King of Hearts Wednesday Update 25 September, 2019


King of Hearts Wednesday Update 25 September, 2019

Roshni getting Nani Maasi’s call. Roshni tells her that she is stuck in rain and her car is under repair. Raghu tries to repair her car. Roshni doesn’t see him. Raghu looks at her from car and comes to her. Roshni stares him. Raghu imagines getting close to her. It turns out to be his imagination. Raghu thinks his mum has interrupted his dream. He looks at Roshni. Roshni still doesn’t see him. Raghu repairs the car and asks Pinto to take the money. Pinto informs Roshni that her car is repaired. Roshni gets a call that Nani is unwell and she leaves in a hurry without paying the money. Pinto shouts asking who will give money.

Roshni comes home and asks Shabnam, why Nani is not given medicines on time. Shabnam taunts her. Roshni says you have become Rakshas and says nobody will forgive you even if you ask for forgiveness. Shabnam asks her to leave the house.

Roshni thinks about DD’s words asking her not to cry infront of Shabnam. She asks where are medicines and goes to give medicine to Nani. She warns her not to hurt Nani again else she will not spare her. Shabnam says no one is bad than you and your mum and that’s why you are seeing this day. She sees sindoor and mangalsutra in her maang and neck and says it is not for widows. Shabnam holds her mangalsutra. Roshni tells her that Sid had promised to return for her and says he will come back. Shabnam gets angry and says why his body is not found till now.

Raghu and Pinto come to buy bangles at the shop. Bunty comes in a drunkard state. He looks at Raghu and says I have seen you somewhere. Pinto says he is a big hero. Bunty says he is also a big artiste, but didn’t get any chance till now. He asks about the films in which he appeared. Raghu takes films names and asks if he has seen films. Bunty says no. Raghu and Pinto leaves. Bunty thinks he has seen him somewhere. Raghu and Pinto laugh on him and leaves. Bunty realizes that he is Sid and washes his face to see him. He thinks if he is Sid or Sid’s ghost who came to scare me. Roshni comes to DD and says she has filed again. DD says I don’t know if I will be freed, but just prays for Sid’s well being. Roshni gives her halwa. DD says it is very tasty. Roshni says I made it. DD praises her for handling everything with courage and strength. She says God will listen to your prayers if he exist. She makes her eat halwa too.
Bunty tells Krutika that he has seen Sid in the market. Krutika doesn’t believe him and throws water on him. Shea sks him not to take his name. She says I will not give you any money. Bunty gets confused.

Roshni thinks God do exist and will show us the way. She thinks she forgot to pay the bill in a hurry and thinks to pay it. She goes to the mechanic shop and asks about the mechanic who repaired her car. Other mechanic tells her that Raghu went to somewhere and tells about the address. Raghu is seen dancing at the religious event. Jai Jai Hanuman bali plays………..Raghu dances on the song Selfie Le Le Re………………Roshni comes there and tries to see his face. Her maang gets filled with red color as someone throws it in air. Roshni finally happens to see Sid’s face and couldn’t believe her eyes. She cries being emotional. She then runs towards him and hugs him tightly. Raghu is shocked. Roshni cries hugging him and asks where did you go Sid…….She hugs him again and cries. Raghu reciprocates her hug surprisingly.

Roshni hugging Sid. She says she was sure that he would come and is still wearing mangalsutra and sindoor of his name. She hugs him again. She asks him to say something. Raghu says he is not understanding what she is saying? He says he is Raghu and not Siddharth. He says I am going. Roshni shouts Siddharth and faints. Raghu turns and sees her falling down. He comes to her rescue and holds her. He lifts her in his arms and take her to his house. Roshni’s mangalsutra gets stick to his chain. He makes her rest on bed and tries to wake her up. He thinks he is feeling strange and pours water droplets on her face. Roshni gains consciousness. Raghu says he did stare her that day, but he knows nothing about Sid. She holds his face and asks him not to lie. She says her eyes can’t betray her. She says I know there is some helplessness. Raghu says he is not Sid. Roshni asks then why did you bring me here. Raghu says he brought her here for humanity. Roshni tells him that DD is in jail since 6 months for his murder. She says Shabnam is ruling on his house, and Nani is in bad condition. Raghu feels bad and says you don’t want to give me 360 Rs and that’s why acting.

Roshni says you can’t be my Sid. She says you are a street mechanic and don’t know emotions. She goes. Raghu’s mum comes and asks what happened. Sid says that girl left without giving money. His mum asks him to get money from her. Roshni recalls his words and cries. She thinks Sid is lying to her. Roshni comes to Pinto and asks him about Sid/Raghu. Pinto says Raghu is working here since years and is a head mechanic.

Sam tells Mona that Shabnam is lying and she haven’t call Yash. Mona thinks why she is lying. Shabnam asks why she is doubting on her. She says Yash is not ready to accept Sam and asks them to leave the house. Sam says Shabnam is lying and says Sid might unite me and Yash. She says I miss Sid.

Shabnam burns Sid’s photos. Nani Maasi tries to stop her. Shabnam warns her and birns the photos. Roshni comes home and is shocked to see the photos burning. She says this is my Sid’s memories and tries to blow the fire with her hand. Shabnam throws Sid and Roshni’s marriage pic in the fire and says something should have burned. Roshni says you will snatch Sid’s memories from me, and goes to jug. She puts the ashes in the water jug and drinks it. She then applies ashes on her clothes, and asks Shabnam to beat her. She says Sid is in me and you can’t kill him. Everyone is shocked.

Roshni makes Nani sit in the car. Nani Maasi tells Roshni that she is very proud of her, and says your love gave strength to you. She asks her to take care. Roshni tells her bye and leaves. Just then Raghu comes there and sees Roshni’s car going. Nani Maasi couldn’t see his face. He says my money…..and follows her car. While they stop at the signal, Raghu asks her to give his money. Roshni asks are you mad? Nani sees Raghu and tries to move her hand. Roshni sees her moving hand and holds her hand. Raghi looks at them. Nani points finger at him and gets emotional. Raghu looks on.

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