King of Hearts Wednesday update 22 January 2020


King of Hearts Wednesday update 22 January 2020

Payal taking the woman in car and says she has to take her far. Gangu Tai is shocked knowing Mahi is Satya’s wife. Mahi tells Gangu Tai that circumstances was such that Satya had to marry her and tells that Satya saved her from her mum. Gangu Tai says you was taking care of her, being away from me. Satya asks her to give him a chance to explain and says I haven’t done anything wrong. Just let me say once. Gangu Tai asks do you love me? Satya says yes….Gangu Tai asks him to leave Mahi and says we will sell everything and go to our village. Satya refuses to leave Mahi and says she is my wife, and I have filled her maang with sindoor and made her wear mangalsutra. She is my responsibility, I can’t leave her. Gangu Tai is shocked and asks what about your mum. She asks him
to reply in yes or no, if he will come with her or not. Satya says no. I can’t come at this moment. Gangu Tai breaks her relation with him and says I knew this would happen one day as you are…..and stops from saying truth. Satya asks her to listen to him once. They both have tears in their eyes. Satya tells Mahi that his mum will forgive him and will accept her.

Mahi hugs Satya and cries. Payal ties woman with chain, and asks her to be there, and not to do any foolishness. Aleena thinks don’t know where is Satya and Mahi? She says they are not picking my call also. Payal comes home and eyes Aleena thinking her to be Mahi. Aleena thinks if Payal saw me there. Payal thinks what do you think that you get answers for your all problems of life. Mitul comes and asks Payal about mud on her sandal. Payal asks her to get it cleaned by someone. Aleena gets thoughtful about the mud.

Mahi tells Satya that she can’t forgive herself if his relation with his mum breaks. She says I promise you that I will show your truth to your Aayi, and will tell her about your selfless help for me. Aleena comes there and tells her that Payal fooled her at the last min. Satya says what she is hiding…we have to find out. Aleena says there is one more thing, and tells that when Payal returned home, her slipper was muddy. Mahi says there was no mud in the basti and she don’t to such muddy place. Satya says we have to keep an eye on her, think that if precaution is not taken then accident will happen.

Aleena keeps watch on Payal wearing Burqa. Next, Mahi tells Satya that she will keep eye on her and asks them to sleep. She says I will make you wake up after 3 hours. She sees Payal combing her hairs and thinks she has to be awake to keep eye on her, but she sleeps. Payal goes somewhere secretly. Mahi wakes up and thinks where did she go? She sees Payal going somewhere in the night, but then misses her. She comes back and tells Satya that she was there, but suddenly vanished when I hid from her. Satya says we have to go there and see. Aleena says there is nothing here. Satya says we have to go from here else Sasumummy will see us all together.

Payal meets the woman and asks her to have food. She says you seems to be unwell, I think I shall call her. I will see what I can do tomorrow. She opens the cellar window and comes out.

Payal sings a song Aaj Main Upar….Satya comes and asks about her happiness. He asks her to drink juice and asks if you won lottery. Payal says she makes her own destiny. Satya says she said nice line. She gets a call and goes to attend it. She tells someone to make the things ready, as she is coming. Satya hears her and asks Aleena and Mahi to handle there. He goes after Payal and reaches hospital. He looks for her and sees her gone. Then he sees Payal talking to a doctor.

He thinks she is not looking ill and was singing song just sometime back. He thinks what she is taking from doctor, and how to reach her. He sees wheel chair and a patient standing. He gets an idea. Satya wears a shawl and covers his head with monkey cap. He makes Payal fall down and sees the tablets and injection. Payal scolds him and asks if he is blind. He calls her beti and says this hospital is not good. He asks if you are unwell. Payal says nothing has happened to me and asks someone to lift him. She goes. Satya gets up and thinks for whom she has taken insulin dose.

Mahi seeing her parents’ pic and tells that Payal can do anything. She says I don’t know how my mum died. Satya says whoever is hidden by Payal is having diabetes. She says sasumummy gives her injection always. Aleena says today we have to spy on her. Satya says yes, tonight. In the night, Payal comes out of her room and goes to cellar. Satya follows her and thinks where did she vanish? Guard comes. Satya thinks thief came. Guard says he came back to work again and asks why you are here. Satya tells when you was not here, Sasumummy needed someone to guard the house. He asks him to go. He thinks where did she go. Next morning, he tells Mahi that Payal vanished in the garden. Mahi says don’t know what to do. Satya says we have to send her out of house to search the house.
He shares his plan. Aleena smiles while Mahi looks on carefully.

Mahi is waiting in the hall. Koel comes. Mahi collides with her intentionally and hurts her hand. Koel asks what is in your hand? Mahi twists her hand and asks her to throw tantrums on Mahi. Koel comes to Payal’s room angrily, and falls down on the bed. Payal thinks she has to take her to hospital. Aleena and Mahi are in the garden with Satya. Satya says he called a spy and call dog. He asks it to start work. Sniffer dog is searching in the garden.

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