King of hearts Zee world tv full story Summary cast date season 2, 3

King of hearts Zee world Coming date season 3, Full Story Summary Zee Tv.

King of heart 3 return this may  14th,2018 will replace Bride with benefits on Zee World Tv

King of hearts Season 3  will start with after 20 yrs leap  Zee Tv Indian series.

Many viewers has lost their interest while many die-hard fans are hoping to watch to the last to see their happy ending. Again, the viewers will get to see hot sizzling chemistry shared as sidni.

The soap did not live up to its title.  Sid was supposed to help Roshini reconcile with her mother then marry her and live happily ever after. Probably seeing the many viewers watching, they decided to prolong other series to make more money.

New Update King of heart season 3

King of hearts has always focused on the love story of Sid (Ravi Dubey) and Roshni (Nia Sharma). However, with the decision of the director to take a leap of 20 years, two actors from the show Roshni (Nia Sharma)and Kritika (Isha Sharma) who are not comfortable with the idea decided to put down their papers. Roshini who was to return alone side with sid to play the role of Ria daughter.Reason for Roshni quit

Upcoming Twist Ahead

King of hearts will witness a big twist. Mahi will meet an accident and will have a plastic surgery,her mother Payal will be shocked to see a new face of Mahi as it will be shown that her face got burnt.latest being the plastic surgery twist that’s seen with two Mahi’s coming in Satya’s life and what follows is a new tale of love and revenge.


Post plastic surgery Shiny’s(Mahi) face will become Aleena’s(Old Mahi). The new face of Mahi will now be Aleena Real name (Sara Arfeen Khan), But later it will be revealed that Shiny(Mahi) has been held captive. Satya will soon come to know about it and he will be the one who will rescue the original Mahi. Aleena’s will fall in love with Satya after helping Satya for all these while to reveal Payal ’s truth, Aleena would later get attracted to him.
But as Satya is married to Mahi, she will now start creating difference between the couple. She later joined forces with Payal to destroy the marriage bond between Mahi and Satya.
Later as the show progresses Mahi would be in a total shock after she accidentally killed Aleena in a car accident. Satya and Payal will help Mahi to hide Aleena’s body in the pool of Goa Resort. However, the police will arrive at the resort to find out the body. But somehow Satya would manage to save Mahi.
This incident will break her down as she would have the guilt of killing Aleena. She will, in fact, think that Aleena’s spirit has been haunting her to seek revenge.
On the other hand, Satya will feel sad seeing Mahi in such a state.
How will Satya save Mahi from this tragedy?
So this is not a replacement but a twist to spice up the story .. Hope this track works for king of hearts viewers.

Satya will soon find out that his real grandparents are still alive and that he is from a very wealthy family… And also the woman who raised him up intentionally kept him away from his grandparent because during the accident she lost her own son who is the real satya and changed Karan(Sid and Roshini) son.

Payal will go to extreme means to keep the truth about satya hidden. Darya is shocked after learning about the truth of his identity. When it seems that things are about to get better, satya’s aunt Anupama comes and tries to ruin his image to his father’s friends and family. She brings Kareena shabnam’s daughter to help her execute her plans. Mahi gets into an accident that lands her in ICU. Satya ask the inspector to arrest Kareena that she is responsible for the accident. Mahi asks them to leave kareena saying that she is pregnant. Kareena accuses satya of rape and arrests him. Satya and mahi goes home and sees payal and kareena drinking and laughing. Kareena tells them to leave. Satya tells payal that he will make kareena leave their house. Kareena kidnaps mahi, payal and satya’s grandfather. Mitul,Anupama and satya manage to diffuse the bomb on payal, save his grandfather and mahi too. Kareena goes to the pharmacy and tampers with mahi’s drugs. Payal gives the drugs to mahi. Unconscious mahi become conscious and the doctor ask her to abort her baby because of internal bleeding and dat there is no chance of her becoming a mum. Satya is surprised to see mahi shouting strangely and asks payal about it but she said it is just mood swings. He feels dat they are hiding something from him and is shocked when he sees mahi’s report frm d doctor. Payal tries to make mahi understand dat she is making a decision as a mother while satya as a husband. Satya wants mahi to have an abortion to save her life but mahi wants to give birth to the child. Stay tuned for more


King of heart 1, 2, 3 Season Story Summary.

