen Father after all. This way that BRAT could’ve gotten what she deserves But no – instead Sikander must shower the BRAT with love knowing it’s not his own flesh & blood. I promised myself not to read these teasers, but after tonights story line was really disappointing and to much.

  • comment-avatar
    Melissa 4 weeks ago

    I really love kulfie the singing star but the fact that kulf’ s happiness in not concidered is really annoying and I will loose interest please try to turn the tables around and make it more realistic because we do not understand what the character sikanda is portraying if he listens to what a child says and leaves another child in danger some promises are not valuable and him loving Tivar’s child leaving his own suffering. I get the fact that you are acting according to the book written but please recheck if the book and our generation link

    Still love your show ❤
    True fan😊

  • comment-avatar
    Fhumulani 4 weeks ago

    To be honest i dont like amyra at all her behavior towards kulfi arg xe really irritate me sometimes feel like slapping her n forgot that it is just a story on the other hand kulfi such a good girl who always think about others n forgot about herself

  • comment-avatar

    I’m no longer watching this show because while should Kulfi be the one to suffer always and as a writer there should be change of mood and drama…this story goes forth and back.there should be a motto and lesson in a story but I can’t understand why should Kulfi suffer always…this teaches children that if your good,bad things will always happen to you and when your bad,good things will happen to you…please try write something meaningful

  • comment-avatar
    Shandy Pillay 4 weeks ago

    Where do these writers come up with such melodrama ….nothing of this sort ever takes place in real life…..just goes to show the level of thinking of these script writers and their how unbelievably far fetched their stories are from reality….Let’s keep it real now guys….SERIOUSLY writers I’m getting sick and tired of storylines of this nature

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