King of Hearts Wednesday Update 4 December 2019


King of Hearts Wednesday Update 4 December 2019

Roshni says it is late, and asks them to go home, and says she will do the work. Neil says you want all the credit and asks how mean? Roshni says ofcourse I am mean and asks them to go. They leave.

While Roshni is working in the office late night. Neil comes wearing chef’s apron and asks her to order. Roshni order coffee. Neil says I brought it from coffee shop. Roshni asks why did you come back. Neil says I came here to have coffee with my fiance. Roshni smiles. Neil says sometimes you eyes tell something else. Roshni asks what? Neil says I will tell some other day. Roshni asks him to take his time. Sid says launch party is going to be good. Photographer comes and gives pendrive to Ragini, while they are doing puja. Pandit ji gives them prasad. Anya signs Sid and asks him to come. Sid asks God to handle everything. Just as Ragini and Anya get inside the lift. Sid switches off electricity fuse. Roshni and Anya call for help. Neil comes and says I am trying…Anya asks him to help them. Neil manages to open the lift and takes them out from there. Just then water falls down on Neil spoiling the pen drive. Anya smiles. Sid also thanks God.

Sid asks them to postponed the event. Neil says no and says event will happen today. He asks them to go to Khurana house and says he will meet them there. Roshni goes to Khurana house and gets emotional. She calls Neil and asks where are you? Neil asks her to carry on and go inside. Roshni steps inside and goes to sid’s room. Roshni thinks why did I come here. Simran sees her and comes there. She says I am not surprised to see you here. She says you are like lost gambler looking for a lost card which might help him. She says there is no memories here and says all walls are empty. Sid will make Anya’s paintings.

Neil giving speech and telling media that the face of his company will be a working woman, wife, sister and mum also. He says this woman is around me, we didn’t have to go far from finding this woman and says she is going to become my life partner now. He says face of mauve, the woman of the year is my fiance Ms. Ragini Desai. Everyone claps for her. Roshni is shocked to see the poster. Sid is teary eyed too. Neil gives his hand to Ragini and takes her on stage. Everyone claps. Anya tells Sid that nothing happened as they planned and Neil has ruined their plan. Roshni praises Neil and says she really liked her pic and says she couldn’t think that she could look like this. Neil says you are an example of a working woman. Roshni says you have saved Mauve and says when you are there, everything gets right. Sid says your perception is good, and says whoever have this perception have rich destiny. He congratulates Ragini and goes.

Mama and Mitul have food at Khurana house and praise it. One of the reporter tells that he saw Ragini Desai before, but her appearance and name was different. Mitul hears him and thinks to find out. Sid tells Anya that small games are done now, and says we have to do something big. He says we have to make Roshni understand that a relations are not to be blamed, but the circumstances which are wrong. Anya says what we have to do? Sid tells her something and says all the best.

Anya says okay and goes inside. She tells Naina that she wants to eat cake right now. Naina asks her to go to office. Anya asks Neil to make cake for her. Neil says I have to go to office. Sid says I will make. Roshni says he can’t make. Mitul asks how do you know? Roshni says it is written on his face. Neil says he will make cake for Anya and goes to kitchen. Sid thinks this was his plan. Neil is in the kitchen and keeps cake batter in the oven. Everyone waits outside anxiously. Just then the oven gets short circuit. Everyone runs hearing the sound.

Mitul says whatever Neil is touching is getting electric current. Anya says what do you mean that he is inauspicious. She recalls compromising with gyser wires and oven wires and smiles. Neil somehow makes the cake. Sid praises him. Roshni says it is awesome. Sid says Mitul Mami taunts unnecessarily. He makes Anya tastes it. Anya says it is amazing.

Sid asks Anya not to eat much and think about her baby. Anya says it is enough. Naina asks Sid to give cake to her also. Sid says you can’t have as you have diabetes, it is poison for you. Everyone eats the cake and feels drowsy. Mitul says something is wrong with this cake. I am fainting. Anya and Sid also pretend to faint. Neil and Ragini also feel drowsy. Naina gets worried. Sid looks on.

everyone fainting after having cake made by Neil. Mitul says something is wrong for sure and calls healer. Healer Bunty is called. Mitul says since Neil got engaged, inauspicious things and accidents are happening in the house. Anya says consignment is also ruined just because dada did the havan.


Neil feels disgusted. Healer says something is wrong and blames Roshni for the happenings. Roshni tells him to just leave. Neil tells Roshni that they shall leave for the office. Sid tells that healer might be right. Neil says how can you believe on this. Sid says you are a modern man, and I am also, but I can’t ignore the things which is happening after the engagement. He says you might be inauspicious with the relations and scratches his wound talking about his past relationship. Roshni asks Sid what the hell is he talking about? Neil goes to room angrily and closes it. Sid says I think I should leave.

Outside the house, Roshni tries to slap Sid. Sid holds her hand and asks her not to dare touch him. Roshni asks why is he playing with Neil’s life and asks if this is a joke.

Sid says yes, this is a joke only, he asks did I say wrong? Everything is happening infront of your eyes..and says this is not mine but your words which you told me. He says this is wrong, you said this for me and not saying same for Neil.

He says if our relation is inauspicious then your relation with Neil is also inauspicious. HE says whatever had happened was because of circumstances and not because of destiny. He says it was your choice to leave me, get me beaten badly by police and calling me inauspicious. He says I can’t call you inauspicious as I love you. You used to call me joker and funny, don’t I feel anything. He says my heart has become pain now and not healable. He says I don’t think Neil is inauspicious as he stood with you when you was in need, and says he is like a God to him. He says truth is that your relation with DD was died long ago, but I revived it.

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