King of Hearts Wednesday Update 9 October, 2019


King of Hearts Wednesday Update 9 October, 2019

Sid comes to talk to Roshni. He asks why she is looking angry. Roshni says she is fine and in a very good mood. Sid says you are sitting like a Santaclaus wearing the cap. Roshni says I am done doing the same things again and again. I can’t be that predictable. She says it is christmas night and says I am all yours baby……Sid hugs her and says she is talking maturely. Roshni says she made juice for him. She makes him drink. Sid drinks it and feels dizziness. Roshni says I will take care. Sid says if there was something mixed in it, and asks where she wants to take him. Roshni says Amritsar……Sid gains consciousness while they are in car.

Roshni informs him that they are going to Amritsar for Twinkle’s birthday party. Sid asks did you inform at home? Roshni says she has managed everything. Sid asks why did you do this? Roshni thinks I am sorry Sid by spiking your drink. Roshni and Sid come to Twinkle’s birthday party and wishes her happy birthday. Sid and Roshni give her bouquet. Sid says you are cutting cake without us. Kunj thanks Roshni for coming. Roshni says lets cut the cake. Twinkle cuts the cake and makes Kunj take the first cake bite. Roshni and Sid tease them.

Bansi Maasi rings the bell to call everyone for Aarti. She calls Roshni. DD comes and asks what happened? Bansi says where is Roshni? DD says I will check her. She comes in Roshni’s room and says she is sleeping. Bansi asks her to wake up and pulls the blanket to find pillows. Bansi looks angrily at DD and asks where is Roshni and Sid. He calls Premal and tells him that Roshni and Sid are not here. Premal says where did they go? DD says they might be here, and says she will check. Bansi asks them to check almari. Premal says there is nothing in the almari. DD gets shocked and tensed. Bansi Maasi says Roshni has eloped, now you will not be spared. DD gets shocked. Mona and Kesar are shocked too. Twinkle gives Ganesha idol to Roshni and asks her not to worry, and have faith on God. Roshni thanks her and says she trusts Sid a lot. He will solve all the problems.

Raj calls the lawyer and asks him to solve the matter soon. Simran says don’t know when will this problems solved. Raj says we should send those people to jail. Simran says why DD is not saying anything being an intelligent woman. Raj says why Sid is staying there. He shall come and stay with us. Simran cries and says if anything happens to Sid then she can’t forgive herself. Raj asks her not to worry.

Bansi Maasi holds DD’s ears and pushes her. She says till now there is no news from your Roshni. She asks her to tell? Kesar asks what you are doing? Premal takes Kesar. Bansi shows the newspaper and asks if she can identify it. She says just one phone call, I will tell everything to them. She says you don’t know where is Roshni? I will enquire with my way. DD says I really don’t know where is she and will find her. Nani comes. Bansi Maasi gives her morning time and asks her to think and do. DD calls Sid and asks where is he? Sid says Roshni must have told you. DD says Roshni didn’t say anything and asks them to return home before morning. Sid says there is just 5 hours left for morning, and agrees. Roshni tells Sid, why they are giving importance to Bansi and family. She says she trust him. Sid asks her to come with him. Bansi waits for Roshni and Sid to return. She says if your daughter and that Sid don’t return then your big secret will come out in open. Nani says they will come as Sid said, and asks her to wait. Bansi says I am waiting since 18 years and says you have eloped and now asking me to wait. She says time has come to know DD and her mum’s truth.

It is gonna be time and bansi says time is running out ,start counting backwards. She clicks her fingers as nani and DD r scared. She says time is over looking at the clock!

She goes to her cellphone and says I had waited for long ,I had waited for u to return back but u guys betrayed me. DD begs her getting herself in her legs. She says they will come even if it is 5-10 minutes more. She starts counting All are scared ,she dials a number on her phone and says 1. That’s time SidNi arrive.

They both are shocked seeing DD in bansi’s feet. They are holding hands and bansi moves towards them ,DD is relieved. Bansi goes and says to sid how dare u take my bahu out without my permission and she slaps sid.

DD is shocked as well as nani. Roshni goes to kill that bansi totally in her tigress Avatar,she says how dare u touch him? Bansi says ur husband is kunal. Bansi says if u try to speak nonsense I’ll take ur tongue and make pickle with that. Roshni says if u touch me or my husband I’ll take ur tongue out and make pickle of that!

Roshni says I won’t tolerate this nonsense. Kritika is furious thinking of child marriage. She talks furiously to bunty. She tries talking to sid and Roshni but they don’t pick up the phone. Bunty talks nonsense. Roshni throws things in her room ,kunal comes and she asks him to leave. He says I am here to say sorry from all my family. She says how is ur mouth giving flowers now ,outside when ur ba was insulting us ,why were u standing tight lipped? U were with toothpaste in ur mouth? He says I’ll try my level best to set things right ,he goes away and Roshni says thank god someone is sensible and sensitive in this gawar family.

Pintu says y r u getting urself drawn into another thing? Sid says I have to ,DD and nani are too disturbed ,I haven’t ever seen DD like this before. Sid says pintu will have to help him ,pintu agrees. He says he won’t tell Roshni as she will confront DD upfront and bluntly but they need to find the raaz.

Pintu has gone to gather info about the family from some village.!

Bansi says we’ll have to do something of sid to the Pandit type turban guy. He says I agree with ur talks ba but we don’t have much time. Bansi says we have to break Sid and Roshni’s relation. Raj comes shouting where is my bahu. Sid says what r u doing? I am handling things ,raj says I won’t hear anything ,he starts to take Roshni when he stumbles on another woman ,that idiotic girl. She is smitten by raj she daydreams of Raj and herself. He claps his fingers and says what r u seeing like this? She stars reciting a poetry!

He asks who r u? She says I am shakuntala but u can call me shakun with love. Raj is irritated while SidNi are amused. Raj says if u r shakun ,who is bansi? He says I don’t care I am taking my bahu. Bansi holds his hands.

Bansi comes and says I am bansi and she is our bahu. Raj says oh really? I am Raja dushyant ,my wife was shakuntala he says if anyone of u has guts come and stop me. He starts to take Roshni when shakuntala starts dancing and all look amused particularly Roshni. He says to shakuntala that I think ur regulator has failed ,show it to an electrician. He says but this family is mad ,one has worn helmet on pagdi
Sid takes raj away saying he has to talk.

Sid says to Raj that DD is very much broken ,I have to help her. Raj says I understand sid but think as a husband not as a jamai for once. Raj says don’t blame me if ur mom does things don’t blame me ,sort it out asap. Sid says I’ll have to find out everything’s soon.

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