For those uninitiated, King of hearts(Jamai Raja) season 1 ended with Achint Kaur’s death and season two started with the introduction of two years’ leap where Indraneil Sengupta entered the show as the lead opposite Roshni  (Nia Sharma)

While the season 2 ended with the untimely death of the leads Roshni and Siddharth; both will be shown dead in a fatal accident. Nonetheless, season 3 is expected to begin soon with a leap where Roshni and Siddharth’s son Karan (played by  Ravi Dubey himself).Karan will be raised by Gangu Tai whose son Satya too died in the same accident as Sid and Roshni. Gangu Tai renames Karan as Satya after her son.Neil and Ria’s little girl whose name is Mahi Neil Sengupta was brought up by Payal.

After Twenty years, Mahi and Satya are all grown up. Shiny Doshi will play the character of Mahi. Mahi will be seen as a shy and innocent girl who hails from a wealthy family. The main antagonist will be Payal, just like previous season and she will be joined by Kushabh Manghani, who will be rival of Satya and a Tapori himself. Actress Praneeta  Pandit will play the role of Satya’s sister Kajal. Grown-up Satya’s character is being portrayed by Ravi Dubey. As Satya, Ravi Dubey will be seen as Tapori and will speak a roadside language.

The show will start with Satya, who dreamt of marrying a girl from an rich family tries to woo Mahi’s sister, Koel.

Koel too, starts liking Satya. But, Mahi takes an instant dislike to Satya and they are constantly at loggerheads. She even tries to protect Koel from Satya. But Satya saves Mahi on many occasions, post which the duo gradually become close.

Mahi has come to know that, Satya is not a bad person, as he had saved her from the goons. Will she fall in love with him? This will create a love triangle between Mahi-Satya-Keol.

Satya and Mahi drop madly for each other but Mahi did not know about her feeling;Also Satya but Naina, ( Mahi’s grandmother) creates him realise his sensation, but when Satya chooses to tell his sensation to Mahi he discovered that Mahi is going to get wedded to Dhawal whom Payal selects because Payal need a son-in-law who will pay attention to her and do what she wants and Dhawal is the guy who will help Payal get the residence of Mahi in her name. Satya vow to marries Mahi as he likes her.

All in all, the promo looks promising and entertaining too. A lot of new faces are expected to join the cast. As Nia Sharma decided to quit the show, the makers were left with no option but to hunt for a new leading lady.The story is back to square one, with ‘King of hearts’, Karan and sasuma, Payal constantly at loggerheads.

Actress Cast \Character ,Picture \Real name King of hearts Season 2, 3

Mahi realname Shiny Doshi

1) Mahi Real name Shiny Doshi

Actress Shiny Doshi has bagged this meaty role and she will be seen opposite Satya(Sid) Ravi Dubey in the new season. Mahi, will be a simple and innocent girl who hails from a rich family.

Orvana Ghai king of heart actress

2) Koel Real name Orvana Ghai

Orvana Ghai, will play the parallel lead in the show. She will be playing the role of Payal’s daughter in the new season.

payal Mouli-Ganguly

3) Payal Real name Mouli Ganguly

Mouli Ganguly will play role of Mother to mahi and koel, She will be the main antagonist in this season 2

Satya Real name Ravi Dubey

4) Satya Real name Ravi Dubey

Ravi Dubey plays the role of Siddharth’s son Karan, raised by Gangu who renames Karan as Satya after her son death. Satya will be seen opposite payal daughter’s.


Satya cast king of hearts

‘Tapori’ Look

As the promo proceeds, it is shown that he is a ‘tapori’ in this season. He will be a complete dreamer and he dreams of marrying a daughter from a rich family and eventually becoming ‘Jamai Raja’.


Karan's king of hearts

Will Karan’s Dream Be Successful?

Payal will be the new antagonist in this season. Karan will try to woo Payal’s daughter in the new season. We should wait and watch whether Karan’s dream will be successful or not.

For now, all we can hope is that King of hearts viewers like and accept the plot changes that will follow with the leap on King of hearts season 3.

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Brief Information and Details on King of hearts on Zee Tv Shows:

  • First Episode: 14 May 2018
  • Total number of episodes: 145
  • Total numbers of season: 3
  • Zee Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Original name: Jamai Raja
  • Tele Country: Indian

More on their Height, Weight, Figure, Age, Biography & Wiki Coming soon.

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