King of Hearts Wednesday update 25 December 2019


King of Hearts Wednesday update 25 December 2019

Payal signing on some papers happily. Mr. Smith announces his collaboration with Khurana company shocking Payal. Sid walks on to the stage happily and victoriously. Payal is shocked and thinks she was cheated by Mr. Smith and Sid. She thinks she has signed on the papers. Sid thanks everyone and says Mauve is not my company, but of someone who took care of the company since its beginning. He says Neil Sen Gupta and Roshni Khurana took care of the company. He asks them to come on stage and asks Payal to sit. He tells that Mr. Smith is his family friend and tells that his son Peter is his good son…He tells Raj and Simran. He tells that Mr. Steven Smith have been helping him to get company from Payal, and gives credit to Payal for signing on the papers. He says if she wouldn’t
have signed on the papers then we wouldn’t have get this company. .

He gives company to Neil again. He asks Payal, if she like it and asks her to sign on the papers next time. Inspector comes and arrests her for fraud and attempt to murder on a pregnant woman Roshni. Payal says I am innocent and says accused is Sid and Neil. She asks Ria to tell truth. Ria says she is guilty, take him.

Sid tells Payal that you did a mistake and felt us weak because of your over confidence. He says it is bad to think me weak and says enjoy your time in jail. Payal says I will not leave you, once I get out of jail…you will be my target. Inspector takes her. Payal looks at her while going. Sid thanks Ria and says I know this was painful for you. He says truth is the God’s way, and says I am with you, like your family…We all be with you, as your family. He says Payal is your sister, and revenge motive have ruined her. He says I am proud of you, as you have chosen happiness and Neil over revenge. Payal is taken by Police, she thinks I will make your life hell and will punish even your children.

After 6 months……..

Next morning, everyone calls Roshni……Cook comes and says she made bhajiya for Roshni. Sid asks her to make her eat fruits, as she is getting fat. Simran takes the plate and asks them to continue fighting. Sid thinks all ladies are one team and he is alone. He tells Tai that he has taken care of Roshni for 2 months, and then she is taking care of her since 6 months. Tai says I will take care of your son also. Raj and Simran are going out. Raj asks him to call them if needed. Sid thanks Tai for taking care of Roshni and says I can’t repay your doings. You are taking care of her, when your son is so small. Tai says my husband left me and I came here. Sid says that man will repent. Tai asks Sid to take care of Roshni. Sid prays to God to take care of his son, as this is Roshni’s eight month of pregnancy. Just then Roshni shouts….for Sid..Sid runs to room and says oh God, have to take her to hospital.

In the hospital, Doctor tells Sid that 8th month delivery is complicated, but they are still trying. Lady constable allows Payal to meet someone. Sid comes to the temple and asks God to save his wife and son, and can take his life. Payal thinks I will ruin and kill them and says Siddharth Khurana is responsible for this. A man (Gaffur) comes to meet her in the hospital and smirks. Krishna is shown and bhajan plays……….Sid’s baby is born. Sid takes aarti and leaves. Gaffur says I have old enmity with Siddharth Khurana and DD Patel. He tells Siddharth made Shabnam go far from me, and that DD had ruined my business and kept me in jail. He says I will have fun to ruin Siddharth Khurana. Nurse comes out and informs Sid that his son is born. Sid gets emotional seeing his baby.

Sid holding his son in his hand while the song Ishwar…Allah…plays……………He gets teary eyes and thinks he looks like Roshni. He laughs and says he is my son…He says I will give you everything till my last breath. Payal asks Gaffur to harm Sid and his family and asks if he has any plans. Gaffur says let me do what I want to, and says you know what you have to do. I need money, so meet me after coming out from here. Simran and Raj come to hospital. Sid says I have become dad. Tai asks can I meet Roshni. Simran asks if Roshni and baby are fine. Sid says yes. Raj says today is the lucky day as God Krishna was also born on the same day. They go to the hospital temple and pray. Sid holds his son and gives to Simran. Bunty captures the moment in video cam. Simran prays for
their happiness and safety. Raj also prays to God to shower blessings on them. Neil and Ria come there.

