Krishi April Teasers -2018 Zee Tv dramas

Krishi April Teasers Zee  Tv Dramas -2018

Weekly/highlights Teasers Zee Tv

Sunday  1 April 2018

Episode 94

Ganga telling Babloo to shoot her first is he has to send Sonu away.

Babloo coming to take Sonu and he sees that Krishna has fainted! will her plan work?

Krishna warned Pinky to stop these games. She tells her that within a week she will bring Sonu back home!

Pinky says that there was an invite by her folks for Diwali and all should go to her house. Tumtum rejects the invite and says no one will celebrate Diwali this time! Pintu smiles…

The warden can’t find Sonu and Pinky finally gets the call and think that Sonu is still with Prishna.

Ganga faint as she hears Sonu was missing from school.

A man putting something in a glass of milk and giving it to Sonu and he feels dizzy. Pintu and Krishna come to the spot where this man is along with the police!

Pinky is furious with Bihari – Dihati at her failed plans and they tell her that during Chat Puja they will come up with a plan to teach Krishna a lesson!!

Krishna is offering the milk form the kalash some men push her into the water! Will she survive?

Krishi  Teasers Zee Tv Dramas