King of Hearts Wednesday update 8 January 2020


King of Hearts Wednesday update 8 January 2020

Satya tells her that he will not do any marriage related work. Mahi comes and pats on Satya’s shoulder, asking why he is showing attitude. Satya cuts the call and says I am here for your mum’s work and not for marriage arrangement. This is what you wanted. Right? Why you are sad? He comes out and hears Mitul saying that Mehendi designer didn’t come, thinks from where to get her. He asks her not to worry and gives her Ruksana’s number. Mitul gets happy and calls Ruksana. Satya picks the call and talks in woman’s voice, agrees to come.

Mahi is sitting for her mehendi and recalls her moments with Satya. Song plays…….kyun hai..She thinks why do I am thinking about Satya? Mitul thinks where is Ruksana. Payal comes and asks where is mehendi designer. Mitul says she will come. Satya comes wearing burqa and says I am Ruksana, mehendi artiste. She introduces Kajal as Tabassum. She says you people are shameful, haven’t send car for us. He asks where is the bride? Mitul points at Mahi. Satya praises her and says she is like a piece of moon.

He asks about Dhawal, and tells that he is a black spot on moon. Mitul laughs. Satya asks Mahi to give her hand and starts applying mehendi on her hand. Mahi asks what is your name? Kajal is about to tell S..satya, but Satya says her name is Ruksana, but Tabassum calls her Sana. Koel asks Ruksana to write D as the groom name is Dhawal. Satya writes ‘S’. Koel scolds him asking why did you write S. Koel calls him useless and asks don’t you know designs. Mahi says it is not that bad. Satya says when bride likes it, who are you not to like it. Hesays lets go to kitchen, to apply oil steam etc. Lawyer tells Payal that papers are ready, now just she needs only Mahi’s signatures. Payal gets happy. Satya takes Mahi to kitchen, and asks Mitul to go and bring juice for bride. He sends Koel to bring cotton and oil. Koel goes. He asks her not to shout and puts black cloth on her face. Mahi shouts.

Payal telling that her dream will be fulfilled in just 1 month. Naina sees Payal keeping the papers in the locker and wonders what she is upto. Dhawal gets Mahi’s message from her phone, asking him to meet her outside. He goes out. Kajal and Satya kidnap Dhawal and Mahi and leave in car. Koel tells Payal that Mahi, Dhawal and mehendi artistes are missing. Satya and Kajal scare Dhawal, after taking them to place. Satya tells that he has knife in his hand and can do anything. Mahi asks Satya to open her hands and then see what she can do. Satya says do you know why this is happening with you? Because of Dhawal. Dhawal says what do you mean? I don’t know you. He says I am beggar, Mahi is rich….just keep her and let me go. Satya asks Kajal, if they shall let him go. Mahi
is shocked. Inspector tells Payal that he is tracking Mahi’s phone. Satya says I will let one of you go, and says Dhawal will decide who will stay here and who will be freed. Dhawal says I will go, why I shall risk my life for her. I am not even married to her till now. Mahi is shocked and recalls Satya saving her.

Satya says it is really bad and says these kind of guys are not a man. He asks Kajal to come with him. They go inside. Inspector reaches there to rescue them. Mahi finds Satya’s stuff and wonders where did I see it. Satya comes back to Payal and tells that he came to know about Mahi. Payal says I talked to Inspector. Inspector brings Mahi home. Payal shows fake concern for her. Dhawal says thank God, you are fine and that animal freed you. Mahi angrily slaps him and says I can’t marry a coward man. She breaks her alliance with him. Satya is happy. Payal and Koel are shocked. Dhawal asks Satya if you have done this? Satya smiles and asks if he has any proofs? Dhawal says I will teach you a lesson. Satya asks him to go. Dhawal says Payal is with me. Satya goes to talk to Payal.

Mahi recalls Dhawal’s selfishness and is in shock. Koel throws water on her face and says you have fooled us. She says you have done a big act to make Dhawal out of your life and to trap Satya. Mahi says matter is about Dhawal. Koel asks her to shut up and says you have eyes on Satya only. Naina asks how dare you to talk to Mahi like this. Koel calls her betrayal and cunning fox, and says I will…raise her hand to slap her. Payal comes and holds her hand, then slaps her. Mahi is shocked. Payal scolds her and asks her to get out. She folds her hands and goes cryingly. Mahi cries. Dhawal meets Payal and tells that he didn’t do any mistake as the knife was on his neck. Dhawal holds his neck tightly and says I will ruin you. Mahi is coming there. Payal pierces her nails in his neck leaving marks on his neck. Payal says I just scratched you. If this property goes from my hand then I will pull off your skin. She asks him to get out and looks at blood on her hand. Mahi comes there. Payal apologizes to Mahi and says she didn’t know that Dhawal is a bad guy.

Satya says cheers to naina and says he is thinking to tell everything to Mahi. Naina says you should tell, but Mahi is not saved till now. Payal will not agree and will find someone to trap Mahi. Dhawal is revengeful, and thinks he will not think about slap and the scratch given by Mahi and Payal. He says he will force Mahi to marry him. Naina tells Satya that Payal doesn’t want Mahi’s betterment and says only you can take care of my Mahi. Satya promises that he will take care of Mahi all his life and says everyone is out, I am in. He says I will go. He sees Mahi going somewhere early morning and thinks something is wrong..

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