King of Hearts Zee World Thursday Update 14 November 2019


King of Hearts Zee World Thursday Update 14 November 2019

Roshni pretends to search her earrings. DD says you are wearing your earring. Roshni says I have lost it. DD asks her to get ready and says we are going to high profile party. Simran greets her guests. They say Sid is handsome….and asks about Roshni. Sid says she is in mayka. They start gossiping about Roshni and Sid’s relation.

Sid tells Simran to ignore them, and says he is missing Roshni. Simran says even I am missing her and says I will bring her here. Sid asks shall I call doctor. Simran says I will check snacks and will come back. DD and Roshni come to the Khurana hotel.

Roshni thinks this is Sid’s hotel. DD says they are Khurana builders, and says they are high profile people. Resham, Kesar and Roshni are surprised. Someone asks if you are DD Patel….DD says yes. He asks her to come. They hear someone calling Simran as Mrs. Khurana. Simran greets DD and says hello…DD. DD says I think I have seen you that day. Simran says I know…you are surprised. She says we are the Khuranas, and my husband handles this business globally…She says I have invited you all to clear the misunderstanding. She calls Raj…Roshni gets tensed and goes to washroom. Simran asks Raj to meet DD Patel, the great jewellery designer. Raj wonders why Simmi called her here. He asks who have invited you here. Simran says you told me that you are DD’s fan. Raj says yes. Simran says I want you to meet my son. Raj says whose son? Simran says our son. DD says I am fine. Raj takes Simran with him. Simran says I will just come. DD looks for Roshni. Sid sees Roshni and asks her to come with him. DD looks for Roshni and says I just don’t understand what she is upto.

Roshni asks Sid to talk to Simran. Sid calls their mums have done wrong. Raj asks why you have invited DD here. Simran says DD’s misunderstanding will be cleared. Raj says DD’s mental condition is bad. Simran asks him not to worry. Sid collides with DD and says sorry. DD asks what the hell, are you doing here?….Sid asks what are you doing here? He asks her to have shame and says I am not interested in you, but in your daughter. DD says you came here to have free food? Sid says everyone comes to party to have free food. He says I have eaten food and reserved for 4 days. DD says it is disgusting. Sid starts dancing in the party and sings mera tera fan hogaya….follow karun twitter pe…Raj and Simran laugh…..He dances with Roshni….DD gets irritated with him and slaps on his face. Everyone is shocked.

DD asks them why they are calling him as their son. Raj says Sid is like their son. Sid says he is Sid Kukreja, and says they have accepted me as their son and asking your daughter’s hand for marriage. Sid tells Simran that he loves DD’s daughter………….DD says I didn’t expect this from you and says son or being like son is two different things. It can be seen in his upbringing. She asks Simran to get her daughter married to Sid Kukreja. Once she goes, Sid scolds her mum for telling truth to DD, and thinks he has somehow managed to cover up. Simran cries and says she thought to make everything fine, but he has ruined everything. Sid says I am sorry, and says I want to do the same, but am tired while trying to do that. He says whatever I have to do is slowly….and says DD gets affected if he tells her instantly. He thanks his parents and says he will not lose his strength because of them, he says Jamais are many, but Jamai Raja is just one. HE says if we want to do something, we have to do big.

DD asks Kesar about the driver..Kesar says I will see. Bunty talks to someone. DD sits in car and hits a man. She gets down the car and sees Sid unconscious. Bunty comes and says she hit my brother…Sid thinks he is overacting…..Kesar talks to Sid. Sid asks Kesar to make DD understand that if they don’t take him to hospital then he might file police case. Sid gets up and asks who hit me. He says rich people don’t care about poor people..DD thinks he is doing overacting and drama. Sid says call Police….it is a Police case. DD asks him to be silent. Sid shouts…DD says I haven’t done anything. Sid thinks ours is a superhit jodi, lets see what happens…

Roshni thinks how to meet Sid? She thinks I will go crazy. Just then she hears Sid’s voice calling DD. DD gets tensed as Sid says he can’t move. Roshni comes out and sees Sid injured…Sid says DD hit him. He says she is 5.5 ft. DD says I am 5.8 ft. Roshni says we shall take him to hospital. DD asks someone to take him to hospital and asks him not to come again. Bunty and Sid goes to hospital in DD’s car with DD ofcourse. Roshni thinks he is doing overacting. Bunty pretends to cry for Sid. If something happens to my legs then what will happen. There is no place for poor, and this world is of rich people. He says you have brought me to cheap hospital. DD says you deserves this. Sid thinks I will irritate you then you will remember everything. DD thinks Sid always comes infront of her when something good is about to happen. Kesar asks Sid about his new drama. Sid asks him to just eat bananas and asks why you are counting its seeds. Kesar says seeds…? Sid says your King is me…and says you have done wrong since 2 months in DD’s office and asks what will happen to you with DD’s blessings? Kesar gets shocked. He cuts bananas and gives in his hand. Kesar asks him not to tell her anything. Kesar agrees to help him. Bunty eats his banana.

DD thinks hospital is not good and thinks to go home. Just then she collides with a woman and scolds her for breaking her costly phone. Someone hears her and turns to hear her.

Constable to let Sid stay in house else he will file case against you. DD agrees. Sid thanks him. Roshni asks Sid, did you get much hurt? Sid says yes. She turns the wheel chair. Sid asks what are you doing? They smile. Roshni brings grapes and makes him eat it. DD looks at them from far and thinks what the hell..they are doing? Sid says until you are here, I don’t need to worry. Sid says I don’t need to worry until you are here. Sid says your touch have magic, my wounds gets treated. DD thinks she will find intelligent, qualified and mannered guy. She thinks about the doctor and thinks to check his background and credentials checked. She tells Sid that she has called doctor. Sid says I am fine. Doctor comes. DD introduces Dr. Amol to Roshni and says he is working here for charity and is taking care of her parents. Sid understands that DD is planning to kick him out of house. He says I love you sasumom.

Doctor checks Sid. Sid acts to be pained. Roshni asks him to give some pain killer. DD asks him to have tea. Sid says drink tea and don’t come again. DD thinks their jodi is good. Roshni is about to tell doctor about Sid. DD looks at them and thinks they are best match. Sid calls her and she goes. DD comes out and start discussing about Roshni and Sid. Doctor says you called me to see the patient, but now discussing about your daughter. It is quite strange. DD tells that it is weird and asks if you like Roshni. Amol says I have just met her today. DD asks him to meet Roshni again. He agrees. DD thinks I like him.

Roshni cuts watermelon for Sid. Sid takes it from her hand and spits watermelon seeds on DD. DD says it is very irritating. She recalls in a flashes. DD asks him to keep seeds in a bowl. Sid irritates her. DD asks Roshni to sit in her room. Sid asks her to let Roshni stay with him, so that he can keep practice for marriage. Servant takes Sid inside on the wheel chair. DD thinks I have to make plan to make Roshni and Amol meet.

DD comes to Roshni and says Doctor adviced her to go on a walk and asks Roshni to come with her. Sid says I will also come. DD asks him to come on a scooter. Roshni says sorry and goes. She looks for Amol. Roshni asks if anyone is coming? DD says no, asks her to sit and have fresh air. Amol comes and greets rgen, Bunty brings Sid on a scooter. Sid comes there and irritates DD. Sid greets them. He shows balloon to DD and says I have made your face on it. DD bursts the balloon and takes him to side to talk. Sid asks Bunty to take care of him. Roshni tells Amol that she want to say something. Amol says your mum wants to set me with you. Roshni is shocked. She tells him that they are husband and wife and DD have a memory loss because of an accident.

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