Ria says she brought cup cakes for Roshni. Sid says she has become fat. Sid asks Neil not to laugh and think about baby name being his brother. Neil selects Karan name. Sid says Karanveer. Raj and Simran like the name. Sid says my son is Karanveer. He asks how do you know about this good news as you brought sweets. Neil tells him that they have good news for them and says they are also expecting. Sid congratulates them. He asks Ria, why she is looking worried. Ria tells him that she is missing Payal and says she tried to meet her in jail, but she refused to meet her. She says Payal can come out of jail soon…Sid says we shall talk good things, and says we shall eat these cup cakes as Doctor will not allow Roshni to eat it.

Payal comes out of jail. Lawyer informs her that he has managed to get the money and will transfer on Gaffur’s name. Payal smiles. Later Sid meets Roshni and thanks him for the wonderful gift. He asks did you like his name Karanveer…….Sid takes baby in his name and says Karanveer….my baby. Roshni smiles looking at the baby. Sid says I won’t let anything happen to you, even if I have to die. He says you are my son Karanveer and cuddles him. Payal determines to ruin Sid and get that house again. She says your kaal is back….Sid. Roshni gets discharged from the hospital. Ria tells Sid and Roshni that Neil couldn’t come for her ultrasound. Roshni says Neil is handling Mauve all alone, as she took leave. Ria misses Payal and says I couldn’t know how is she? She didn’t contact me even after coming from jail, and says even though she has done wrong. Sid and Roshni along with Gangu Tai brings Ria to hospital for her scanning.

They see Payal coming there to sell her kidney and requesting doctor to take her kidney and give money. Doctor says we don’t buy kidneys here. Payal argues. Sid, Roshni and Ria are shocked. Payal acts to be helpless. Ria stops her and says you will not talk to me being angry. Payal says she is repenting and feeling ashamed of her doings. She apologizes to Ria and says I have to go. Ria stops her. Payal says I will handle my penance. Ria keeps her hand on her stomach and asks her to stay for her baby. Payal acts, cries and hugs her. Ria thinks she is changed and hugs her happily. Payal says I can’t stop, I don’t want my reflection to fall on this baby. Sid says there is no change greater than penance. He says you have already bear punishment. Now you are our family.

Neil comes there with Naina and says he is with Ria and don’t need Payal. Sid asks Neil to give a chance to Payal when she is doing penance. Neil says your heart is very big Sid. Ria holds Neil’s hand and asks him to forgive Payal. Sid looks at Payal.

.Payal organizing party for Ria. Ria thanks her and cuts the cake. Gangu Tai tells Sid to take care of karanveer and tells that she is taking Satya. Payal gets a call from Gaffur. He tells you have planned with me to give me money to kill them. Payal gets tensed and says you will not harm anyone. Gaffur says I will do what you said earlier. Payal thinks you can’t do anything wrong Gaffur. Ria asks Payal to come. Sid asks Ria to give birth to a baby girl so that his son Karanveer can woo her. Ria laughs and asks how do you know that this will be baby girl. Roshni says my husband is antar yami and knows all. Sid says when he saw Roshni for first time, I thought I will marry her. He says that he will live and die with Roshni. He tells Karan veer will be very stylish and Mahi will
be bowled over by his looks. Ria asks who is Mahi? Sid says your daughter. Neil says you gave name, gender to our baby. Sid says I want to give my lucky locket which Roshni gave me to Mahi and says this locket have protected me from even death. He gives his locket to Ria for Mahi with a letter, and says I wanted to give this to Mahi when I can’t as we are going. Ria asks where you both are going? Roshni says London, as Raj and Simran are there. We are shifting there. Payal thinks it is good that they are going and will be safe from Gaffur. Mitul suggests that they shall dance in the party. Sid and Roshni dance in the party on the song Kabhi Na Kehna Alvida……Payal looks at them. Naina smiles looking at them. Ria and Neil also dance in the party.. .

Roshni thanks Sid for coming in her life and completing her. She says I will fight with death also for you, says I love you. Sid says I love you too. Everyone claps for them. Sid says it is time to say bye. Neil thanks Sid and Roshni for coming in their life and asks them to return soon. Sid says where we will go, live here die here….says hum hai rahi pyaar ke, phir milenge chalte chalte. Roshni says bye. Everyone signs bye. Payal seems to be changed and worries. Sid, Roshni, Gangu Tai along with Karanveer and Satya are in the car. Sid says this street seems to be meeting with sky…Roshni says our baby have understood what you said. Sid looks at her. Roshni asks what happened? Sid says everything is moving infront of my eyes. He holds her hand. Gaffur hits their car with his truck and laughs. Sid and Roshni gets severely injured. Sid is seen with baby on his chest and unconscious.

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